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Monday, 25 June 2007, 10:33am
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party timePERHAPS some of you know about the small-yet-not gathering we were invited to over the weekend, that was less tête-à-tête than soirée. That is, if by “soirée” we mean “not an elegant affair in a private home, but a large cacophonous group of normally quiet bloggers, assembled at one table in the middle of a Manhattan restaurant”, which, of course, we do. That’s right, many of us were treated to the joys and/or noise associated with the aforementioned gathering Saturday afternoon, and don’t ya just know we’d like to tell you about it? And don’t ya just know our heads are still swirling with the overall thrill of the whole affair — so much so we’re pretty sure we won’t be able to do justice to the event? And don’t ya just know we’re gonna try anyway, because that’s just how we are?

BECAUSE we’re nothing, if not ADDled at any given moment of any given post, this may seem a bit… convoluted, if not flat out confusing. Do your best to keep up, that’s what we plan to do:

DOUG! Wow. The curmudgeon! Cool. Oooh, a curmudgeon with blue eyes. Very cool.

YOUNG woman at the end of the table with the amazing hair but who’s name we didn’t get, and who shall be referred to, from here on out as: Debbie! Nice to meet you! You’re in my chair.

AL! Where’s yours and Doug’s wife? And why are you and that guy sitting next to you wearing matching shirts?

Al’s friend in the matching shirt! Howdy! Pleased to meet ya! (Didja catch his name. No, did you? No. Started with a “k”. Ken? Karl? Keith? Kirby? Kevin? Koby? Kurt?)

PIA! Keep flashing that brilliant smile of yours my beautiful friend, and we’ll have to put our sunglasses back on.

SAR! Who knew they made stilettoed tennis shoes? And what’s up with deleting your blog?

GINA! Yay! Hooray! It’s my dear NBFF! I missed you!! What’s that? You don’t feel well? Uh, maybe you should sit over there, next to “Debbie”, she seems, um, lonely.

TALI? Beautiful girl! Aren’t you glad your mom dragged you with her to this thing? Are you having fun yet?

NEVA! Now isn’t that special? Purple toenail polish to match that toe you stubbed yesterday. Clumsy and colorful, who knew?

JOEL! You mean to tell me driving an hour and a half into the city on a Saturday isn’t your idea of a “good time”? Go figure.

DUDE/girlfriend/bub/missy, i am SO happy/thrilled/unnerved to finally meet you! You’re exactly/so different/slimmer/bigger/taller/uneven/younger/older than i thought you’d be!

Love this restaurant! What a terrific vie…

Well yeah, we were this close to buying one, but we heard they could…

MIZ B‘s reading today was fabulous! She sounded just like Pat, the Cat lady… color me impress…

Seriously! Sit over there, “Debbie”, this is my chai…

Can I get a drin…

Ooooh, bread!

TEH PENGUIN would have so much fun with this grou…

When did you get here?

I just flew in this morning, boy are my arms tired.


No seriously, I had some kid hanging on it for, like, the last 3 hours of the flight. It’s still numb. Stupid little bastard

Should we order something now, or wait until…

Richmond is very lovely, but so hot in the su…

…and then he said “Beavers and Ducks!”

IN other words, we had a grand time, despite the fact that we were allotted exactly 5.29 minutes to chit and/or chat with each and every person sitting at that long-ass table. Not that we’re bitter, mind you. No, in fact, we’re just grateful to have been included. We managed to snag a hug or two from everyone, eat a tasty roasted vegetable and goat cheese quesadilla, sneak one fried onion sliver off Al’s friend’s (Kyle? Kent? Korbin?) plate, and, uh, slip out before the check arrived. How was that NOT a perfect afternoon, we ask no one in particular, especially those of you who weren’t there? Truth be told, the only “difficult” moment occurred when some of us left before some of the the others. Hard enough to say goodbye, but we were more than a little jealous of those who stuck around, because we knew they were about to be treated to one of Al’s fabulous tours of Lower Manhattan. Lucky bastards. We’re guessing even Al’s buddy, ol’ whatsis name (Klyde? Klark? Korey?) enjoyed himself beyond the words he couldn’t get in edgewise.


