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Hot Sex? by Snuppy
Friday, 8 June 2007, 8:34am
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another hot, sexy hat. ; )OH look! It’s Friday! And, after being treated to the completely fantastic/fun posts by CRUMMY JOEL, THE DRIVE-BY BLOGGER, and, of course, our own delicious little PENGUIN, here we are again (and/or finally), ready to talk about sex. Golly, you can color us fairly flushed with excitement, since we’ve been looking forward to writing this particular post since last week. Or, um, maybe it was yesterday, we really can’t remember. Whatever, we’re here now, and that’s all that counts.

THAT’S right, it’s time for another installment of our Sex Education Xeries, designed to enhance your, um, awareness of your, um, sexual selves (as opposed to the more-than-disturbing sex practices of ducks, bees, and spiders — which we learned about yesterday). Or not. Maybe this is just designed to let us share Part Two of the Award Winning Series we did many moons ago, that featured our veryverysmart sister, Dr. Terri, and dealt with a topic intended to raise more than your eyebrows. Oh wipe that look of shock off your faces (and for heaven’s sake, take your hands out of your laps). We mean awareness, silly kids. Awareness about All Things Safe, with regards to All Things S. E. X. (that’s “intercourse” to you Puritans).

ONE of the things you should know (but not really, it’s just that we obsess about our work, and feel the need to explain) is that, while the first part of HOT SEX was edited over a period of a week (and finished shortly before airtime), part two was slapped together (easy, don’t get too far down Innuendo Road, hot stuff) in a matter of 12 or 13 hours. Remember that scene in Broadcast News? When Joan Cusack nearly knocks herself out on the filing cabinet, in an effort to get a videotape to the director in time to make the air? Well, that’s what happened to us. Which hopefully explains why there’s less Dr. Terri, and more cool graphics and effects than in the first one. Or maybe all those things (which are complicated) kept our brilliant editor from having time to insert (don’t go there) the various funny and/or informative sound bites we’d originally planned. Oh well, we managed to slip it into the newscast (stop it) just in the nick of time, and, needless to say, we were orgasmic with joy (okay, that one’s a gimme).

DID that “Enter the Erotic Zone” voice sound familiar? It did if you A) happen to be our husband, or B) were one of our clients back in our 1-900-I Talk 2U days. (We were really bad, mostly because we used to offer lots of unwanted advice and/or tell stupid knock-knock jokes. Needless to say, we went out of business within a week. We still owe some guy named “Fritz” $3.50.)

NOW, we know this topic is a bit provocative, but we also think there are a few things it touches (heh) upon well worth discussing. For instance: 16 years ago, AIDS was still something many folks were (rightfully) concerned about. Of course, most were also terribly uninformed, which meant there were some weird-ass rumors flying around about risks, who had it, who didn’t, etc. These days, many infected with HIV are living happy, healthy, and productive lives (think: Magic Johnson). That said, there continue to be an alarming number of new cases reported around the world, every single day. Something we find terrifying, especially in light of the current plan global leaders have to cut back on AIDS/HIV funding and awareness programs over the next few years. 

So? Did (or does) the fear of contracting AIDS have an effect on any of you? Inquiring minds want to know. What about your kids (for those of you who have them)? We have sons who’ve been sexually active for a few years now, and were more than a little embarrassed when we considered stocking the cookie jar with condoms (no, not flavored, we’re not that gauche).

FOR those of you who find the topic too hot and/or sexy, no worries. rogers and astaireThe delectable and delightful DJ LAMPSHA will be spinning like there’s no tomorrow, uh… tomorrow. Please stop by and say “Hi”. Tomorrow is also Central Snark’s 1 Year Anniversary. Yowza. Not that we plan to do a thing out of the ordinary to mark the occasion, mind you, but would it kill you to offer a word of congratulations? It’s not like we’ll expect you to dance dirty with us, tho’ we really wouldn’t mind if you did (just don’t call us Baby and/or make us sit in the corner when the music stops).


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oy. sorry to go all “AIDS is still a BIG concern” on you all — but finding out about the G8 leader’s plan to reduce funding/programs over the next 3 years really concerns me. it also pisses me off. that said, we can keep this discussion as heavy or light as you kids like.

as for this video? truth be told, parts one and two where both barely finished under the gun — my nerves, not to mention my nails, were MORE than a little frayed by the time both pieces made their way to the newscasts. Hot Sex part 2 turned out more “music video” and less “informative piece about safe sex” than i planned for it to be, but it’s still fun to watch. at least it is for me — especially now that my nails have grown back out. 😉 xox

Comment by One Hot Puppy

I can confirm the real-life “broadcast news” moment associated with this one…very scary…but ultimately a TV triumph that raised a sleepy eyebrows and garnered more than a little attention in the industry. Bravo!

