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Saturday, 14 July 2007, 8:36am
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Let us roll right into the spin with what’s been in my car cd player keeping me company this week – Ryan Adams‘ cd, Easy Tiger. Simmer down, simmer down – I said Ryan, not Bryan! Ryan Adams fronted an alt/country/rock band in the 90’s called Whiskeytown. They broke up in (let’s say) 2001. Ryan Adams, quite the prolific songwriter, has gone on to record nine studio albums since then – both solo and with backing band, The Cardinals who are out with him on this one. He is not only prolific in the amount of music produced but also lyrical quality. He has his detractors due to the frequency with which he churns out his music, but I must say anything I’ve heard has been pretty good, this offering being no exception.

Anyway, all that is to say – here’s a young guy who writes a nice song, has a soothing voice and is a cutey to boot. Who could ask for anything more? Here’s a link to the RYAN ADAMS SITE where you can muck about and see what’s happening.

Of course, you can listen to a few tunes on his MySpace and if you’re really feeling like staying indoors, check out this NPR live recording.

Now me, myself – well, I’ll be hitting the road for a visit with my sister who lives in a bucolic setting nearby a lake for the weekend. So we city mice are going to visit our country mice relations. But do sit and have a listen – I’ve left some lemonade and brownies (I can’t be responsible for the content) right here on the porch.

Whatever you have going on, have a good time doing it. Good weekend to all!



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hah! gotta tell ya, Lampsha… i did think Bryan when i first saw your post this morning. can’t say i wasn’t pleased to find out this guy is, like, Bryan’s “opposite”! (not that i don’t like Bryan Adams, altho’, come to think of it, i don’t. well, he’s okay… but this post and/or comment isn’t about him, now, is it? no, it’s not. oy…)

well done on coming up with such SWEET sounds to kick off a lazy not-too-hazy day of summer, dear NBFF! once again, you rock! but not like Bryan Adams, or do you? (i’ll tell ya this much, you’re a hell of a lot prettier than Bryan. also Ryan. guessing Woody might have considered taking you out, once upon a time. assuming you knew your way around cotton candy) 😉

,,\/(^_^)\/,, here’s to peace, love, and fun times with your sister!!

Comment by snuppy

A fantastic voice! Would Lampsha want to go out with Woody? I kinda thought Woody was a dork.

Comment by BoBo

ooooo, his voice is very nice! David Letterman has all the fun. Thanks for a great spin, and I hope you’re enjoying the country.

Comment by actonbell

I like this guy! The song sounds better on the myspace version -just sayin’.

Comment by claire

It is not what is going on, but what is coming off that will make my weekend good.


Comment by Lord Likely

Nice song. Enjoy the country mice.

Comment by Doug

Funny story…when Ryan Adams played the Ryman in Nashville a couple years back, some dude kept screaming out a request for “Summer of ’69”.

Adams, from all the stories, went into a profanity laced tirade and ended the show early.

Comment by CrummyJoel

Snuppy – see, I knew the association might be there and I wouldn’t be here to clarify. Then you would play the song and even though he would have clearer skin and be a lot younger, you might get confused and think “he doesn’t really sound like Bryan Adams…”

Hah! Yes I might even get in the finals of “Date Woody” if I were so unlucky. Just got back a short while ago from “the country”. We had a great weekend, complete with sailboat, kyacks, pool – one could get used to such a life. 🙂

Bobo, he was sort of dorky, but now I’m beginning to feel sorry for the guy. Ryan, not Bryan does have a great voice, doesn’t he?

Actonbell, David Letterman does! That’s why I was always partial to Dave. Thanks, we had a fantabulous weekend.

Claire, maybe because it’s the studio polished version. It’s fun to compare when you have the different versions.

Lord Likely – then it sounds likely that you’ll be enjoying yourself, so rock on!

Doug, it is a nice song, isn’t it? We did enjoy the country mice. Now their old dogs are likely having dreams involving Julian but actually they were wonderful with him.

Crummy Joel, I did hear (or read about) that little tantrum. Heh, touchy on the joke I guess.

You know, I do like “Summer of 69”.

Comment by LAMPSHA

Lampsha: “summer of 69” was, actually, an awesome song. not a bad summer, either, if memory serves (and i believe it does). believe it or not, i was once asked to sing one of Bryan Adams’ songs (“Heaven”, i think) for a wedding. which was fine, except that the couple wanted me to “sound” like him, which, of course, was impossible. i gave it a shot… but nothing says “I’m SO not Bryan Adams” like a young woman singing in her best mezzo-soprano/alto. 😉

SO GLAD to know you had a wonderful weekend, NBFF! ya say you could get “used” to living in the “country”??? hmmmm… thinking you and the clan would lovelovelove it here in Connecticut! (hint hint)

Comment by snuppy

*wraps her arms protectively around Bryan Adams*

after I got over that whole Take That fiasco, when I was 16…Bryan Adams became my idol….and well, I never threw out my collection. I still listen to him often…

“Oh, thinking baout our younger years,
it was only you and me…
we were young and wild and free…”

sorry …I went with it! LOL

now this RYAN is quite a piece of eye-candy, isnæt he and such a soothing voice…very nice indeed. I wouldn’t mind having his CD right next to my Brian Adams collection!

Comment by Penguin

Penguin, the truth is – I love all those Bryan Adams songs. They are perfect for driving and singing!

But yes, this Ryan is a bit of eye candy AND can sing.

Comment by Lampsha

Oh and your comment had me laughing AND singing along.

Baby you’re all that I want
when I’m lying here in your arms
I’m finding it hard to believe we’re in Heaven…

something like that.

Comment by Lampsha

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