Tomorrow’s post is bound to be more, um, lucid. After all, it’s being written by a blogger who wasn’t in Manhattan and/or at that table over the weekend. That said, there’s a veritable bloggerama-ding-dong goin’ on 24/7 at Humor-blogs.com.


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i considered trying to do actual excerpts from lunch on Saturday, but realize there was no way in hell to do justice to such a lively event.

i highly recommend attending one of these things the first chance you get — if only to walk away wearing a “I had lunch with my blogger pals, and none of us had anything to say until we took out our lap-tops” t-shirt. i’m pretty sure Diesel will offer up one of those in his next batch of cleverly adorned attire.

Speaking of DIESEL — he’ll be here tomorrow. or not. maybe it’ll be CRUMMYJOEL, who happens to have a hilarious post just itchin’ to race outta the posting queueueueue. and, as further evidence this whole week won’t be a complete bust, TEH PENGUIN will be with us on Wednesday. (we know she was in spirit on Saturday, too. which is why, i suppose, she’ll wind up with a t-shirt, as well!)

Comment by One Hot Puppy

Actually I believe you succeeded in quoting some of the actual conversation!

It was great seeing everyone if only for a short time (kind of like how speed dating must be)…from the end of the long table cause we were late cause of the horrendous traffic on the West Side Highway…even though we had to miss Al’s wonderful walking tour…still, a good time.

Comment by BoBo

Sounds like you had fun.

-heaves an envious sigh-

Comment by littlebluepill

Oh PS – the Sweet Baboo has a post up…a farewell post as he hits the open green beret road. I knew google reader was good for somethin’.

Comment by littlebluepill

Is it possible that the girl at the end of the table was The Penguin in disguise?

Comment by BoBo

I had lunch with my blogger pals, and none of us had anything to say until we all took out our lap-tops” t-shirt.

We have to make that tee shirt. It’s a great line and a sure fire hit, I think

I do wonder whether Mrs Al knows about the matching salmon shirts. His tour was incredible

It was a wonderful reintroduction to home

Comment by pia

Nicely captured. I actually feel like I wasn’t there, which is amazing – since I wasn’t!

Sounds like fun. I’ve yet to attend a blogger gathering. But I suppose it would help if I actually left my zip code once in a while.

Comment by Jeff

That sounds just like a time that everyone should have had… and I agree it is always great to meet your blogger buddies, just so when you are out in your every-day life and refer to your friends, you actually have seen them at least once 😉

I can safely assure everyone that I was’t at the gathering, disguised or otherwise hiding behind the bar, to make notes, photos and such. nope…

I was …er…mowing the lawn! Yes, all day!

This all to say: it looks like Chicago next March is a good event to attend:)

Comment by Penguin

BoBo: pretty sure i got the “bread” part right. but that’s probably because i’m the one who said it! 🙄 xox

LBP: we had fun. would have been even MORE fun had YOU been there, missy! start saving up now for Chicago… i know we are! xox

Bobo: teh Penguin? nah, pretty sure our girl is still sitting on that island. altho’ she might pass for for “Debbie”, if she dyed her hair brown and got a perm. thinkin’ that won’t happen — and certainly doesn’t need to! 😉 xox

Pia: “I wonder if Mrs. Al knows about the matching salmon shirts” hahahahahaha! now that was funny! sorry we missed out on the tour, i’m told you’re mighty knowledgeable about the area, too. guessing between you and Al it was a fab — no to mention entertaining and/or informative stroll through lower Manhattan. xox

Jeff: the only thing missing was some good music. you and your harmonica would have fit right in! xox

Penguin: yeah, nothing serves to convince people we’re NOT out of our minds, than being able to prove “these people” really do exist. and, maybe you weren’t at that table in the flesh, my sweet friend, but your ears should have been ringing, for your name came up often!

oh, by “mowing the lawn” do you mean “shaving the ice”? 😉 xox

Comment by snuppy

I do like the t-shirt idea. Let me put some thought into it. BTW, I now have frilly girl shirts for sale.

Sounds like fun. The only blogger I know within a hundred miles is Claire in Sacramento. Maybe she and I could meet some time in Lodi. They have t-shirts about that too. And a song. Lodi, I mean. Not Claire and I meeting up.

Maybe Mrs. Diesel and I will come out to NYC sometime and you can reassemble the gang. You have to promise me Al’s friend Kal-El will be there though.

