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Live Earth by Snuppy
Monday, 9 July 2007, 10:14am
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man in the moonWE cannot tell a lie. We were skeptical when we first heard about this concert. Honestly, even uttering the words “LIVE EARTH“, gave us pause for concern. Or was it consternation? We can’t remember. What the hell is consternation, anyway? We aren’t sure, and we sure as hell don’t know what it has to do with a Live Earth. Constellation, maybe, consternation, no. And most certainly not constipation — tho’ that might have been kind of funny. But, as so often happens when we’re waiting to get our morning “call”, we digress.

UNTIL tuning in, we had no idea what the hell “Live Earth” was. Initially, (what with our background as yell-leaders, and all) we figured “Live Earth” was a lame cheer of some sort — a weak-assed global attempt to coax Earth out of its funk, step back off the galactic ledge, and, well, live. Naturally, that only made a little sense, so, we did what we always do, and resorted to Googlery. Imagine our surprise (not to mention relief) to learn that, technically, we were right! Woo to the Hoo! Leaving us only moderately embarrassed to further discover, as the day progressed, that “Live Earth” was, in fact, some biggish concert thingie, involving a few bands based in countries from around the world. The US for sure, and, um, maybe Bulgaria. Probably a few others, but, for the life of us and/or Earth, we can’t recall which ones.

WHATEVER. We only watched a teensie bit of this extravanfanganfareanza. 6 or 9 hours, tops. Sadly, the one legendary rock group we hoped to see, was the one we missed. We’re talking about Spinal Tap — a band we’ve been following since before we weren’t. Luckily, we tracked down a short documentary that, um, documents the fashion in which these extraordinary musicians were reunited, in order to participate in the modest “global awareness” campaign held over the weekend. Mind you, not only did we find it, we wanted to share it today, in lieu of writing about our sweaty romp through the streets in our neighborhood and/or that tasty Strawana Berry Smoothie we had, after all that “exercise” left us, er, sweaty. That said, for a minute — as we remembered how sizzling hot it was yesterday, and how grateful we were for those smoothies and/or our working air-conditioners — we considered shifting gears and videos, in order to share something more substantive…

THEN we found out we couldn’t do that, so we’ve been forced to stick with the original plan, after all. Dammit to hell. Or not, because this little clip — which features Rob Reiner as “documentarian” Marty DiBergi — is pretty darn funny:

IF you’re so stinkin’ intent on watching the aforementioned “substantive” film (in 4 parts) — featuring the gripping tale of Bob and Harry — the last two polar bears on Earth (played rather convincingly by the always brilliant Rip Torn and Harry Shearer) feel free to do so HERE. But brace yourselves, it’s powerful stuff.

DONE? Good. Hopefully, it wasn’t too much to bear. HAHAHA. Kidding, you know how we love to kid. Still, fabulous as that film was, we didn’t want to deny anyone the right to see a few more performances from Saturday’s global “consciousness raising” event, so we’ve thoughtfully provided you with THIS HELPFUL LINK . Also, along with “Bob and Harry”, there were a number of amazing and/or eye-opening short films worth checking out (including the hilarious Spinal Tap doc), that did a fantastic job illustrating the need for smarter use of resources available to us at the moment. Resources, we hasten to add, that will be gone by tomorrow, if we aren’t careful. And, if not tomorrow, then, at the very latest, next week. This is scary shit, we tell ya. Thank goodness we were entertained by all the great artists who made it their goal to enthrall and/or educate us over the weekend, otherwise we might’ve spent the last two days hiding under our bed and/or in our bathroom. (constipation? scary shit? come on… you knew where this was going)


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am i the only one who was amused by the fact that the “big” movie this weekend was TRANSFORMERS? nothing say’s “global responsibility” quite like a multi-gazillion dollar blockbuster featuring GIANT cars and/or robots that run on fossil fuels (unless those robots are powered by something else, which may have been the case)

ah well… i’m not a fan of marathon concerts, but i have to say we enjoyed watching Live Earth… heck, we even signed the petition, and will try our best to do our duty to the environment from now on!

hope our dear LAMPSHA had a beautiful birthday weekend! tomorrow — HOPEFULLY — the very funny CRUMMYJOEL will be here with another hilarious-and-not-at-all crummy letter about his experience at that Police concert last week. i can’t wait to ask him if he’s at all bitter about the fact that — had he waited a week — he could have watched them with the rest of the world, from the comfort of his own easy chair! πŸ˜‰

Comment by One Hot Puppy

Love that Spinal Tap…sorry we missed their actual performance, oh well. Excellent Monday post Snuppy…makes me want to turn out a light or recycle something, anything.

