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Sopran… oh? by Snuppy
Monday, 11 June 2007, 9:27am
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Good Music/Good FriendsWHAT a fabulous weekend we had. A perfectly wonderful, perfectly fabulous weekend, thanks in no small part, to the perfect musical artistry of the performer our perfectly brilliant DJ LAMPSHA wisely featured here — a perfectly talented guy named Paolo Nutini. Was he totally cute and was that a perfect spin and/or way to celebrate TheSnark’s 1-year Anniversary, or what? We have one word to describe it all, and that one word is, um, “perfection”.

Sadly, the perfect love we feel for our more-than-delightful, more-than-perfect NBFF (who really is perfect, in more ways than you can imagine) was diminished ever so slightly by something decidedly less-than-perfect we were compelled to watch last night on TV.

BEFORE we launch into our rant, however, perhaps an overview of the “quality” programming we’ve been subjecting ourselves to for the past few years is in order. Behold the glory that is: Seven Minute Sopranos…

CAUGHT up? Good, then let us proceed with today’s post:

verklemptednessPARDON us for what you’re about to read, but we’re in a state of such verklemptedness we don’t know where to turn. So, if you don’t mind, we’d like to rant and/or rave about something we found moderately confusing and majorly annoying for a minute or two, because, well, we can. And yes, we’re not too proud to confess it has to do with the Last Ever Episode of HBO’s mob-series, The Sopranos. Not because the show is now “officially” off the air, but because of the way they just

THAT’S right, never, in all our years of watching television — which, as you may have ascertained by now is more than 2 or 3 or 17 — have we ever been left with such a non-ending ending. A NON-ENDING ENDING, we say, and with good reason: the show had no real

WOE is us. Or maybe it serves us right, for watching such freaking drivel for nigh on to 7 years (or has it been 8? 9?). 7 (or 8 or 9?) years of watching guys being whacked while other guys got laid. Then watching the guys who got laid get whacked and/or whacking other guys, which THEN got them killed deader than a doorknob. A doorknob that’s not just dead, but shoved up some whacker’s ass. Eww. Meanwhile, Tony Soprano, the doughy center of this made-for-TV manufactured Mafia-related mayhem just kept getting fatter and fatter and fatter. Oh yeah, baby, we thought the fact that the place he hung out most was a “family” butcher store sporting a statue of a big fat pig on its roof was bloody hilarious. But that’s not the point, the point, which is as plain as the blubber hanging over Tony’s belt, is that

BUT maybe that’s just us. We don’t “need” our programs wrapped up in a neat and tidy little piano-wire bow, but would it kill the producer to do something slightly more definitive than, well, than NOTHING? Yeah, we think so, too. That said, we have a couple of theories about the reasoning behind last night’s abrupt ending:

1. They ran out of tape.

2. Something shiny distracted the director, and he yelled “cut” 4 seconds too soon.

3. One word: blackout.

4. The editor forgot to finish the piece, and was heard to say later “my bad”.

5. David Chase got whacked before he could write the last page of his script.

WHEW. Thanks for letting us get that off our chest. We realize we may be the only ones struggling with this thing. We realize we may be the only ones who even remotely care. We realize a lot of other things, but our mind is rapidly fading to black, so we think we should stop before we dig an even deeper finale hole for ourselves. We also realize the video at the top does not, technically, qualify as a “musical opposites/cheap laughs” kind of a thing, but guess what? We don’t give a


THE “good news” is that, for the next two days (at least) you’ll be treated to much more entertaining posts by talented others who are not us — DIESEL and/or NOT-Diesel but CRUMMY JOEL, and, of course, TEH PENGUINTarzan and gangthan the one you just forced yourself to read (not by talented “others”, but by us). The “bad news” is that we’ll be back to rant, rave, and/or whine by Thursday (or will it be Friday?). Ah well, at least no one’ll leave ya hangin’ at Humor-blogs.com, unless you count that guy in the place with a


