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Saturday, 30 June 2007, 9:24am
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Happy Birthday to one of our favorite Snarksters, Pavel!

and of course RABBIT RABBIT!

So two Japanese art students and a pair of Italian twin brothers walk into an Italian restaurant…and out comes Blonde Redhead, more or less. The band was formed in 1997 after a chance meeting at an Italian restaurant. One of the art students dropped out and the result is the trio of Kazu Makino who is now married to one of the twins, Amadeo Pace and are now based in New York (Brooklyn I believe). You with me so far? Let’s continue on to the music (but first check out the Band’s site above which is artsy cool).

After a bit of a scuffle, I am featuring the video for the song 23 from their new album of the same name. My five year old son, Julian wanted to feature “that scary song”, Melody from an older album which you can find on the Band site above:

Of course, for a quick musical review, head on over to Blonde Redhead’s MySpace.

That’s it – blondes, redheads, brunettes, whateva – have a great weekend!


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Cool song, had a nice beat and it was easy to dance to…I’d give it a 7.5 Dick (as in Dick Clark, American Bandstand). Sorry…was having a teen flashback while viewing/listening. Like it DJ Lampsha…haunting yet fun.

Another winner!

Comment by BoBo

i’m LOVING this group. and not just because of their name, tho’ i confess to finding “Blonde Redhead” pretty damn creative. nicely mystical, musical, andd melodic. i give it a 9 and see myself dancing like a banshee in the kitchen (which is what i just did while listening to the cut featured in the video).

FAB FIND, oh dearest of the DJ LAMPSHAS, you totally ROCK! (seriously, i lovelovelove the sound — what would that combo be? Japalian? Italianese? not sure, but it’s very very cool. not to mention groovy) off to check out the website — i need to see if you made the right decision by not going with “that scary song” Julian wanted. 😉

,,\/(^_^)\/,, xox Peace and Love, baby.

Comment by snuppy

Ooooo, I like this one a lot!
On some of their songs her voice is so high and whispy I find myself sorta annoyed by it.
This is a really good one though, nice pick!
I may have to reconsider Blonde Redhead, I previous had them on my “meh” list.
This makes me more curious about the stuff on previous albums that maybe just didn’t get airtime. hmmm

Comment by logo™

Another cool selection. I can’t think of who they remind me of. It will come to me. Some day.

Comment by Diesel

Nice! Never heard of ’em before. I like it!

Comment by CrummyJoel

Bobo, will you be doing the Soul Train Scramble next? Glad you liked. They are a little artsy fartsy, but I like em.

Snuppy, apparently their names comes from a song by some obscure band and I do love it as well. I love the sound too – very ethereal yet it’s got a beat…I’d go with a 9 too! Glad you liked and Melody is nice (maybe a bit scary) – it is clearly Julian’s fave. Peace and love to you too baby! XOX

Logo, I understand what you mean. I really only came across them a couple of months ago so am not so familiar with their tunes. But I have found a few I like, so reconsider and give another listen.

Diesel, who is it? They remind me of someone too and it will come to me someday, years down the line.

Crummy Joel, glad you liked – always a bonus.

Okay, have a good weekend all. I’m off to round up some children.

Comment by LAMPSHA

Rabbit, rabbit!
Blonde Redhead–interesting name, great sound:)
Thanks for another good spin.

Comment by actonbell

Music like that appeals to me when someone I like points it out to me and makes me thing “kids, today!” when I hear it on a bus.

Comment by Doug

Actonbell, rabbit rabbit! Thanks for dropping by to hear it.

Doug, we’re getting old – I totally understand that. Rabbit Rabbit!

Comment by LAMPSHA

Happy Birthday Pavel!

Comment by Joel

Happy Happy Joy Joy, Pavel! 🙂 xox

and RABBIT, RABBIT to one and all!

Comment by snuppy

They remind me of Matishuba (sic, I’m sure) though why I have no idea

It’s good belly dancing music, I think or sensuous late night…

Comment by pia

You guys rock!!!


Comment by Pavel

a) happy birthday, Pavel

b) rabbit, rabbit (where did June go, did it even come?)

c) high pitched, lordamighty! With this one certainly would come in handy in certain moods and on certain occasions.

Comment by Penguin

Pia, I can’t find Matishuba in searches. You have me intrigued now.

Pavel, enjoy!

Penguin, Where did it go indeed?! Rabbit, rabbit. I have a feeling I know in which moods and on what occassions. 🙂

Comment by Lampsha

how old is kazu makino, does anyone know?

Comment by serena

Serena: i did a quick Google search, but couldn’t find anything about her age. guessing she’s pretty young — and i know she’s amazingly talented. which, far as i can tell, is a damn good combination! 🙂

Comment by One Hot Puppy

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