Comment by BoBo

Yeah, but the Police only did like 4 songs on TV. I got to see a lot more than that.

BTW, the Smashing Pumpkins sounded killer on TV during the Live Earth show.

Comment by CrummyJoel

Ah, that was good. I always was a fan. In my mind, I had a british accent saying that, too.

Comment by Doug

Yell-leaders – is that a California term?

I totally forgot about saving mother earth as I romped in a wave pool with the kids. I did have a fun (yet sticky) birthday weekend – thank you ever so kindly. I will have to check back later for Spinal Tap for sure!

Comment by Lampsha

I’m finally back. I was lost in the land of congestion that is the Virginia side of the D.C. metro area. Live Earth? -I don’t know from Live Earth. I know I love ‘playing’ that Spinal Tap song on Guitar Hero II πŸ™‚

Comment by claire

BoBo: yeah — i have to admit there were some surprisingly great performances yesterday. but i’m guessing none compared to this moment, and i quote:

However the real centrepiece of the performance came before the closing ‘Big Bottom’, before which ‘David St Hubbins’ introduced “every bass player in the known universe…”.

Joining the band were Foo Fighters’ Nate Mendell, Metallica’s Kirk Hammett, Bloc Party’s Gordon Moakes and Madonna’s bass player and producer Stuart Price.

However, Metallica frontman James Hetfield and the entire Beastie Boys also made it onto the stage to join in the fun.

as for “recycling”? do leftovers count?? πŸ™„ xox

CrummyJoel: true. i also thought Linkin Park was rockin’. and, of course, i’ve always been a fan of Genesis (what can i say? i’m old) i thought Kanye West was amazing when he performed with The Police, not hard to tell he was a fan. good times. πŸ™‚

Doug: i heard you saying that with a British accent — and it was so good, i turned it up in my head to “11” in order to hear it better. πŸ˜‰

Lampsha: what can i say, we were a noisy group of girls. less with the “sis, boom, bah” and more with the “AIEEEEEE! OH NOOOOOOOOO! WATCH OUUUUUUTT!” (our teams weren’t very good). still, we (the TUHS Cheerleaders) were state champs, back in the day. the day before it was necessary to be a flipping contortionist/gymnast in order to qualify as a “pep squad” contender.

SO GLAD to know you had a wonderful day, NBFF! pretty sure you can catch up on the “Live Earth” stuff via those links. no tellin’ when you’d get a chance to enjoy another warm day/fun romp in a wave pool/sticky birthday! πŸ™‚ xox

Comment by snuppy

Claire: i’m looking forward to hearing about those “boomers” you say your daughter planned to share! hope you had a good time (guessing it was good and hot… tho’ hardly worse than it is in Sacramento, eh?) πŸ™‚

Comment by snuppy


please read the stuff on this link:

It is written by a 16-year old high school student who also is an honors student in Earth science. She worte an amazing paper that blows apart the Gorebal warming theory. And she is not alone. The science is NOT out on this, it is just beginning. And there is NO consensus of scientists.

Al Gore’s bs is just a sales pitch and the people behind it want you and I to feel guilty for the society THEY got rich off of. Notice they want US to bear the costs.

If Al Gore REALLY believed in his theories, why is he living like there isn’t a problem?

Once Mr Gore starts living like he preaches, then I will follow. Otherwise it’s more of the same ‘do as I say not as I do’ bullshit.

Especially when the #1 person pushing this crap also happens to be the chairman of a company that offsets carbon. Or when the guy behind a ridiculous theory has had his pockets lined by the energy industry for decades.

