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iPhone and iPhone… by Snuppy
Thursday, 12 July 2007, 10:14am
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I phone …AND you never pick up. Sorry, heh heh. That’s just us being silly. Oh, like that comes as a surprise to any of you (the 2 or 5 who are still reading our drivel, that is).

ANYWHOOO, if any of you are anything like any of us — and believe us when we tell you we hope that’s NOT the case — you started gettin’ excited by the new iPhone the minute you first heard about it. Maybe not so much “excited” as “curious”, but that’s beside the point. Our point, for we found one after calling 411, is that those new iPhones look pretty darn cool. Well, okay, so the fact that over half-a bazillion of those iPhone thingies were sold on the first day, before the Good and Well-Intended Folks at Apple ran out and were forced into hiding until more iPhones can be manufactured, was also a good indication they’re destined to be more popular than sliced bread, but that, too, is beside the point. Our point, besides the one we just shared with you 3 sentences ago, is that, iPhones are a big deal. Probably because they look so darn cool.

SOME folks find this cause for mild concern — as we happily discovered after reading THIS AMUSING COMMENTARY by one of our new regularish readers — but we say, bring it on. As long as we don’t have to buy, one, that is, because, really, we have trouble operating our dishwasher. Do we need a thing that combines all that’s frustrating about telephones/computers/DVRs/cook books/GPS’s in one device roughly the size of a credit card? With controls so tiny we couldn’t see ’em if we tried? No, we’re not gettin’ anywhere near those things. Trust us, we’re not as stupid as we look and/or would look if we ever got an iPhone and were then unable to activate and/or use it.

WHATEV. We saw this HILARIOUS iPHONE RELATED VIDEO the other day, and basically wanted an excuse to share it. Far as we can tell, we’ve done that. Okay, besides linking to that slice of iPhone related hilarity, we confess we also wanted to share the phollowing phone-related pheature, because, well, we think it’s phunny, too. We also love the phact that it reminds us of a kinder/gentler time, when phones were phones, and operators were great sources of gossip.

HAHAHA. Don’t mind us. As you know, we’re nothing, if not easily amused. And, trust us, Lily Tomlin’s performance as one of our favorite characters from one of our all-time FAVORITE SHOWS is, in our opinion, a comedy gem. *snort snort*


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i think it’s fair to say we ALL suffer when one or more of our regular “contributors” goes on vacation and/or takes a break.

that said, i’m sorry, but i lovelovelove Ernestine (the character played by Lily Tomlin) and i still think this routine is a hoot. by the way, i know it sounds like she’s saying “Mr. Beetle”, but in reality, she’s saying “Mr. Veedal” because she’s “talking” to Gore Vidal. which is, needless to say, hilarious.


Comment by One Hot Puppy

rofl!!! That was pretty funny. I must confess that I never saw that show, but darn it, I should have!

“Wouldn’t you rather just pay the bill than… lose the use of one eye?”

hee hee

Comment by Pavel

I love that the corded phone our hero had was an AT&T phone. Have you seen the video where someone took the iPhone commercial and every time someone touches it, they put yet another fingerprint on the phone. That’s pretty funny, too.

Comment by Howard

Pavel: i’m thinkin’ you would have loved Laugh-in… it was a great show! and very funny (way ahead of its time, too) πŸ™‚

Howard: HAHAHA. i’m embarrassed to admit i’ve watched that video several times now, and i never noticed what brand the phone was. guess i was too busy cracking up at the fact his green cord was the same color as the trim on his front porch. d’oh! πŸ™„

Comment by snuppy

1. The iPhone can only be used on one network.

2. Minimum contract is for two years.

3. Canceling said contract costs $175.

4. Battery replacement costs $80 plus S&H and must be returned to Apple in order to replace battery.

5. Doesn’t work with WiFi.

Other than that it’s perfect. πŸ˜‰

You know Snuppy, if you charged admission and had a snooty bouncer, you’d get more comments. πŸ˜†

Comment by Brian

Brian: all excellent points, and all part of the reason i have NO interest in owning an iPhone, anytime soon! as for the “snooty” bouncer? haha… i’ll wait until you get back from your trip to England, and let you have the honors! πŸ˜‰

Comment by snuppy

Based on the way the iPod has been marketed over the years I suspect version two of the iPhone is only weeks away followed by iPhonenano or iPhonesuperdeluxe. Love Lily Tomlin and the phone operator is easily my favorite character of hers. Good one Snups.

