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ABBA FABBA* by Snuppy
Monday, 23 July 2007, 9:11am
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DID we say Abba Fabba? Heh, actually, that’s not right. Even tho’ it kind of is. Allow us to explain: FRENCH and SAUNDERS (Dawn and Jennifer, respectively) created the show, AB FAB, which is absolutely, um, fabulous. Not to mention hilarious. These two brilliant comediennes also did the following parody of a song by ABBA, which is as good as anything we’ve ever managed to pull out of our sorry asses whimsical collection of “odd-ball” tune parodies, in an effort to provide a little “musical opposites/cheap laughs” to DJ LAMPSHA’S wonderful Saturday Spins. Mostly because, by our pathetic peculiar quirky way of thinking, ABBA-anything counters the Swedish based group, Peanut Butter and Jelly. No, wait… PB & J didn’t stand for that, now, did it? Because, if it had, we’d have offered THIS RIDICULOUS SONG, instead of the following slice of musical hilarity.

NEEDLESS to say, we’re in hopes you kids won’t mind the fact the aforementioned following slice of musical hilarity features our aforementioned favorite funny ladies, the aforementioned French and Saunders. Actually, we could care less if you mind, because we happen to think those two are (and/or this video is) pretty darn clever. Not to mention, laugh-out-loud funny. Ah well, whether you like them (and/or it) or not, c’est la vie. Which, by the way, is not to be confused with qué será será — something we suspect happened in this song, tho’ we can’t be sure, because we don’t speak French. Or Saunders, come to think of it, but that’s another weird rant for another “musical opposites/cheap laughs” Monday**.

*some of us got into a not-very-heated discussion as to this song and whether or not it had been posted here before and/or heretofore. After an intense search through our “music music” archives, that took well over 3 minutes, we are happy to report we have not. That’s not to say we haven’t featured a hefty number of other hilarious French and Saunders parodies, because we have, but, as far as we know and/or you’re concerned, THIS video is new(ish) to you(ish).

** for those of you new(ish) to this blog, this incredibly clever-yet-not-really feature was created on the heels of Lampsha’s first “Saturday Spin”. For those of you curious(ish) and/or bored(ish), you can read/watch/listen/roll your eyes at the first “Musical Opposites for the Sake of Incredibly Cheap Laughs” HERE.


It’s laughin’ from yer belly time! on Humor-blogs.com. (that will be funny if you clicked on the above “ridiculous” link — otherwise, probably not so much)


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okay, so maybe this isn’t my “best work”, but hey — YOU go “rescue” your drunk and/or incoherent 23 year old son from the dangerous streets of Stamford, CT at 4 am — and THEN try to write a good post. let’s see if you can do better. (i’m thinkin’ most — if not ALL of you most certainly could)

that said, maybe the streets weren’t all that dangerous and my son not all that drunk and/or incoherent. but it WAS 4-freakin’ AM in the morning, and i AM exhausted.

so, you know… “Abba Fabba”. 🙄

Comment by One Hot Puppy

I’m having this thought that the streets might be safer and friendlier at 4:00 am than waking your Mom, but who am I kidding? I’d be right there too. Of course the streets might not be safer but they would be friendlier. Or something.

Ahh, what a stroll down memory lane. Can’t wait to see French&Saunders because it’s high time we have them back in The Snark! Perfect MOCL post and now I have that PB&J song in my head. Could be worse – I could have the audio to listen to that first MOCL and that would be just bad.

Have a nice Monday where here in the Northeast we’re just loving the downpours and gray weather that is greeting us. Where’s my bed and blankie?

Comment by Lampsha

French and Saunders…not their first time here, and I certainly hope not their last either. How hilarious was that. I like Abba…to a healthy degree…and this just cheered me up to no end. Just what one needs after waking up with a sore throat,a Harry Potter book clenched in ones arm, delicious tea prepared for one, and tasty food…the world’s a good place. Have I mentioned that I am spoiled, yet?!

Comment by snuppy

You can’t fool me! That’s a spoiled little penguin in comment #2 and good for her! You and Tali with the Harry Potter book. Although she couldn’t take the suspense and read the end first.

What a little cheater!

Comment by Lampsha

Oops did I forget to mention feel better. I am sure the real Snuppy will have the tinctures prepared for your sore throat ailment any moment including I believe Zycam and Elderberry Extract…or something.

Comment by Lampsha

“snuppy” (aka Penguin): so, what? you’re saying this wasn’t exactly the way you had intended to spend the second leg of your vacation??? i’m shocked. shocked i tell ya, SHOCKED! (as long as I’M not the one who made you sick, i suppose it’s all good) 😉

Lampsha: heh — guessin’ i should go in and “change” the name in teh Penguin’s comment. but i won’t. only because it would probably serve to make your last two comments seem a bit, shall we say, random? we shall! as for misspellings? well, those seem to be the order of the day. altho’ having pointed out a few made by a certain CURMUDGEON, he quickly went in a corrected them, rendering MY comment, stupid. oh well, wasn’t the first time/won’t be the last. 🙄

Comment by snuppy

I had Peanut butter and Banana…nanana…nana this morning 😉
Good to hear that a certain Penguin is being spoiled…sorry to hear about the sore throat…I am idling my day away by reading…..What am I reading you ask…Harry Potter ofcourse…It’s by Birthday and I will read if I want to…read if I want to…

P.S. Did Bobo’s Dad tell you that I called?

Comment by Mo'a Donning Her Birthday Tiara

Happy Birthday Mo’a
Feel better Penguin…in fact take the day off.

Great post for this gloomy, rainy Monday Snuppy!

Comment by BoBo

ha, this is great! They really capture that ridiculous posing-facing-thing they always did. Hard to believe ABA owns most of Sweden…

Comment by actonbell

Mo’a: and HAPPY HAPPY JOY JOY YIPPEEEEEEE! to you on your birthday!! and yes… i got the message, and we WILL be calling you, soon. oh yes… we will be calling you soon!!!!!!! 🙂

BoBo: don’t encourage teh Penguin. if she takes the day off, I take the day off, and that might not be good for anyone! 😉

Actonbell: i wonder if the rights to the Broadway musical (Mama Mia) put their (Abba’s) net worth over the top — allowing them to acquire so much Swedish property? we knew there was a lot of power in music, guess we just didn’t know how much! 🙂

oh yeah — and since i had to go back and read that article i linked to, it very much needs to be pointed out (at the very least, to teh Penguin) that ABBA submitted Waterloo in 1974 for the Swedish “heat” of Eurovision, and won — and that song went on to be their first #1 song in Britain. i can’t be sure, but i’m guessing the same cannot be said of French and Saunders. 🙄

Comment by snuppy

That video was awesome. I’m going to use some of those techniques when my band makes its first video.

So who wants to be in my band?

Comment by Diesel

Diesel: will you call it “The Diesel Fitters”? because if you do, i’m in! 😉

Comment by snuppy

If I get to wear a long fur coat and a long blond haired wig, I’m in too!

Comment by Lampsha

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