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truth be told, i thought the ending was fine. abrupt, but fine. actually, it was pretty funny to us, because we thought something was wrong with our TV and/or cable connection at first, so we rolled back the TiVo to watch the “ending” again, only to find it, too, cut to black. not FADE, mind you, but cut. whoa. just when you think you’ve seen everything, a clever (or cruel) producer does nothing that causes a bigger surprise than if Tony and/or his family had been whacked. go figure. πŸ™„ xox

Comment by One Hot Puppy

It was a stupid ending to a mediocre season. Had I known at the outset that its much-hyped finale episode wasn’t going to be a finale at all, I probably wouldn’t have tuned in. Looking back, Chase was neither clever nor cruel, just inept.

Comment by al

Ay dios mio! Just popping in to say hola, between packing breaks, and to send you many besos but, alas, we don’t get to watch the series finale of the Sopranos until tonight so no reading of this post for me or your comment up above lest I find out what happened! AAAAAHHH! πŸ˜‰

But I am indeed intrigued now seeing that it was something worth writing about! OOoooh! May the hours fly by ’cause I am ready to see the last episode… though I do admit to not being THAT thrilled over it since this past season has been quite flat, as was the one before…. it has not managed to hold my attention like it once did and, sad to say, I am not going to miss it. Oh well!

Luckily for us, there is plenty o’ good TV and, TV addict that I am, man am I glad that I am moving during the summer hiatus! How pathetic am I?

Besos amiga mia and I WILL read what I am sure is a faboo post as soon as I am up to speed… for now, I shall remain temporarily outta the loop!

And with that,

BoheMia OUT!

Comment by Catty Yummy Mummy

Great post! See I think this was David Chase’s final finger flip to the viewers. He has always seemed to resent the meddling voice of the show’s faithful so this was his way of building final scene tension using the most overt stereotypes then at the witching hour simplying saying “Ha! Screw you guys I’m going home(read in the voice of Cartman of South Park fame.”

Comment by BoBo

I’m goingon strike until I see a real ending of the Soprano’s! Jeepers!!! Is it just me or have they followed every good episode with a crappy one? While I’m on strike I’ll just keep busy with the A & E reruns!

Have a good day everyone!

Comment by cj

Al: stupid, yes. but ya gotta admit, it was, for lack of a better word, surprising. okay, so i felt it was a complete cop-out (pun intended), but whaddaya gonna do? go complain to some “suit” at HBO? xox

CYM: OOPS! believe me, amiga, it was NOT my intention to ruin the ending for anyone. far from it! sorry about that! come back TOMORROW and tell me what you thought! meanwhile, hope you have a spectacular day, dearest of dear BoheMians! xox

BoBo: hahaha! “Screw you, I’m going home” a la Cartman is a perfect way to describe what must have been going through Chase’s mind when he wrote that final episode. πŸ™‚ xox

CJ: oy — wouldn’t it be just like those fuckers jerks at HBO to try and give us another couple of seasons in a year or so? truth be told, i thought The Sopranos ended on a perfect note two (or was it 3?) years AGO! for the life of me, i’ll never understand why it came back to disrespect its fans this way. guessing we’ll never find out, the bozos responsible for making those decisions are, no doubt, already living in some obscure community, as part of the network’s “viewer protection” plan. πŸ™„ xox

Comment by snuppy

You know – I grabbed for the remote and got set to sprint to another TV before I missed the FINALE and then the credits rolled!

Okay – I’m happy with the fact that Phil Leotardo got whacked (is that terrible to say about any human?). Just in make believe TV land. But I think the last season or two helped us viewers slowly let go of Tony and the gang – like a relationship hitting the skids. You know it’s going to end – just not sure of the timing. In that vein, David Chase prepared us for the bitter end and separation was easier. The fact that it ended that way first left me saying WTF? Then I almost thought it couldn’t end any other way. I know, I know – I am in the vast minority. But I am glad he strayed from some of the predictable endings that were being bandied about.