Comment by BoBo

Bobo: awwww. you’ve always been my biggest fan/greatest mentor and hottest sex partner! (22 years, and counting) 😉 xox

Comment by snuppy

Congrats on the anniversary!

Comment by CrummyJoel

ps ~ for anyone who bothers to check out that link to our Very First Post: “sophie” is me. somehow it turned into “Snuppy”, later on, and that’s the name that ultimately stuck (i think this was Sar’s fault doing, as part of an introduction she wrote for a guest post i did on her blog last summer). oh yeah, and “Casper” is our dear friend, “Kyahgirl“, who — along with me — started this site, after a series of Unfortunate and/or Frustrating Events with Blogger.

Comment by snuppy

thanks Crummy Joel! 🙂

Comment by snuppy

Why am I not surprised to find Mel Brooks in a series that you had your finger and nails on??? 🙂

Aids, boy oh boy…I think it is still a tough topic, mostly because almost everybody has engaged in not so protected sex at least once in their lives. A sense of guilt comes with the magnitude of realization what that might entail.

One stupid, and often not so great night, can damge you for life. And yet, even knowing that, it happens soemtimes people just throw the concern away and get on with the things at hand.

I think as soon as a realtionship is more intimate, the ability to talk about stuff below the belt area becomes more easy and you might engage in necessary precuations before “the physical act of love”.

It´s the one-night stands, the waking-up-next-to-somebody-you-blurrily-remember-from-last-night kinda happenings that make the scale rise.

I am not syaing that every long term relationship is safe, by no means…cheating and secret passions infilitrate those areas, too.

It´s tough and if Nature hadn´t made it so unbelievable good…it might not have been worth the risk!

Comment by Penguin

where did my comment go?

Comment by Penguin

I can´t believe it! Are you friggin´ kidding me??? Excuse me while I go out for a second and hammer up some dry wall….

Comment by Penguin

Happy almost one year to us all! I checked the link and it seems I missed out on the opening post. Not to worry – I haven’t missed many since and now I’m just part of the pavement.

I will watch the veryverysmart sister/Dr. Terri clip later, but you are so right that it is still a huge concern. To think that any world leader would cut back on funding is an outrage! We still have so far to go in battling and understanding this disease – especially on a Worldwide basis.

On a lighter note – did you hear about the guy who is suing over a protein drink that had an after effect similar to Drive-by’s Brazilian spider story? The guy’s name was “Wood” and he was suing the maker of the drink (some morph of Johnson & Johnson) so the case was Wood vs. Johnson. True story.

Comment by Lampsha


Secondly, yes it worries the hell out of me that they’re planning on cutting back on funding.
I hope that doesn’t somehow trickle down to screening blood donations and the like.

Back to the lighter side; Again congrats on your 1st year. I’m going to check out your first post now….

Comment by Zoning Out Again

it has been a year…geez.

Comment by BoBo

Penguin: i found it! (your comment, that is). as for those “one night stands”? oy. i have a friend who has been HIV positive for over 16 years now, who contracted the disease after just that: a ONE night stand (his boyfriend had cheated on him, so he retaliated in kind. yowie). fortunately, he’s one of the “lucky” ones, who’s responded well to treatment. so much so that doctor’s are amazed he’s managed to stay in such great health. unfortunately, most folks don’t respond so well to treatment. certainly not over such a long period of time.

and yes, you know me any my passion for all things Mel Brooks, so you just know clips from one of his movies would find their way into my work! 😉 xox

Lampsha: yet it seems as though you’ve always been here! i know the Snark got a lot better when you became one of the “Administrators”, that’s FO SHO! as was the case when Miz B and Teh Penguin agreed to come on board, too. the jury’s still out on that Diesel, but i’m pretty sure all our lives got better the day he showed up!

DYING (and laughing) at that story! Wood vs Johnson, eh? definitely something from the “truth is stranger than fiction” files! 🙄 xox

ZOG/ZOA: it’ll take you about 20 seconds to check out that post — we didn’t have a lot to say back then, as you can see, we got over that phase rather quickly! 🙂 xox

BoBo: time moves fast when you’re havin’ fun — something you and i know oh-too-well. and i mean that in the “good” way! 😉 xox

Comment by snuppy

Bitterness is the best protection.

