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Fun on the Farm by Snuppy
Wednesday, 30 May 2007, 5:53am
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A long weekend for a Penguin usually means some warm socks to keep her flippers warm and off she flies to the countryside. I love that time away from the city. I don´t really need a watch to catch every minute and obsess about where to be on time. Nothing gets you back on the ground like a long day spent outside with some old-fashioned hard labor that makes you sleep like a baby afterwards. Minus the smells that can clog up your nose, or the indignant looks your horse gives you when the hey is a bit late.

Spring is the best time though. The countryside is filled with new arrivals every day now. Lambs, puppies and foals, even pigs run about the barn as if they´ve always been there. So this Wednesday I thought I give you a few photos of the life I am fortunate to get to live outside of Reykjavik.


There is a pig on our farm again. We had one two years ago. It didn´t know it was a pig back then either. It thought it was a dog and ran after the horses with the other dogs. This time around, our pig thinks it belongs to the species of sheep. Here you see it with its best friend taking a nap. And you always thought sheep were stupid, I am here to tell you that if you can have a psychotic illness such as delusion and identity crisis, few things distinguish you from the top of the food chain.


Here you see our very own Penguin, feeding the pig … probably salmon in a delicious lemon sauce topped with parsley to go with its sophistication.


There are always horses where I am. And those of you who have known me for a bit, know that the white horse is Pocahontas, aka Monika. Magnificient creatures. Careful though, beneath that graceful exterior is a mule waiting to get out and kick something, preferably human limbs.


I am sorry for the squeaky voice following this, but look how cute he is. Two weeks old, of a poodlish persuasion. Loves to crawl up to my neck area and sleep under my chin. Fits into the palm of my hands. Tried to wrap him around my little finger, didn´t work! It´s more like the other way around.


And just in case you have been wondering about our little lamb a few weeks back, which I aptly named “Against all Odds”. Allow me to introduce you to Ofeigur. He is alive, healthy and kicking, too. And although he drags his leg a bit, he is the toughest lamb I ever knew. And my affection belongs entirely to him, with a bit of a soft spot for this one:


which I aptly called Bambi. I am so good at naming things, don´t you think?

~Penguin out!

now: for different kinds of animal behavior go to Humorblogs and monkey around over there!


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I am first!
Oh….it´s important!

Comment by One Hot Puppy

yep…that was me above…always forget to log out after posting over here!

Comment by Penguin

OMG!!! The puppy is criminally cute! I want it and I want it now!!!

Comment by Pavel

Too cute, I am showing my kids those pictures when they get home from school. I’m sure they will all go, “Que mono!” in unison (Which means “How cute!” in Spanish). I’m glad the lamb is alive and well, and the puppy is adorable. My kids are going to want to go straight over to your place to cuddle with all these wonderful creatures.

Comment by Theresa

okay. NOW i understand completely your attraction to the countryside. actually, i think i’ve always understood it, but after seeing these pictures, it’s a wonder to me you’re able to leave! there’s a lot of serial cuteness goin’ on at that farm, dearest Penguin, including, but not limited to, YOU!

grand post! lovelovelove it! 🙂 xox

Comment by snuppy

Awwwwwwwwwwwww…I’m thinking that’s what Snuppy and I should do in a few years – live on a farm with cute animals. It’s sounding better and better all the time. You know Penguin…a few more pictures and a little bit of text and you’d have a killer children’s book…

Comment by BoBo

Pavel, now that is chidish. *applauds* Very cute!

Theresa, ship them over…with all the people and animals here, three more little cute ones at the dinner table wonæt make a difference.

snuppy, aren’t they cute?! Life is amazing, magical and thrilling…if you are at the right place at the right time!

Bobo, interesting you should metnion that. I have pondered writing one for some times now, maybe it´s time. Kids love me, I am actually very chidish myself and there are billions of stories popping into my head right now. ..

Comment by Penguin

I seem to recall it wasn’t only the pig who thought he was a dog.

If I were better at handling adorability, I’d have more to say.

Comment by Doug

I seem to recall it wasn’t only the pig who thought himself a dog.

If I were better with adorabillity I’d have more to say.

Comment by Doug

I seem to remember that it wasn’t just the pig who thought he was a dog.

If I were better at dealing with adorability I’d have more to say here.

Comment by Doug

Doug: i “deleted” a couple of your repeat comments, but couldn’t bear to erase all of ’em. clearly you needed to share that picture with the rest of us — i, for one, am mighty glad you did! 🙂 xox

Comment by snuppy

Baby animals!!!! I love baby animals.

