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Saturday, 9 June 2007, 8:00am
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Can I get an oy vay? Oy Vay!!!

It’s Saturday am and I’ve got nothing, nothing I tell ya! I have no idea what artist to pop in here this morning. It gets worse!!! It’s the One Year Anniversary of The Snark which started because we got a little carried away on “somebody’s blog” and like Felix Unger in the Odd Couple were handed our frying pan and asked not to return. Okay that’s an exaggeration (but perhaps not by much). So I’m pretty unprepared for class today and I need to leave in fifteen minutes to take my daughter to violin. No prob.

It’s not like I have absolutely nothing. I do have some names swirling around in my head and/or scribbled in my handy dandy Nancy Drew notebook and so I go there and pull out: Paolo Nutini ! He’s a Scottish singer (his Dad’s Italian or so the story goes and did I mention I’m short on time, so read more on his bio HERE?!). And you know what his advice seems to be? Put some new shoes on and suddenly everything will be all right, so go join the party here:

It may be a stretch, but I think this clip works today for two reasons – one it satisfies my Saturday Spin clip and it’s festive and fun which satisfies the OneYear Snarkaversary party for today! And mostly, it lets me get out the door…to take my daughter to violin.

Some more tunes of course at his MySpace.

Now I would be remiss before I ran out the door if I didn’t give a big fat round of applause to our own Lucille Ball, Snuppy a/k/a Neva a/k/a Crazy Aunt Neva a/k/a Puppytoes a/k/a my NBFF a/k/a Bobo’s honey/sweetey and the list is endless (unless you’d like to add to it, please do so in the comments). This is for all intents and purposes her site to which she has thrown open the barn doors. Her posts about nothin’ are always funny and she’s just got a madcap fun way of writing and presenting her finds. I’d like to go back and pull out some of my faves but did I mention I’m short on time here (I think I’m channeling her right now)?!

Anyway, Happy Snarkaversary to us all – old timers and new. Gotta run. Everyone who drops by makes The Snark a fun place to romp which as I think of it was the original intent. Have a great weekend!

spinning out of control (not for a year, but for a while now)

Never mind spinning, head on over to HUMOR-BLOGS.COM where they’re whirling like dervishes.


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DEAREST Lampsha (spinning out of control for ALMOST A YEAR… and counting!): i LOVE this artist! damn girl, EVERY week you manage to come up with someone fabulous, and Paolo Nutini is no exception. i need me a pair o’ them new shoes, especially if they could get me into that same happy groove young Paolo’s in. lovelovelove the lights floatin’ around his feet, too. not unlike Michael Jackson’s Billy Jean (who’s NOT his lover), i hasten to add, except, uh, soooo NOT. 😉

awesome! and funfunfun. absolutely perfect for this fine Saturday. and thank you for that lovely nod — i tell ya the Snark would be nuttin’, NUTTIN’ (as opposed ot Nutini) without ALL the funny/talented people who contribute to it, and that, my dearest of dear NBFF’s most certainly includes YOU!

\,,/(^_^)\,,/ you rock!

Comment by snuppy

OK, in descending order of importance:

1) Congratulations to Snuppy, Kyah, Lampshade, Minka, Mi hermana, and Diesel on the anniversary of this, one of my favorite blogs.
2) Apologies to whoever I left out.
3) Congratulations to Snuppy and Lampy on finding the most ways of saying “I have nothing to say” in human history. You’ve really shown what a year of blogging can accomplish.
4) I like this song.
5) To set the record straight, this site was founded in response to Blogger being a bastard. My turn as a bastard was about a week later.

Comment by Walela

Happy Snarkaversary to you Lampsha…And of course to the rest of the Snark crew! You guys are just brilliant. That was a fun clip, I hadn’t heard that song before, but I sure did like it. Now I gotta go to my closet and look for some new shoes…

Comment by Theresa

First of all…

A very special congratulations to the one and only Snuppy (who is easily the most creative and talented person I know) for making Central Snark a reality and a damn fun one at that! Also congrats to the entire team – you know who you are Lampy, Minka, Diesel, Miz B and the growing cast of contributors which add to the special experience of the Snark!


