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Saturday, 2 June 2007, 7:32am
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This week, we’ve got homeboy Jesse Malin, originally from Queens, NYC.  Clicking here will get you to an AOL biography that talks about his punk roots with D Generation and another band before that.   

 I loved this song when I heard it…driving in the car.  This brings me to an idea for any of you reading – take your laptop, or download to <insert name of mp3/ipod, etc here> and go driving to listen to the Saturday Spins.   These songs mostly kick ass in the car, some translate amazingly well here too.  I think Broken Radio is one such case.   It’s from his latest album out now, Glitter in the Gutter which is his second solo album.   You’ve got to love The Boss – Bruce Springsteen to you, for still working with the younger/newer artists out there.  Never forget your roots. 

Okay, hope you’re enjoying enough to check out Jesse’s own site or his MySpace where you’ll hear some other tunes.

And whatever you do, have yourselves a good weekend while you’re doing it cause I’ve got to run!

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What a cool video and song. Jesse reminds me of a young Neil Young. Like you, I love seeing big stars lending a hand to the up and comers – the way it should be!

Another good one DJ!

Comment by BoBo

That was good. Of course if The Boss and the Lampshade endorse the same song I know all I need to. I can’t believe Springsteen sang backup. Wow. There is kind of an E Street sound to this, isn’t there?

Comment by Walela

Lampsha ~ not sure how you manage to come up with such amazing artists week after week, but i’m sure glad you do! loveloveLOVE this guy! Joel’s right, he sounds like a young, er, Neil Young. and Springsteen’s voice is the perfect counter — to balance out the vocals in this video. wow.

once again, you’ve outdone yourself, NBFF! (i started to say you “outshone” yourself, but i’m not sure that’s a word. not that it matters, since i make up new ones all the time!) BRILLIANT!

\,,/(^_^)\/,, (good and peaceful song) 😉 xox

Comment by snuppy

i meant to say — “…Springsteen’s voice was the perfect counter — balance out the vocals in this song in this video.” oy. methinks it’s time for a TGSNWM… 😳

Comment by snuppy

Beautiful. When I need extra care, I visualize an angel wrapping her wings around me.

Comment by Nessa

Good one! Lucky lad, gets to sing with The Boss:)

Comment by actonbell

Bobo, must be the slight twang. Glad you liked.

Walela, when I heard this the first time I was thinking that it had a familiar sound somehow and then Springsteen came in, so yeah, there is an E-streetish quality.

Snuppy, they do sound good together don’t they? Oh don’t worry, I think I read it right anyway – in other words – knew what you meant! And finding them is easy – choosing whom to use is another story. Glad you liked. XOX

Nessa, that’s a nice comforting image – this song kind of did that for me.

Actonbell, I agree – that’s a coveted spot to be in for a young artist.

Enjoy your Saturday all – it’s hot out there so stay cool.

Comment by LAMPSHA

still groovin’ on this guy — even as i prepare to hit the hay (what can i say, it’s bedtime). wait, did i say “hay”?? heh heh. i meant feather bed (i covered that last week, didn’t i?)

FABULOUS SPIN, dearest Lampsha!! perfect for this warm-yet-wonderful weekend! 🙂 xox

Comment by snuppy

I don’t know which I liked more, the video or the song. They were both just awesome! Excuse me while I go to his blog and check out some other stuff…

Oh, thanks for this one, G!

Comment by Pavel

Ok, this dude just topped my number one so far in the Saturday spin category of music. Love this one, his voice reaches very far within me, and today when life was a little blue…his voice made it alright again. Very nice. Thank you!

Comment by Penguin

Snuppy & Bobo, you know I hadn’t looked through all the links yesterday so you both have a keen ear to pick up Neil Young. Looking in his bio, Neil Young is a big influence. Just wanted to mention.

Pavel, me too. I really liked them both. It was like a perfect little movie with a great soundtrack.

Penguin, consider it my little gift to you then. His voice and this song really had that effect on me as well. May the sun shine brighter for you tomorrow dearest Penguin. XOX

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend – I’m off to watch The Sopranos – I like to end each weekend with gratuitous sex and violence 😉

Comment by DJ LAMPSHA

Hey, that was cool (Do people still say that?) Jesse and the Boss complement each other perfectly, and the video was terrific. Very mellow, very relaxing, great for a Monday morning -Sorry, I couldn’t get here any sooner, my computer was down. Am I glad I didn’t throw it out the window like I was tempted to do, then I wouldn’t have heard this great song.

Comment by Theresa

I think so (I still do). I’m glad you didn’t throw your computer out the window because then how would you write a perfectly funny post about your computer woes (which I’ll be by to read when work stops expecting work from me, ie at home ;).

Glad you liked Jesse and the Boss.

Comment by Lampsha

Loved it! And I love Bruce even more for helping this dude out.

Comment by Claire

Listened to it again…I seriously hope that the Iceland music stores have him in tehir selection…otherwise there´ll be trouble.

Comment by Penguin

Penguin: or… otherwise maybe one of your friends in the States will happily send his CD out to you! 😉 xox

Comment by snuppy

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