If you think WalMart is powerful, take a look at the energy industry. Say hello to nuclear energy all over the place because of this. It is no accident the largest nuclear energy company in the US bought a crapload of carbon credits before the historic Supreme Court decision. Nuclear power doesn’t need carbon credits, so they will sell them and make more money. But that’s ok, right? It’s for a good cause right?

If you think this is about saving the planet it is not. It is about a group of people that are against progress, our society, and our way of life.

These people are a much greater threat to our lives then terrorism. They think they are ‘saving’ us.

Everything they are doing will end up costing all of us more, much more. Increased mpg will mean smaller and more dangerous cars. It’s no wonder why we needed seat belts and drunk driving laws driving around in Civics.

Keep in mind also that the last mpg change almost sunk the US auto industry. And this time around our auto market is heavy in SUV’s, a vehicle type that will go the way of the dinosaur if the CAFE changes pass.

If anyone would like to debate the facts of global warming you are welcome to email me at chrisc@*deletethispart*chrisconline.com

/end seriousness.

Comment by Chris C

Chris: thanks for this fabulous feedback. clearly you feel passionate about this subject, and i respect you for your willingness to speak up. i really do. that said, i’m a little confused. not that you disagree with the “concept” of Global Warming, but that you take issue with the idea that we are all wasteful people, and/or that, by taking a moment to change ONE thing about ONE or TWO aspects of our daily routines, we might be able to have a profound impact on the world for the future.

maybe Global Warming is a myth, maybe it’s not. i mean, i read about the melting ice caps and i think “really?” but then i read something like THIS and i think “holy crap”. and then i see an article about FARMING IN GREENLAND, and i think “holy shit”. the fact that the current administration has worked feverishly to supress information related to global warming for YEARS and YEARS and YEARS causes me to say… “we’re f*cked”.

i’m no expert — as i’m sure you can tell — but is it really that difficult to believe the world is in trouble? i don’t think so, i really don’t. but, hey, even if we’re in “great” shape, what harm can possibly come from working to be a bit more “environmentally” friendly? hey, if my actions help preserve one or two trees so that my grandkids may get to enjoy them some day (should we ever have grandkids, mind you, and lord knows i’m not counting on that anytime soon) i’ll be happy!

you know, back when Teddy Roosevelt was president, America’s movers and shakers wanted to destroy the Grand Canyon… and make a serious dent in many of our current National Parks. thanks to his “environmental” efforts, that didn’t happen. i don’t hear anyone complaining that our Nation’s progress was “halted” for the sake of the Colorado River… do you?

that was an awesome comment, and i love the fact that you came in here to spark debate. thank you, Chris! you are always welcome to come in with your opinions… even if i don’t, personally, agree with any of ’em! πŸ˜‰

Comment by snuppy

thanks but to be honest I wasn’t sure it that was a good idea being all serious and stuff on a humor blog. I will say this, it is always a good thing to not waste things, but on the flip side this world’s population didn’t start really taking off until we became less wasteful and more efficient.

The thing about science is it is not about feel or believe. It is know. We know the sun is throwing more energy at us then in the last 11,000 years. We know that CO2 increases always FOLLOW temperature increases. We know ozone and sunlight are linked. We know that Mars’ polar caps are melting.

Isn’t an interesting coincidence that at the same time the planet is warming up, the ozone hole has decreased and the sun burns our skin more?

We also know that the hottest year on ‘record’ is almost ten years removed. The theory states that the warmth should keep rising but in reality temperatures over the last decade have remained stagnant. Another thing we know.

We also know that we are coming off an ice age. We know that one volcano could bring another one.

We know that Greenland was warmer and certainly didn’t get it’s name from being covered in ice.

Unfortunately the Gorebalists don’t have a lot of ‘knows’ on their end of the argument, just a ton of ‘feel’ and ‘believe’ just like if it was a religion. You can’t prove feels and beleives.

Know or don’t know is provable by the method NOT used to test Gorebal warming theory: scientific method. Google ’empirical evidence (more of that ‘know’ stuff) for global warming’. Read the results.

At the same time we are banning things and giving the energy industry more growth potential, we are doing nothing about a problem that effects EVERYONE: land usage.