Another find DJ…like this happy tune and the artist…for nothing you got something!


Comment by BoBo

Doug: thank you *curtsies* i have nothing else to say at the moment, except, maybe: thanks for that link. that was one grand (and funny) day, but not NEARLY as hilarious (and/or racy) as THIS ONE WAS i’ll never forget the new banner you put up, as long as i live. Ce n’est pas un bordel… or, um, something like that, right? 😉

whatevah…you wear your curmudgeonliness well, my friend. xox

Comment by snuppy

Wow, the fun never ends – violin, carnival at school, a sidesweep into a garage sale where I bought something I didn’t need but it was only $2 and round it out with bubble tea and movie rentals. Pfew I’m glad to be home!

Snuppy – young Paolo is in a happy groove, isn’t he? Glad you liked and if I came into the Snark with that link posted then it means it’s also a one year anniversary of our first coffee and lunch!!! Ah, just like it was yesterday, huh? Anyway, Bobo is right – you are one talented and creative person and TheSnark has become this fun spot because of your vision. We contributors are only too happy to come join in though. Happy Snarkaversary!! XOX

Walela, perish the thought that you were ever a bastard! A little testy perhaps. Thanks for setting me straight on the course of history though. Glad you liked the song and thanks for being one of our bigger supporters of nothing.

Theresa, thanks and thanks for your joining in on the fun – a most welcome addition indeed. Now go get those new shoes out and get ready for some more!

Bobo – very well put and thanks. It was a close call…but I pulled Paolo out of the hat! Out of nothing – something!

Snuppy, I’d have to agree on that!

Have a great weekend all, I’m off for a night of fun and videos. Enjoy! XOX

Comment by DJ LAMPSHA

Lampsha: bubble tea and videos? sounds like the perfect end to the perfect day. (and yes, i AM anxious to sample that tea, my friend, and am hoping to do so, SOON!)

you did good today, NBFF — this artist was perfection! 🙂 xox

Comment by snuppy

Lampsha: apparently my vocabulary has been reduced to one adjective, with regards to describing anything to do with you and/or your activities. ah well, i suppose i could do a hell of a lot worse that repeatedly referring to you as “perfect”, eh? 🙄 xox

Comment by snuppy

“Ceci n’est pas un bordello” I think it was, Snuppy, borrowing from René Magritte. Thanks for helping me relive that. I sure don’t miss 80 comment days. And that was a lovely curtsy.

Comment by Doug


for everything (without shoes on!) A wonderful feature today, Lampy and an outstanding comment section today.
I like when we all play nice for once and give credit where credit is due.
Snuppy you held this place up high when all of us got involved with life and hadn´t time to post and it was you almost each day, still brilliant and engaging. I love you loads, which you know! I love you even more, for allowing us to come back, without quetsioning to where we have been and I guess you would even help us hiding that axe, if needs be. Youa re one amazing woman and if anybody deserves high praise today, it is most certainly you!

now to teh rest of us contributers and a wonderful crew of commenters, aren´t we just great. Let´s give ourselves a nice round of applause…or two!

I think, on any given day…this blog is exactly what it intended to do. People hang here, sip on their coffee and don´t necessarily pretend to be smart or have soemthing witty to say…and that is where our personalities shine through. I love that glimpse into each and everyone of you.

How else would we know that snuppy walks her dogs in teh middle of teh night in her PJs, huge boots and a way-to-big jacket? This is when life sparkles!

Happy bloggoversary to us!

Comment by Penguin

And lampy, his dad must have been Italian…otherwise there´d be no excuse for such a name in Scotland 😉

Lovely rest of the weekend to everybody.

I made cake. It doesn´t look good, but it tastes devine!