Comment by BoBo

I wanna iPhone, but can wait. I think it does work with wifi, though.

That was an excellent piece of Nevaism, by the way.

Comment by Doug

As you know, I’ve held out this long without an iPod and well, I do need a new cell. Doug, let me know how it works out for you.

Oh I can’t wait to see Ernestine later on – she was one of my faves too! And heh heh, on the pun. You’re funny with or without sound.


Comment by Lampsha

Oh me want an iphone too but it’s not in Canada yet and I haven’t sold enough body parts on the black market to get anything. I’m also running out of neighbors and said body parts. Damn.

I lovelovelove Ernestine. Oooh a big burly technician who will rip the phone out of the wall? Grrrowf. When I call my house to check for messages I actually go, in my head (I’m not crazy!) “One ringadingy. Two ringadingy.” And if I hit three I hang up because no one left me a message. Jerks.

Comment by littlebluepill

PS: As for slacking off (in a huuuuuge big way) in guest posts you let me know what you want and I’ll do it. I’m easy that way. Kinda. Not really. But isn’t it nice to think that maybe there’ll be an lbp post in the future?

Comment by littlebluepill

Bobo: the “iPhonedeluxe”? yeah… i’m not fallin’ for that one, either. nope. no iPhone for me, not now, not ever (unless you hire someone to keep the screen clean for me, because i’m guessing’ that’s gonna be a bitch!) πŸ™„

Doug: you want an iPhone? really? color me surprised. wait… you ARE a curmudgeon, who’s life basically consists of hanging out with your dogs and/or blogging, right? guess the iPhone thing makes sense, after all! πŸ˜‰

Lampsha: and WHO do you think i had in mind when i posted this silliness, missy? if you’re not the Phonecia (yea, in case you saw this earlier, i did come in and fix that name. d’oh! ) to my Ernestine (or vice versa) then i don’t know WHO is! (the clip is pretty cute, it’s actually 4 sections of the same bit edited together, which you can tell by the flash of video inbetween) πŸ™‚

LBP: A POST FROM YOU???????????? girlfriend, i will pay cash money (Monopoly dollars, but still…) to see another happy post from our happy Little Blue Pill any time! (i’m tellin’ you, why the hell do you think i “created” Sex, Ed? day? because i wanted to make fun of every guy named “Ed” who’s been teased by some hot someone (male or female, i suppose) who’s asked him the same question? No, i tell ya, NO! it was so i could post those two videos i did that featured my sister a few years ago you could write some of your “racier” stuff for us, for the purposes of frank (and/or Ed) “discussion”. πŸ˜‰

Comment by snuppy

A video too-fer today – sweet! I’ve been keeping track of the collective hours I’ve logged watching your videos here at work, and I must say… THANK YOU! It sure beats the hell out of dealing with those pesky customers.

Comment by Jeff

Jeff: i know i’m a bit pathetic with the videos this week… what can i say, i’m desperate. that said, how ’bout that multi-commercial post of yours, bub? those videos took more ‘n a second to watch too, ya know! heh heh. should i warn you about tomorrow’s post, or just let it be a “surprise”? (hey, you can always watch this stuff over the weekend… that’s what we do) πŸ˜‰

Comment by snuppy

Here’s why I don’t want an iphone -I couldn’t read anything on that tiny little screen! I’m too effing old! As it is I have to pull out my reading glasses everytime I get a text message from my sons. That is about the only way I ever talk to them anymore!!
We still have at home an old rotary phone for shits and giggles and our kids’ friends don’t know how to use it! LOL…
Laugh In was a funny show.

Comment by claire

Claire: ain’t it the truth? i’m tellin’ ya, the requisite for my NEXT phone is a key pad/screen that’s big enough for me to see (at arm’s length, if needs be) WITHOUT wearing my reading glasses. damn this aging thing, anyway — such a pain in the, um, eye. not to mention inconvenient as hell. πŸ™„

Comment by snuppy

Wow thanks for the link! I saw this post and I was like “I should let them know I posted on this topic yesterday”. You beat me to it. πŸ™‚

That Lily Tomlin bit is classic comedy!

I’m regularish!! woot!

Comment by Chris C

I love the iphone skit! πŸ™‚ I like the iphone but don’t have AT&T, and amazingly enough I have kids. Thus a $500 phone that could be dropped in the toilet to see if it floats – seems like a dangerous idea!

Comment by cj

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