Towns and cities are horrible at properly developing land and humans have been changing land use for thousands of years. People don’t realize the Middle East was once a lush forested area until we chopped it all down. Why would they have called it the Fertile Cresent if it was always a desert?

We have more floods now because there’s no place for the runoff from excessive rainfall. We have lost a substantial amount of rainforests and I suspect that the increases in CO2 are due to that loss, not from burning fossil fuels.

Land usage and usage changes, if not managed properly are devastating. We do a piss-poor job at this because it is a difficult thing to do.

And why is that? Because we are too busy building a society that needs people to work in cubicles and be lawyers and stuff and giving college degrees for Global Warming (yes they have them) instead of land management.

Ok, no more seriousness anymore. I think I got it out of my system and any moment now the Gorebalist minions will flock in to defend their leader’s gospel. πŸ™‚

Comment by Chris C

crap meant to say ozone hole increased. Sorry.

Comment by Chris C

Thanks for the link to the concert footage. I tried watching The Police but Sting “eeooo-ed” my ears to death and I couldn’t hear anymore. Then after I couldn’t hear anymore I got bored just trying to watch them and fell asleep. So yeah, that footage will come in handy.

Comment by Jeff

The little bombmaker had to wait until she got home and joined forces with Test Case who had a stockpile of probably illictly obtained Mexican fireworks (not the kind that flies out your ass). No one needs to know anything more except that my poor old dog stayed glued to my side after their loud cooperative.
I gotta say I agree more with Chris C. Our planet has gone through multiple cooling and warming cycles throughout history. Are we making this warming cycle worse? Yes, factoring in our ginormous population and the atrocious way we have used resources, you bet. Yes we should do all we can to be aware and stop the same old- same old crazy consumerism. I too am just very cynical when it comes to Gore’s ’cause’ -it sounds like just so much propaganda. Mother Earth will continue to periodically purge and renew herself. Will we survive her effort? I think so but only after we have evolved into better humans.

Comment by claire

Chris: again, your comments are always welcome here, my friend. and i certainly appreciate your passion.

not wanting to get into anything overly “heated” (heh) at the moment, let me just say that i think there’s more to BOTH sides of this issue than any one of us might imagine. that said, your points regarding deserts/run-offs/deforestation are — truth be told — pretty much in line with what the “Gorbalists” are saying. the so-called Global Warming is just the tip of the iceberg (heh heh). what you need to know is that most of these folks are saying EXACTLY the same thing you just did. one imminent threat to the overall well-being of the planet we all must confront IS the rampant tearing down of forests.

pretty sure there’s more than a little “empirical evidence” to support the fact that fragile ecosystems all over the world are in jeopardy — or have already been destroyed. the “endangered species” list is proof of that. can we halt that process? apparently, we can. i mean, let’s look at what efforts put into place just a few years ago have meant to the Eagle population, shall we?

as for Greenland? first, there are a number of theories about how it got its name. one is that it was an attempt to attract more settlers. another is that the original name was based on the word for “ground”. (who knows? maybe it was named for those green southern shores, that were, apparently, very lush during the Medieval Warm Period). whatever it WAS, the point, for i’m sure i have one somewhere, is that, for as long as there have been “official” records, 81% of the country has been covered in ice. which is why it’s alarming to know that just last year, scientists discovered that the glaciers were melting twice as fast as they were only 5 years earlier (which accounts for the sudden “boom” in farming). that seems scary to me. that said, apparently you’re right, at one point, thousands (maybe millions) of years ago, it was lush. Damn those ozone eating dinosaurs, anyway! πŸ˜‰

i DO think the current state of “warming” has a lot to do with cycles that take hundreds (or thousands) of years to complete. but that doesn’t mean i’m in the mood to see the process “speed” up anytime soon. and that, i think, is what’s at issue here. what are we doing to “maximize” the state of the environment, in order to keep our planet “alive”? i grew up in a small town in California, located just outside the foothills of the Sierra Nevadas. when i was a kid, i could look to the East, and see the mountains. that isn’t possible anymore, thanks in large part to the unbelievable amount of air pollution. these days, flying into the valley is, in a word, disgusting. imagine leaving the pristine blue skies in order to dip into brown muck. that’s what the air looks like when descending, a layer of brown muck, that envelopes everything. ewwww.