Comment by Diesel

oooh… Sounds like it was fun. Can’t you have your next one a little closer to me? Say, in Tennessee?!

Comment by Pavel

I feel as if I’ve already commented here 😉

I think you pretty much summed up the blogalunch. But we’re all being oh so cool as a cuc about how wonderful it was to meet up with everybody. It was sort of like speed dating and to no surprise – my NBFF and I are still compatible Bobo. And all you others weren’t too bad yourselves.

Diesel, let us know when and we’ll reserve the table!

Off to shop in Diesel’s store.

Comment by Lampsha

Pavel, of course Tali was disappointed that Pavel wasn’t showing up – what with all your funny videos!

Comment by Lampsha

snuppy, I just BBQ-ed outside, summe rhas arrived and oh my god, it is so lovely when the sun tickles your skin.

Given teh wetahe rwe had yesterday and todya, I am not far from saying that summer in Iceland is almost over. We had a good run three days at least 🙂
I kid…sorta!

Comment by Penguin

Oh that you would’ve had more fun with me there is just a given. Already saving my pennies for Chicago. Still wish it was somewhere beachy.

Comment by littlebluepill

Diesel: okay, bub, i just ordered a couple of your so-called “girlie” t-shirts. these better be good. you bring Mrs. Diesel to NYC and we’ll roll out the red-carpet for the 2 of you. none of us will show up, but we’ll make damn sure you have something nice to walk on. by the way – as much as i’d lovelovelove to take credit for that “laptop” line, the inspiration for it came from Doug, when he suggested the conversation at the table would probably go more smoothly if we all had brought our laptops. i wish i was that clever, alas, i am not.

kidding,i kid. you should definitely bring that gorgeous wife of yours out this way! we’d all have a blast. or, at the very least, lunch. 😉 xox

Pavel: Tennessee would be fantastic! that said, couldn’t you bring yourself to come up here sometime? i don’t know if you know this or not, but there’s lots of groovy music to be had (and/or listened to) including, but not limited to The Blue Man Group. and i know how much you love those guys! 🙂 xox

Lampsha: HAHAHAHA. technically, you did comment on this post — over the phone, to ME! were i sharper (and/or less concerned with that garage-door repair guy) i’d have taken notes, then posted it for you! and i’m thinkin’ we should wear matching t-shirts on Thursday. that said, apparently we can’t get our t-shirts until Friday. oy. Teen Girl Squad handbags, then. or not. sigh. 🙄 xox

Penguin: 3 WHOLE days of summer, eh? sounds like paradise, my friend. thinkin’ those 3 or 4 blades of grass are better for having been tenderly trimmed by your capable hand. now, unless i’m mistaken, that won’t be necessary again until next year, right? 😉 xox

LBP: THAT GOES WITHOUT SAYING, sweet girl! when Joel and i lived in Chicago, we used to lament the lack of an ocean. fortunately, that lake is humongous, and the beaches are pretty nice. (i know, surprise, huh?) 🙂 xox

Comment by snuppy

wait. um… i was kidding about not being there to see Diesel and/or his gorgeous wife. NOT about the hilarious Doug-inspired line. yeesh… can someone please tell me why i don’t proof-read my comments before hitting puvlisj??? 🙄

Comment by snuppy

Sounds like a good time was had by all!
Wow, snuppy’s emoton-face thingie is animated in the comment above, and I’m impressed.

Comment by actonbell

Actonbell: heh. don’t you just know that one is my favorite? soooo easy, too! just put the word “roll” between colons :: and you, too, can animate a happyish face! 😉

a good time WAS had by all. that said, i tell ya, Lampsha and i are still hoping for a Pez Pal tour down the road, sometime in the VERY near future. oh we’re coming, missy, make no mistake, we are so coming! 🙄 xox (sorry, couldn’t resist!)

Comment by snuppy


Comment by Penguin


I just needed to try that!

that was the most fun part of my day…I need help!

Comment by Penguin

🙄 I needed to feel a sense of accomplishment today as well.

Comment by LAMPSHA

Is there no end to your emotitricks!!!

