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Flight of the Conchords by Snuppy
Monday, 2 July 2007, 10:14am
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retro stewardessSINCE we were served up with that less-than-soaring “review” a few weeks ago, we’ve done our very very best to NOT write about the fact that we don’t have anything to write about. Because, apparently, no one wants to know when we don’t have anything to say, let alone why, or so we were told by a Particularly Helpful Reviewer, who said: “…I just didn’t laugh and got fed up with more and more explanations of why there wasn’t going to be a post this time…”. Oh sure, those words hurt for a nano-second, but we know good advice when it’s being shoved down our blog by some well-meaning and not at all pompous critic, and, like the dagger those words became, we took ’em to heart. So we DO have something to write about, but that’s not what we plan to write about today. No, we plan to save that for a day some of you may actually be in the mood to read. Call us crazy, but we think this makes sense.

WHATEV. Based on the ginormous amounts of hits we had over the weekend, it seems clear you kids loved the BLONDE REDHEADS (Or was it the Readheaded Blondes? Platinum Brunettes? The Chestnuts??) uh, where were we before we started sniffing that open bottle of Clairol Loving Care? Oh yeah — the Massive Number of Hits DJ LAMPSHA managed to garner thanks to her fabulous Saturday Spin. We know that, at first glance, it didn’t look like all that many of you were around, what with the few comments, and all, but the stats don’t lie, except when they do, and ours have been sketchy, at best. Huh? Exactly.

SO, instead of not talking about not writing, or not writing about “not writing” and/or talking about it to our sister, who could really give a shit, or simply not doing anything at all, in hopes none of you would notice, we thought we’d share a new find that may or may not be new to any of you — especially since these guys have been around a while. We’re talking about THE FLIGHT OF THE CONCHORDS, a musical duo from New Zealand, currently starring in their own HBO Comedy Series cleverly entitled: Flight of the Conchords

THE following video was featured in the second episode, in which Bret quits the band, in order to pursue a lucrative career as a “hand-held billboard carrying guy” through the streets of New York City. This scene you’re about to see takes place at the moment he falls for a trainee who’s “so hot”, the bitch makes him sexist. Boom…

OKAY, truth be told, along with the fact it most definitely qualifies as a “Musical Opposites/Cheap Laughs” offering, there are a few other reasons we enjoyed and/or decided to feature this clip on this fine Monday morning:

  1. it reminded us of another parody show we used to adore, that once aired on HBO, and that alone made us laugh and laugh and laugh.
  2. it reminded us that one of our ICELANDIC FRIENDS will be starting her vacation/ectended birthday celebration this week.
  3. it reminded us that one of our BOHEMIAN FRIENDS will finally (FINALLY) be moving back to the US this week.
  4. it reminded us that one of our CRUMMY FRIENDS has a completely hilarious post for tomorrow
  5. it reminded us that one of our DELIRIOUS FRIENDS did not do a post last week, and “owes” us, especially after we saw fit to spring for a few of those t-shirts* he just started selling
  6. it reminded us to give one of our DELECTABLE FRIENDS a gentle nudge, because, hello? Post for “Sex, Ed?” Fridays don’t always write themselves.
  7. it reminded us to go buy matches, in case we get the urge to, um, make a little “boom boom” ourselves. (fireworks? 4th of July? yeesh)

ASIDE from #7, care to venture a guess why this dumb clip reminded us of all those other things? Or, will you be satisfied to take our word for the fact that it does — in order to do what we did after reading our crappy review, wadding it up, and tossing it in the wastebasket — and pretend it never mattered, in the first place?


You, too, can be a Boom King and/or Queen on Humor-blogs.com.


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for those of you who never heard of this group, but find that ONE guy oddly familiar, there’s a reason: Outback Steakhouse. that’s right, he was the (in my opinion) LESS-than-hilarious spokes-comedian for one ad campaign that aired for a few months last year.

fortunately, he’s WAY more funny as half of a comedy duo and/or in this show than he was trying to sell onion blossoms. in MY opinion, that is — maybe you guys thought he was the best Aussie to show up in a crummy commercial since Crocodile Dundee. 😉

Comment by One Hot Puppy

I think we like the “Conchords” but it’ll take a couple more episodes to come to our final conclusion. Great video. Good holiday week starter. What’s up with July 4th being on a Wednesday…doesn’t seem fair. Safe travels to the Icelandic friend and godspeed to our Bohemian friends. Can it really be July already?