think of the planet as an extension of your body — oh sure, you’re gonna die some day — we ALL are — but chances are damn good some will go sooner than others if they don’t take care of themselves. smoke? not all smokers succumb to lung cancer — but manymany do. drugs? not many die of overdoses, but manymany do. a person can survive eating nothing but junk food, but probably not for long. (and yes, i know there are lots of “health foodies” out there who aren’t in great shape, either). guess what i’m saying here is that no one can say “for sure” what’s going to “get” us in the end. but we DO know how to avoid some pitfalls, so why not do it? it doesn’t hurt me to keep my thermostat set one degree up or down from where i normally keep it. i don’t mind pulling my phone charger out of the outlet when i’m not charging my phone. these are the kinds of things the “Gorbalists” were talking about over the weekend… and, believe it or not, no one tried to sell me a thing! πŸ˜‰

Jeff: eee-iii-eeee–ooooh how i know what you mean. altho’, i enjoyed the rest of his performance, enormously! at least with these links, you can watch at your leisure. (there were a surprising number of amazing performances… heck, even Madonna was pretty damn good. i know… Madonna? yep, Madonna. who’d a thunk it?) πŸ™‚

Claire: ooooh, your poor puppy! ours were having fits, and we were no where NEAR fireworks (tho’ the neighbors had quite a display in their back yard on July 5th. oy). as for Chris’ fabulous comments? truth be told, i think we’re all, basically, on the same page here. i’m no zealot, but i’m not adversed to practicing a little common sense in the hopes of helping our planet limp along into the next few centuries! πŸ™‚

Comment by snuppy

actually, almost all the evidence for the global warming theory is based on computer models which do not account for clouds, volcanoes, and El Nino/La Nina. These three things are more pivotal for climate change then anything humans do.

The reason why I say not to make any changes ‘just in case’ is because what will be done will end up being a money grab and unfortunately, if they get cash someone has to give it to them. Who will those someones be?

Think about it..global warming theory says that CO2 is the main culprit and it all comes from the internal combustable engine and power plants. Now think about how our society, our neighborhoods, our countries are laid out as far as infrastructure.

In order for any true reduction, even if it is caused by us means we would have to dramatically reduce the amount of driving we do and using much less electricity then we currently use.

Our way of life, our economy, is based on growth and the concept that there will be more growth down the road. Our world financial system, which is the backbone of our economy depends on this as well.

Each of us thinks the same way. How many of you right now believe in the concept that your kids lives will be better then yours? How many of you were told this by your parents, that they want your life to be better then theirs?

I am not saying that we do this or that we should listen to scientists in a field of study that desperately needs funding. I am not saying I believe CO2 is a driver of climate, or that we are either.

What I am saying is that all this talk about doing something about climate change is just that, talk. If people had to make the sacrifices the theory calls for, it would not be pretty.

If people actually had to walk the walk the theory’s solutions required, nobody would be in favor of it.

There is nothing wrong with progress and the planet is actually in much better shape then 50 years ago, enviroment-wise. Don’t let the social democrats and celebrities tell you otherwise.

Guilt is the first step to control. It is a very easy emotion to use to manipulate people. Then comes fear, another good one.

Notice these two emotions are key in the whole global warming scare. First they showed you awful, horrific disasters and said millions will die. Then they repeatedly tell you that the planet is dying and we are to blame. There’s the guilt.

We need to stop feeling guilty about progress and start looking at the real problems around the globe.

While we are all worrying about climate, islamofacism is filling in every power vaccuum left by the old USSR. They just uncovered a plot to blow up the pipelines in Alaska.

Comment by Chris C

Chris: not wanting to get into a “who’s right/who’s wrong” verbal volley today, i believe i’ll let you have the last word. that said, i would like to suggest you try tuning into something besides Fox News for your “facts and figures” related to this subject. also, take care, because some of those so-called “Social Democrats” are the people you might think of as “friends” in the blogosphere (and/or those infernally vocal “Neocon Republicans” i hear so much about). of course, these days, the lines seem fairly blurry between “left” and “right” — no doubt caused by excessive CO2 and/or hot air. πŸ˜‰

Comment by snuppy

Just want to clarify all my facts were from reliable and legitimate sources like Robert Linzen. They are all facts that have been empirically proven, unlike computer models. These are not empirical evidence because they cannot be duplicated in the real world.

