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Saturday, 23 June 2007, 7:52am
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This will be quick and to the point. I have to be out the door, I don’t feel well and I’m meeting up with a favorite group of blogger buddies today. Wah. When I don’t feel well, I make silly mistakes and delete things and then I get cranky…well crankier than I am as I don’t feel well.

Considering my eyes are looking a little glassy, this group’s name is perfect – Bright Eyes. Check em out:

Here: The Group’s site

Here: MySpace

And here: in a video of the song, Four Winds, from their new album, Cassadaga:

That about sums it up. Hope you enjoy and while you’re at it, have a great weekend.


Everyone’s bright-eyed and bushy-tailed at Humor-blogs.com.


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not feeling well? oooooooh noooooo Mrs. Scissorhands! we can’t have that!

LOVING this group! this is a damn fine spin, NBFF, especially considering the fact you’re under the weather. that said, please tell me this video has nothing to do with your anticipated reaction to meeting Doug for the first time — or worse yet, HIS reaction to meeting us. aieeeee! 😉

*tucks extra tissues in purse, just in case*

Comment by snuppy

“Bright” sound from this group…will check out more of their material. Feel better DJ.

Comment by BoBo

I love it!! Off to itunes to find more of them!!

Comment by cj

Nice group and I hope you don´t mind me saying but that is one hot woman in that band.

Have fun today, feel better (you could always order camomille tea at the restaurant) adn lots of laughter.

Nice weekend to all of us!

Comment by Penguin

I hope you feel better! I’d skip the tea and go for the booze. Nothin’ to lose, and it might be medicinal.

Bright Eyes has a good sound, and an interesting gothic look,too. It rare to see a female drummer, too–I don’t know why that is.
THanks for the spin!

Comment by actonbell

Hope you had a ginger ale at lunch… it soothes and calms the tummy.

What the heck is wrong with those people… that band is great!

Comment by Terry

Pfew NBFF, you can put the tissue away! What a wonderful day that went by far too quickly. Hope you and Joel got home without too many headaches. Tali and I continued on and met up with my friend and family. Needless to say, we were both a bit spent and now I’m backing to not feeling great. But all good in the big scheme of things. XOX

Joel: Thanks and I think I might check them out a little further too.

cj: Good for you – enjoy!

Penguin, something about a drummer huh? Well considering I just almost burnt the house down forgetting about the water on the stove (oy, I’m dangerous), I should have had my tea earlier. May I say that the only thing missing from our lunch gathering was you! You were definitely missed although we had good company and a grand time – still.

Nice weekend to all of us indeed.

Actonbell, no booze for me – Al walks us into the ground, I need to be in fighting shape for his tours 🙂 It’s true – very rare to see a female drummer. Refreshing.

Terry, Actually I got a false sense of feeling better and am back to feeling slightly higher on the crummy meter. If I didn’t almost just burn the house down, I might be sipping tea right now. I think I’ll just go to bed instead.

Have a great weekend all.

PS: To all who gathered for “the gathering” – it was a day for the picture books and great getting together. Really was a pleasure all around! XOX

Comment by DJ LAMPSHA

Feel better soon DJ Lampsha.

Comment by claire

Lampy, that was so sweet of you to say, I was with you guys in spirit though. I had a steak, gravy and a baked potato. Tiramisu…so soft, so sweet so cappuchion…where was I?

Oh yeah…I am glad to hear everybody made it home safe and lived to tell teh tale. Now about that tale…

Comment by Penguin

I enjoyed both the song and the video. The company yesterday was even finer. You’re right though, a penguin would have gone great with all the geese.

Comment by Doug

I would have led the poultry section with style, lemme tell ye!

i am actually getting more and more attached to this song with each hearing…

Comment by Penguin

Claire, thanks. I’m sort of shelving any plans for today and just taking it easy.

Penguin, your spirit was felt – I’m sure your ears rang a few times. Yes the tale – it will unfold slowly but surely…it was fairy tale like in and of itself.

Doug, Agreed all around. What a great day it was though, huh? Hope you have a safe travel home (absent two year old seatmates).

Penguin, Oh I can see it now. I am sure you and Tali would be scaling various structures together.

The song is having that effect on me as well.

I think I’ll have to make a best of cd compilation…

Everyone, have a wonderful Sunday. The weather couldn’t be finer here and hope it is where you are.

Comment by DJ LAMPSHA

I love Bright Eyes. Nice pick, Lampsha.

Comment by Diesel

Diesel, glad you liked. They’re really growing on me too.

Comment by LAMPSHA

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