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Doo Dah Doo Doo by Snuppy
Monday, 16 July 2007, 7:58am
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SOMETHING something something. Monday’s are so yada yada… blah blah blah. One or two more brilliant and hilarious one liners that will surely cause everyone to fall into fits of laughter, Shirley. Or was that a groan? HAHAHA… never mind.

WHATEVER. We’re just looking for a way to hippity-hop into a new week, so and so and thus. Our kids say the darnedest things, but once in a while they share silliness we like. No better time to share such silliness — which is also, in our humble opinion, 180 degrees opposite to our dear DJ LAMPSHA’s dreamy Saturday Spin — than now, with a parody of a children’s “How to Dance ” instructional video so completely dumb we don’t know what else to say. Enjoy?

DID that guy really say he wants to meet that dad? Who’s dad? Our dad? Was this song supposed to be called Doo Dad Doo Doo? Is it us, or is that terribly wrong? Why the hell are we asking you?


Doo dah doo doo on Humor-blogs.com. Just stay away from the rotten meat.


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not sure why, but this video just cracked me up. once that happened, not sure i could be held responsible for anything i do, including posting it here, for your perusal and/or enjoyment. this clip is ACTUALLY from TIM AND ERIC AWESOME SHOW, as seen on [adult swim] (a subversive network for men, ages 18-34, if ever there was one. apparently for women, significantly older, but that’s beside the point.

the point, for i’m just sure i have one, somewhere, is that this is funny. besides, even if it’s not, it’s Monday. so lighten up, and laugh anyway. πŸ™‚

Comment by One Hot Puppy

That was pretty damn funny Snup! I’m sure my son who is 18 will find it hilarious. I especially loved the dancers’ attire. Doo Rags and all.
“Kids, get sexy”. That was disturbing but funny. :0)
Good start to a Monday. Thanks!

Comment by ZOA

rofl!!! That was funny! Disturbing but funny nevertheless. I wanna meet that dad? Oh, the undertones get more disturbing by the minute…

Comment by Pavel

I’m going to have to show that to Thea!

Comment by cj

Now that was just weird, even for you. Not so weird that I didn’t laugh though. I guess that makes me weird. That’s weird. I can’t stop saying weird. Weird.

Comment by Jeff

Wow, I can’t wait to see this weirdness as I’m already cracking up at the reactions.

Happy Monday and all that rot XOX

Comment by Lampsha

ZOA: yeah, it’s hard to go wrong (or is it “right”?) with gold lamΓ©! i hadn’t thought about the fact those were “do” rags on their heads, but that’s funny! and i’m guessing your son will love this as much as mine do (dah doo doo)… πŸ˜‰

Pavel: i think “disturbing” pretty much says it all. “get sexy kids”?? not something you’d be happy to hear on one of YOUR kid’s videos, eh? yikes! πŸ™‚

CJ: oh sure, show it to Thea, heh heh. just make sure she knows it’s a “joke”. seriously, the last thing you need is for her to tell your MIL “Doo dah doo doo, Grandma!” d’oh! πŸ™‚

Jeff: that is weird. πŸ™„

Lampsha: oh, i’m guessing this will crack you up even more, once you see it, NBFF! (just don’t let Choo Choo watch, because, well… just because!) πŸ˜‰

Comment by snuppy

That is so adult swim. Very funny! Once in a while if I’m up late I’ll watch it. My boys think it’s hil-f***ing-larious, but they are in the right demos (and crude little bastards if I do say so myself). I can say that cuz my friends all think they are such nice young men. LOL, guess my parenting was ok after all.

Comment by claire

Snuppy you were no doubt inspired by the weirdness last night that was “John from Cincinnati.”

Comment by BoBo

Claire: i, for one, am happy that my “nice” boys can be “crude” little bastards from time to time — otherwise, how would i ever get to see this stuff? πŸ™‚

BoBo: i’m tellin’ you, even THIS isn’t as freakin’ weird as last night’s episode of JFC was. oy… hurts my brain to think about it. πŸ™„

Comment by snuppy

OMG, pretty funny. I often wonder what kids are thinking about when they hear some of these sexy pop songs, too:)

Comment by actonbell

I thought it was funny, but Doo-Doo Man called you insensitive.

Comment by weirsdo

Actonbell: heh. ya know, when i was a kid, i only noticed the beat of a song (what am i saying here, most of the time, that’s all i notice these days, as well!) one can only hope kids today are, at the very least, as stupid unaware as i was, back in my youth (which hasn’t ended yet, but that’s another story for another comment) πŸ˜‰

Mrs. Weirsdo: D’OH! Daisy warned me Doo-Doo might object to this song, but i thought she was kidding. honestly, i considered asking Mr. Banana if he’d do the, um, Doo-Doo honors, but, golly, with only one leg, i figured he’d have trouble with that side-step thing. and, unfortunately, Daisy was, shall we say, “indisposed” — what with her new-found celebrity and/or that Unfortunate Incarceration and subsequent stint she just did in Rehab — and, as such, unable to “Doo Dah Doo Doo”, herself. that Daisy. πŸ™„

Comment by snuppy

Da Doo-Doo once did Dad with Joon Doo-Doo–duh! You did his Doo-Doo dad like a doodad. Da Doo-Doo girl is all of a doodah and boohoo.

Comment by weirsdo


Comment by Diesel

Mrs. Weirsdo: Dah Doo-Doo-Do’h! πŸ˜‰

Diesel: i know you don’t Doo Dah Doo Doo like these guys, but i’m guessing you Doo Duh Doo Doo pretty well. (don’t ask me what that means, i have NO idea) πŸ™„

Comment by snuppy

DooDuhDooDoo and HAHAHAHA!

Can’t you just see Diesel with the doorag? In fact, that should be one of his caption contests!

Comment by LAMPSHA

Oh my!

You guy’s have lost the plot!

That was weird.

Comment by Penguin

OH MY GOD::::::::::::::

he said the F-word!

Comment by Penguin

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