Comment by Penguin

Doug: figures. you quote René Magritte and i lean on Babel Fish. guess we know which one of us is well-read and which one is a poser. heh heh. you say you DON’T miss those 80 comment days? were you not such a gracious host (stop blushing, the compliments will end with this comment) it wouldn’t be a problem. unless you wind up with as many funny/silly comments as you did that day. or THIS ONE, for that matter(those were the good old days, weren’t they?) xox

Penguin: *blushes deeply* thank you for those kind words. but trust me when i say, this site got a WHOLE LOT more fun the day you (and, of course, Lampsha, Miz B, Little Blue Pill, and Diesel) agreed to participate! based on the overwhelming response to your posts, it’s safe to say our readers agree! getting to know you — and most certainly, spending time with you — has been a highlight, both in and OUTSIDE of the blogosphere. you are one amazing and wonderful young woman, and i consider your friendship a true gift. i happen to lovelovelove YOU a whole heck of a lot, too! so there! 😉 xox

Comment by snuppy

and cake DOES sound devine. i’d ask what flavor, but i’m guessing chocolate. mmmm! 🙂 xox

Comment by snuppy

Dios mio! I missed our one year blogaversary! ‘Tis the sin of sins I tell you but believe you me, you did NOT want badly-PMSing-weepy-and-totally-bitchy me here yesterday! Oh NO! Today, I am itching to go shopping for shoes I tell you! That kid be groovalicious FO SHO and I LOVE the feel good vibes he iradiates in that song! Who’d a thunk a song about shoes would make me so happy?

Um… come to think of it, the kid is brilliant! How could a song about NEW shoes not make any woman happy? Sneaky bastard!


All this to say I LOOOOVED your selection to bits oh faboo and amazing DJ Gina G! You should totally be a talent scout (and if ever you become a casting agent, um, can I audition? But NOT to sing! I would hate to kill you! Oy!)

And to all the faboo contributors, of which I am a dead one these days I’m afraid, DEAD I SAY, hapy anniversary, thank you for making the Snark such a faboo place to escape to here in blogland and here’s to many more years of snarky and funkified bitchiness! WOOH!

And hermanito, sometimes laying down the law has incredible results, non?

Besos to all and with that…

BoheMia OUT!

Comment by Catty Yummy Mummy

Snuppy, I’ll have to get you a bubble tea somehow – we’ll try one soon. And it was a perfect ending to a tired day – we watched Happy Feet! Oh and I guess you certainly could use a lot worse adjective. Somehow I like perfect 🙂

Doug, we’re all on medication now so we’re able to hold back on the comments 😉

Penguin – so sweetly said and Snuppy deserves every word of praise heaped upon her for TheSnark. She has been the driving force to keep it rolling and keeping it real. I so agree with you on how it feels to come here – our little common ground meeting area where we can all chill out. I’m so glad to drop in and see who is here on a daily basis.

And to the rest of us and you – yes indeed we are great, a perfect chemistry from all around the world. You just have to love that. I know I do.

Oh and I did see Paolo dad was indeed Italian. True – how would a Scott end up with such a name?!

Snuppy, I have to join in the lovefest in your comment as well. Monika is indeed one special, amazing and wonderful person to have gotten to know. It’s really a tight little family we have here and I love that fact. XOX

Oh and Penguin – we certainly don’t care what the cake looks like as long as it’s tasty.

CYM:!! It’s okay, we’ll celebrate all weekend FO SHO! This groovalicious kid just makes you want to bop around shopping for shoes. I could just see you in one of your vids to this song now.

Ooh blushety blush – just a girl who likes music, but having said that you are a raw talent just waiting to be discovered, oh yes indeed.

And it’s official – currently contributing or not, look up at that banner – you most certainly are a part of The Snark even when you’re not here. We’re a collective and you’re part of it. I agree that it is a faboo place indeed in which to escape.

Incredible results indeed!

Besos and neshikot to you and happy to see you here today FO SHO!!


Comment by LAMPSHA

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