A model is the first step in the scientific method. Then you take it into the real world where it is supposed to repeat itself. If not then either there are variables that are unknown or not accounted for or the model is not correct.

For example, the computer models say that CO2 drives temperature change. But in observation in the real world, the opposite occurs in regards to temperature increases. CO2 follows, not leads. According to the scientific method, you are supposed to go back to the drawing board and create a new model.

But we aren’t anymore. Science is stopping at the models because we think computers and technology beat out observation.

To date, computer models have been very ineffective at being repeated in the real world. This is where the crux of the issue is.

I am on this side of the debate because proper science is not being followed. The evidence for AGW fails the scientific method yet 2,000 scientists themselves are behind it.

This is a very very serious problem because it lends itself to ‘feels’ and ‘believes’ and of course politics.

Ok, like Bubba in Forest Gump when he ran out of shrimp dishes, I think I have said all I can on this side of the debate, so I’ll shut up now.

I leave this debate with one request: question everything because the news doesn’t give us facts anymore and everyone has an agenda. Remember Alar?

I’m punchin out Maverick πŸ™‚

Comment by Chris C

oh forgot to add about the whole politics and labels. I understand the blogsphere is full of lefts and rights but just because someone has a political viewpoint doesn’t mean they have to hate each other. And people need to take themselves a little less serious too. That would be a big help. πŸ™‚

On this debate I am arguing the science, not the politics. I refer to the pols when I am referencing their influence on something.

Comment by Chris C

Chris: i should have resisted the urge to say something so flip right after watching a video related to this subject and/or Fox News on Moveon.org. πŸ˜‰

i can completely appreciate your point of view, and agree we need to pay attention to the “facts” as opposed to our “feelings”. still, it’s hard for me to argue with my own two eyes (and/or lungs) when visiting the San Joaquin Valley in Central California. i’m hard-pressed to think carbon emissions don’t play a VERY LARGE role in the air quality (or lack thereof) out there. but that’s just one example.

in truth, i think you and i are closer on this issue than it may seem, i really do. i simply want to take whatever actions i have available to me, in order to avoid making things “one person’s worth of worse” on the environment, in hopes i can help in some small way. maybe it’ll make a difference, maybe it won’t. as with most things in life, we won’t know anything for sure, until we do. πŸ™‚

Comment by snuppy

Very true about the Central Valley but the problems there are more from human error (bad decisions in land usage and zoning) and a high population in an area that doesn’t have good air circulation. And as you know, this issue has been a problem for decades.

Air quality will always be an issue there. The only solution is less people. I guess there is always mass transit. That has always worked well in Cali.

That’s something I don’t get about California. They embrace all this liberal stuff except mass transit. How do they expect to lower emmisions if nobody wants to take the bus or train to work?

I don’t think we agree on this issue, I don’t want to do anything until ALL the facts are in. We also are not as powerful as we think. We do not have the ability to control climate.

How come everytime there is a crack in pavement, cement, whatever, grass or some kind of plant grows in that crevice? It is because nature and the planet are much greater forces for change then we will ever be. There is a constant struggle between us and nature and in the end it wins every time. πŸ™‚

Our best bet is not to fight natural climate change but rather embrace it like the animal kingdom has already done. They have adapted while we still argue πŸ™‚

Once again, I am liking the debate and I think we are giving your readers a good back and forth lesson in how to have a civil debate.

Comment by Chris C

Chris: i couldn’t agree with you more on the joy of “civil debate”! far as i’m concerned, there should be no other kind. i also agree that “mass transit” is a concept all of California would benefit greatly from grasping. it’s been a long time coming… apparently (and sadly) they still can’t quite wrap their brains and/or actions around it. ah well, we can only hope it catches on before it’s too late.

again, you are welcome to the last word, my friend. tho’, please tell me you see the irony in your assertion that the root causes of of California’s Central Valley eco-problems are “over-population and/or human error”. πŸ˜‰

Comment by snuppy

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