Now then – did you watch the new show, John from Cincinatti? I fell asleep towards the end and I’m not sure what I think of it yet. Also tonight is the season opener of Big Love.

Now talk about perfect? How you tied in the non-ending to the Sopranos in your post! XOX

Comment by Lampsha

I don’t why but I couldn’t get into the Sopranos. I tried…well once. Once counts. Doesn’t it?

Great blog…I love this

Comment by Ev Nucci

Lampsha: yeah — i’ve gotta say i was pretty relieved (and, yes, glad) when Phil LeoRetardo got capped. (let’s face it, he wasn’t a nice guy. but then who IS on that show?) honestly, in MANY ways, i thought the ending was pretty good. i mean, the way Tony wound up being isolated from everyone was a nice touch — hell, even watching him try to sneak a little therapy for himself when he and Carm met with AJ’s psychologist was hilarious-yet-pathetic — his inability to have any kind of resolution with Uncle Junior, or his own sister, for that matter, was very true to form and brilliantly executed. and then, the build up just before it cut to black was awesome, and the message (i think, tho’ i can’t be sure, since i’m not very good with “symbolism”) was that… Tony’s gonna spend his life looking over his shoulder, because that’s how it is for a fat fuck “Family” man. yikes!

and THANK YOU, my dear NBFF, for noticing my lame attempt to tie this post in with the way the show so
πŸ˜‰ xox

Ev Nucci: The Sopranos was definitely an acquired taste — and an often bitter one, at that! Welcome — so glad you found us, and i sure hope you’ll come back, and often. πŸ™‚

BY THE WAY (everyone!): that video up there is a little something called “The Seven Minute Sopranos” which wraps up the first 6 (or was it 7?) seasons of the show. i heard about it last week on NPR, and i have to say, it’s very well done — and more than a little hilarious! that said, it actually DOES wrap up all the story lines for every season prior to this one beautifully. not only THAT, but the guy does this amazing

Comment by snuppy

I’m sorry to say that I’ve never seen one episode of this show. But from the sounds of it, maybe that wasn’t a bad thing?

So I’ll watch your video cliffs notes later – that’s just about perfect for my attention span.

Comment by Jeff

Sorry it was so disappointing. I know it’s been on over here, but I think it was on cable, anyway I never did get around to watching it. We’re more or less watching House (I say more or less, because my husband doesn’t like it, so I only watch it ocasionally), Desperate Housewives, and Grey’s Anatomy. I think I’ll pass on the Sopranos after hearing your review, guess I’ll just stick to watching reruns of Friends (they still get a laugh out of me):)

Comment by Theresa

Even though I have never watched The Sapranos, I horrified myself by reading about the last epi in the newpaper today. That’s right, on the front page of The Sacramento Bee (below the fold, like THAT makes a difference), was an article titled “‘Sopranos’ Fades to Black”. WTF. When did serious ‘news’-papers start writing about a made up tv show for the love of all that’s holy??!!
Good-bye sweet America!

Comment by Claire


We JUST got done watching that piece of crap… since we download our shows I thought that we were missing a piece of the end and then the credits rolled so back to…


There are many positive things I can say about the show, namely the actors and how they did such a brilliant job that I can passionately hate and wanna whack the disgusting fuckers they portrayed so artfully, but not tonight… tonight David Chase is my bitch and his TIME IS UP!

I wasted an hour of my life for THAT???


And as for your post amiga mia, even though I may be frothing at the mouth right now, was absolutely brilliant… BRILLIANT I TELL YOU!!!! And what a relief to read it and KNOW that it wasn’t a bad download we watched…

Dios mio!

Comment by Catty Yummy Mummy

Jeff: a’yup — the Seven Minute Sopranos was definitely made for the ADD-bunch (myself, included). you missed some excellent writing/acting/plot lines during the first two seasons, but the show was choppy at best over the past 5 (or 6?) years. πŸ™‚

Theresa: we watch Grey’s Anatomy, too… gotta say this year’s finale was pretty depressing. of course, the fact that Isaiah Washington won’t be back next season helps to explain a few things. oy.