Comment by LAMPSHA

:role: wow – so much fun always happenin over here! So sad to have missed what sounds like a blast – but perhaps the next one in Chicago will be more attendable for this west coast bird… Must uv been some kind of gathering, that’s for certain! Uh oh – I don’t own a laptop… !!

Comment by tsduff

can’t spell worth a dang today either… 🙄

Comment by tsduff

i’m thinkin’ we all need help. heh heh 🙄

“oops” is fun, too. but only if you’re embarrassed.


Comment by snuppy

Terry: i’m such a dope! 😳

before i got carried away with emotisilliness, i actually meant to say we would have adored meeting you over the weekend, too! (remember what i said about that trip you just took? i’m telling ya, you and Mrs. Weirsdo would have both been happy happy additions!) that said, (and i know i speak for my NBFF and teh Penguin) i sure as heck hope we don’t have to wait until NEXT YEAR to meet you both! 🙂 xox

Comment by snuppy

not that Mrs. Weirsdo has been by, as yet, but hey, we lovelovelove her and hope to meet her, along with YOU (Tery). oooooh, and, while we’re at it, Logo, too!

come to think of it, there are a quite a few folks we need to meet. maybe i should quit while i’m ahead, in hopes everyone will want to meet me, as well. 😳

uh… yeah. Chicago…. next year. good times! 😉

Comment by snuppy

Oh wow I am so jealous! That sounds like a bunch of fun. Hey Diesel I’m down for a meet-up in Lodi. Hubby loves any excuse for a road trip on his Goldwing. We could meet you and Mrs.Diesel for lunch and we could regal you with our stories of scary motels and mysterious closet trophies! But first I have to travel to NoVA with the Warrior Princess for a family duty trip. We’re headed right for the front lines of a major family tiff. Ugh! So if I survive, I’ll ‘see’ ya’ll later…

Comment by claire

Great time, snuppy. Kool says Hi.

Hey, Deez — your kinda motel’s gonna run ya, like, $290 a night.

Comment by Al

Claire: i want in on that Sacramento thing. believe it or not, i attended Sac. State many moons ago. okay, just for a year. and just so i could have easy access to Lake Tahoe for skiing, but still. i KNOW that area well. (or i did, many moons ago). 😉 xox

Al: tell Kip the gang says “hi” right back! good times, indeed, thanks to you and your fine choice for a meeting spot. can’t speak for all that occurred after Joel and I left, but based on past experience, i’m guessin’ it was fab! 🙂 xox

Comment by snuppy

Well, you remembered my name. That’s something.

I had a grand time and am exactly as lucid as you are.

Al’s friend was Kamembert,

Debbie’s actual name is Sandramurthikassanandratta.

You know the one thing still bugging me? I want to know what it was like when Al burpped after eating that tunafish-in-a-pineapple-under-tropical-fruit thingamabob,

Comment by Walela

Dug: as you now know, being as “lucid” as me isn’t saying much.

i’m guessing Klondike was happy to have been a part of the gala, he looked damn fine in that salmon shirt, too, don’t ya think?

“Debbie” Sandrablahblahbalhbadratta was lovely, and i’m sorry i didn’t get a chance to talk to her more. i’m guessing she was grateful to be seated at the opposite end of the table.

WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT THING, ANYWAY? tunafish-in-a-GIANT-pineapple-fruit-and-veggie-cart-straight-from-an-aisle-at-wholefoods. can’t believe he ate the whole thing. and that pending “burp” was precisely the reason Joel and i bailed early.

so, i see you made it home. call Sar and tell her to call me and tell me about your flight back. (sorry Sar, couldn’t resist. and where the hell are YOU, anyway, missy??) i’m guessing you won’t be coming back out this way for a long, LONG time, Dug. pity, i have another 14 second story i’d lovelovelove to share. 🙄 xox

Comment by snuppy

Snuppy: How does August sound?

Comment by Pavel

D’oh that really would have been fun. I thought you were kidding! Next time I’ll come up too as I would love to meet all of you Snarksters in person!

I’m just an hour and a half away!!!!! Yes, please get Mr & Mrs Diesel out here and have another get together! Maybe theresa and penguin will fly out too! It could be a Humor-blogs convention!

Comment by Zoning Out Again

You are so lucky, I would have loved to be there and meet all you guys in person. Glad you had a great time.

Comment by Theresa

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