BTW, it’s humor-blogs.com. (Although at least you remembered without snuppy slapping you upside the head).

Comment by Diesel

Snup, take me down to one if you don’t mind. I blame WordPress for my bad behavior.

Comment by Doug

Doug, I can´t believe you did that…linking to an old post like this, without my approval. Youc ertainly have a good memory.

Snuppy, yeah…there you go again taking this side on the matter. I thought you loved me *sobs*

Diesel, I linked to the right page, how I phrase it you need to leave up to me. If you click on the link you end up in the right place…what more do you want?

Doug, problems ey? Little sins God punsihes straight away 😉

Comment by Penguin

Beautiful pictures amiga mia! I had quite the rotating farm as a kid what with rabbits and chickens and cats and dogs and even a lamb and whatnot coming in and out of my life… oh and birds and ducks and… I never could convince my then-stepdad to buy me a horse I met while walking around the neighborhood. His name was Lucero (the horse’s name, that is)… *swoon*

And Bobo? Ha, ha,haaa! Farm life sounds idyllic indeed but alas, there is much shit to be cleaned I am afraid! Take it from an OCDish chick who once had 6 cats to clean after and care for, you DON’T wanna go down that route!

Dios mio!

Comment by Catty Yummy Mummy

Penguin: taking sides?? me?? no no no… and again i say NO! i lovelovelove you, and find all pictures that feature your happy/lovely self beyond charming, silly girl. i saw his efforts as a compliment, not a joke. the way i see it, such things are few and far between — he is a curmudgeon, after all — which means we have to seize the moment, and publish as many as we can! Carpe, um… piggum, so to speak. 😉 xox

that said…

Doug: i’ll be glad to take it down to 1, but would ya mind if i waited for teh Penguin’s permission? as you can see, i’m already in hot water here, last thing i need is to irritate her even more. (i’ll try to slip in and “delete” the others when she’s not looking and/or in a better mood!) 😉 xox

CYM: BoBo’s idea of living on a farm is to have a charming farmhouse, several dogs, and someone else around to do the, shall we say, heavy lifting. (think of the movie “Funny Farm”, that’s what he’s envisioning here…) 🙂 xox

Comment by snuppy

Pushing Green Acres song once again from her head…I love your posts with these little animals everywhere (love the horses’ hairdos, by the way). I really wish we had a place like this to escape to on the weekend. Maybe we need to consider Iceland…

Nothing like outdoor living to make you feel worthy of a good night’s rest.

Love this.

Comment by LAMPSHA

CYM…OCD certainly is not a helpful quality when surrounded by animals. Arenæt horses magnificient?

snuppy, I am glad to hear it, I was worried there for a second. But you are right, we have to seize every moment he gives us, they are few and far in between. ..and usually bitter! Thank you, Douglas!

snuppy, I oculd work on your farm, I have experience, lots of it and I could bring some little helpers, who are also quite used to the darker sides of farm life 🙂 Think about it!

Lampsha, Iceland is always an option for you, you kow that! Whenever, I get you on a back of a horse, faster than you can say “Where´s the saddle?”

Comment by Penguin

Great pictures, Penguin, of a great life.

Comment by Al

I am really blessed.I know that and I love that feeling of natural bond when the day-to-day world makes my head spin. When I am there, I know what´s it about!

Comment by Penguin

the pictures are perfect because you can’t smell anything
Very cute!

Comment by logo™

See, what I do for you guys? Throw myself into teh shit of it all, to get you these pictures!
I should have my own TV-show or soemthing!

Comment by Penguin

Ah, but lovely Penguin, if you don’t use the exact right words, the post won’t show up on humor-blogs.com. And nobody from humor-blogs.com will be able to find your cute baby animals.

Comment by Diesel


I have taken the image of the white lamb for my three Blogs: French, English and Italian, hope that you are not sorry, the link of the French blog that I have opened for first:



Gabriella Proja

Comment by Gabriella

this is a very nice blog! i was “googling” images of newborn puppies and found this by way of an “image search”. usually i use any pics found by google as “internet search, source unknown” as my references for my artwork, but i would be honored if i recieved your permission to paint the pic of you holding the lamby-kins puppy, who will no doubt suffer form an identity crisis on that farm as he ages… (am i a dog? or a lamb? am i a lamb, or a dog? )

i will be checking back here for a couple of days, and if you can’t respond, i will just credit this blog as my source instead of the talented photographer!


Comment by roxanne

well, seeing as you haven’t replied to my post, I went ahead and painted this. here it is!

Comment by roxanne

Comment by roxanne

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