Claire: girlfriend, it was one of the top stories on ALL the cable news channels, too! i think it is a story, only because there’s not much else “sexy” enough to lead with right now (in other words, no Anna Nicole Smith, no OJ, no, Bragenlina crisis, since things like that seem to “grab” the viewers’ attention, at any given moment of any given news period. πŸ™„

CYM: and there it is. WHAT THE FLYING FUCK? hahahaha. couldn’t have said it better, myself! still, there were a few things to admire: for instance, am i the only one who noticed that there was no music sound track? i mean, there was music in that episode, from time to time, but only in “real” time, i.e., when the radio was on, or AJ was listening to that CD with his girlfriend, or when Tony played the jukebox at the very end. that was subtle, and more than a little cool! still — i think David Chase IS your bitch. after watching your LATEST HILARIOUS POST and VIDEOS, i’m sure you could give him a “what the fuck” or two! πŸ˜‰ xox

Comment by snuppy

Oh no, don’t tell me Isaiah Washington isn’t coming back! That sucks. We haven’t got that far yet, over here everybody is still fighting over who gets to be chief.

Comment by Theresa

Theresa: SO SORRY to be the bearer of such bad news! Isaiah Washington was one of my favorite characters, too. i mean, talk about a McDreamy — as far as i’m concerned, that guy had it all over Patrick Dempsey. but ABC announced the other day that Dr. Burke won’t be back — i think his big mouth got the best of him. he hardly strikes me as the intolerant sort, but apparently, he is. pity — i loveloveloved his relationship with Sandra Oh (but then, i adore her, anyway). personally, i’m tired of Ellen Pompano’s character, and kind of hope “Gray’s Anatomy” will soon focus on her sister, Lexi, instead. guess we’ll find out what happens next when we “tune in”, this fall! πŸ˜‰ xox

Comment by snuppy

Oh My God…what a dascinating show…there are a lot of shrinks involved. I loved the 7 minutes of summary. I feel up to speed and can now safely say…I saved 6 and a half years of my life.

I hate when a show you have been watching religiously end on such a bad note, no end or leaves you high and dry…

I hope you find you will to live again…maybe Joel can act something for you instead…an optional ending so to speak???

Comment by Penguin

How else could it have ended? My sister wanted Tony to divorce Carmela and marry Dr. Melfi while Carmela found a nice guy but I thought that a bit much for 60 minutes

It went back to the beginning, Livia, Uncle Junior…Maybe it was a cop out but life goes on or not…

Comment by pia

Penguin: hahaha. glad you liked that video. i have to say it gives a pretty decent overview of the past 7 years. 7 (or 8?) years I’LL NEVER GET BACK. meaning you were oh-so-wise to skip the whole damn thing!

as for Joel acting out something for me?? hee hee….the more likely scenario is that I’LL wind up entertaining HIM! (i do a mean dance on the kitchen floor when the mood strikes and/or the socks are on!) better yet, we could just wait for you to come back and perform various acts from Eurovision! pretty sure that would beat The Sopranos to hell, and back! πŸ™‚ xox

Pia: truth be told, i agree with you 100%. there was no other way for the show to end. “returning to its roots” is exactly what i thought, too, as Tony waited for Carmela to arrive. i mean, remember early on when we found out Tony’s father was gunned down in a diner? David Chase did a brilliant build up to that final “cut” — leaving viewers to feel, i suppose, what guys like Tony Soprano must feel every day of their lives. it was amazing (made me SO nervous).

and, again, i was really impressed with the way the music was “handled” in the final episode — something i’ve YET to hear discussed in any forum and/or on any show. oh well — perhaps critics will wait for their second wind before talking about it.

so….? are you back, or just checking in?? whatever — it is ALWAYS a pleasure to see you here! πŸ˜‰ xox

Comment by snuppy

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