Comment by BoBo

Haha, actually I believe the massive number of hits may have been from Julian wanting to click over to listen to the “scary song” which as a result has been playing in my head in a continuous loop. The upside is I also have the vision of Julian with his missing top front tooth singing “Why..did…you…kill that poor old man…Melody?” A little surreal, but funny.

I have to catch up because I’ve missed out on Flight of the Conchords so I need to get on the wagon. Can it really be that our Bohemian is coming home?! Wow, safe travels amiga and easy does it getting settled back in.

And hahaha on the Clairol Loving Care sniffing ~ XOX

Comment by Lampsha

BoBo: i have a feeling the Conchords will grow on us. not unlike that mildew in our shower when Not-Hazel doesn’t come by for a couple of weeks to clean. is it July? the calendar says “yes”, the flowers, stunted from growth for lack of any real heat are too weak to respond. oy. xox

Lampsha: hahaha! well, i’m sure Julian may have contributed to the overal hit count, but i’m pretty darn sure it took more than one persistent little boy to get the numbers up that high! i confess i loveloveloved that song, Melody, too — there wasn’t much i didn’t like about Blonde Redheads! they were damn good. damn good!

nothing like sniffin’ a little bleach to get out the gray. matter, that is, as in brain oy, in my head (after sniffing aforementioned bottle of Clairol) that was hilarious. thanks for laughing — pretty sure you’ll be the only one who got it! 😉 xox

Comment by snuppy

Speaking of boom-boom (you were, right?), my daughter will showcase her bomb-making abilities to her east coast relatives on the 4th. This lovely fine flower of femininity picks up the darnest skills from her naughty brothers. (Something tells me MY brothers are gonna luv it!)

Comment by claire

This is excellent parody.Good find! Reminds me of Borat:)

Comment by actonbell

Claire: we’ll expect a full report. (she’s careful, right?) if i didn’t know better, i’d say you were more than a little proud of those “skills”, by the way. 😉 xox

Actonbell; you’re right — they do have that same kind of awkward silliness! good call. glad you liked this, as BoBo said, the jury’s still out on whether we’ll watch their new show regularly, but these guys do have promise, and with such slim programming pickings these days, that’s something! 🙂 xox

Comment by snuppy

I thought Borat too for a second:)

Thanks for sending me off with soemthing this weird, will make my flight neighbour seem less strange 🙂

Penguin is offline for the next two weeks in less than 3 hours.

Hope you guys fare well, play nice and a penguin picture every now and again, to jumpstart people´s memory, wouldn’t go astray!

I´ll miss you guys!

Comment by Penguin

I watched the video now – finally and I must say FUNNY! Who’s the boom king? Okay, now I have to try to play catch up and see what’s up with the show. Thanks Snup, I might have missed this altogether.

Penguin, your flight neighbor may be looking at you like “Brit” was looking at the hot girl! Then he’ll be singing this to you and…

anyway, have a great trip and enjoy. Don’t worry about leaving us here in The Snark, not one bit.


Comment by LAMPSHA

Penguin: can it already be time for you to go on your trip??? REALLY?? aieeeeeeeee! naturally, we’re gonna miss you, young lady. not to mention your Wednesday posts. wait, WHAT ABOUT THIS WEEK????? did you do one before you left?? AIEEEEEEEEEE! (kidding… i kid. be great if i found a Penguin “surprise” when i peeked in the queue, (not, silly, not THAT kind of surprise, and ewwww.) i mean a post. a “goodbye for a few weeks” post. oy. what’s a blog to do? i know…punt.

have a FABULOUS time, and stay safe! i say, earplugs are handy for letting unwanted seat mates know you’re not in the mood for chit-chat and/or “boom boom”. 😉 xox

Lampsha: BoBo and i saw it by “mistake”… glad we did. i think these guys are pretty darn funny, too. yeah, i can see someone like “Brit” cursing out Minka for turning him into a “sexist”. heh heh. i’m glad you enjoyed this silly video — i had a feeling you would! 🙂 xox

Comment by snuppy

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