The paragraph below the video was particularly hilarious.

Comment by Doug

I agree that it’s very distressing that not enough is being done to prevent and treat AIDS. There are women the world over who have no say in their reproductive lives at all–but I don’t need to tell you that:) It just makes me sooooo mad.
AIDS is not in the news much, either, and it needs to be. I’m afraid that young people in this country might not be thinking enough about being safe.

Comment by actonbell

Doug: unless you’re name happens to be Fritz, and you’ve been waiting for that $3.50 for the past several years. poor Fritz — gotta say, his name proved to be more self-fulfilling than you might suppose. 🙄 xox

Comment by snuppy

Actonbell: oops! guess we were commenting at the same time. sorry about that.

you’re SO right about the women around the world who have NO say about their own bodies. that happens to be one of my sister’s many hot-button issues, and would probably make for a great discussion one of these days. i also agree with you about AIDS — i don’t think it gets the kind of “press” it did in the past. which is, i suppose, a big reason for the lackadaisical attitudes. believe it or not, i read a couple of years ago that one of the fastest growing groups of folks infected are those 45 (or so) and older. actually, especially the “older” ones. apparently the same naïveté one sees with the younger “kids” is present with the people who should absolutely know better. i’m thinkin’ someone needs to educate Grandma and/or Grandpa before it’s too late. oy. xox

Comment by snuppy

“OH! People lie.” This is worth repeating over and over. Protect yourself.

Comment by Claire

You may not have had much to say in your first post, but still you got more comments than I have in a month! :0D Keep it all coming! I need your posts like I need my coffee in the morning!!!

Comment by Zoning Out Again

Happy blogoversary, bloggyversary, annibloggery…well, you know what I mean. I’ve only been around for a couple of months, but I’m having a great time, and you can bet I’ll stick around for your second blogoversary.

I was in high school when the whole AIDS thing started, that was before I had any experience, and I remember we were all pretty scared. It seems like people have relaxed somewhat since then, which I think is a dangerous thing. In the beginning there were a lot more educational campaigns than you see nowadays, and that could create a serious problem in the future. In a few years time this will worry me all the more, because my kids will be getting into dangerous territory. My oldest is 12 and we’ve had a few little “talks” about the whole subject, and at school they even teach them about birth control, so she knows much more than I did at her age. It’s also true that kids start having sex at a much younger age now, and I think a lot of them don’t really understand how serious the consequences can be. I for one will go out and buy my kids condoms when the time comes if that’s what it takes to get them to use them, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Comment by Theresa

Snup, just came back to say that you and Dr. Terri are an excellent team! And how dare Fritz want his $3.50 back – that voice is HOT! Your work is excellent and Dr. Terri is both photogenic and natural in front of the camera…and she dispenses good advice. Nicely done. XOX

Comment by DJ LAMPSHA

Claire: yes! that’s exactly what we were trying to convey — “OH! People Lie!” heh heh. 😉 xox

ZOA/ZOG: aw… i don’t suppose you noticed how few folks were actually commenting/how many times I did! xox

Theresa: thank you, my friend. i was pregnant with my first child right around the time stories about AIDS hit the news — at first it was completely terrifying, but once you know the facts, not so much. (my sister did an amazing job helping to educate the masses in our area, with a multi-part seminar series she coordinated at the university she used to work for. it was amazing). i was one of the FIRST people (who worked for a TV station) in the country to allow AIDS PSA’s on the air, back in the mid-80s — we were in Richmond, VA at the time, and i was working as an assistant promotion manager. it was such a big deal i was actually quoted in the Wall Street Journal.

these days, you’re right, having awareness is a great thing, but it has meant a real slacking off, with regards to diligence. good luck with your daughter — Zoned Out Girl is in the exact same boat — and dear Lampsha will be, soon enough. oy. xox

Lampsha: thank you, dearest NBFF! yeah – that Fritz was nothing, if not unrealistic and/or a cheap bastard. or was that dick-wad, i forget.

and, trust me, Dr. Terri was (and is) SO much more amazing that what you see in this video. since we were under the gun, i wasn’t able to feature nearly as much of her as i wanted to and/or as the piece really needed. i’ve always wondered what would have happened if i’d gone on the air and said something like: “Hey viewers, I know you were expecting Part 2 of Hot Sex tonight, but guess what? We have a headache, and need to get some sleep. Maybe we’ll be in the mood to give it to you, tomorrow”. what do ya think? yeah, heh heh… that’s what my “boss” thought, too! 😉 xox

Comment by snuppy

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