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Saturday, 28 July 2007, 9:15am
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Diesel, Diesel, Diesel – it’s all about Diesel! If you’ve ever watched the Brady Bunch, that will make sense.

Okay, this will be quick because it’s getting late and oops, was I supposed to have something up here today? I think so.

I don’t know what the weather is where you live – but here in NYC, it’s muGGY! I think we need something a little smooth to cool us off. So we’re going to listen to LUPE FIASCO. If you haven’t heard of him, mainly because you’re not into HipHop say, then a little fill-in – the guy comes with plenty of cred – nominated for three Grammys for his first album Food and Liquor, including one for the song featured in the video. By the way, Lupe is his stage name and as a practicing Muslim, he does not drink alcohol or go clubbing which may set him apart just a little bit from many of his contemporaries.

So let’s roll:

You can check out more at LupeFiasco.com or at his MySpace.

Now go kick and push and cooast your way into a good weekend.


PS: Head on over to Humor-blogs.com’s skate ramp – it’s rad!

PPS: CONGRATS TO SNUPPY who won Diesel’s Caption Contest with a hilarious caption! And Congrats to Diesel for finally showing in his own contest with an equally funny caption.

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would you look at that!

Penguin claiming it! I have heard this song, quite recently actually, and I love it even more now that I got the storyline. And the dude is wearing glasses…that’s kinda special, too.
Nice spinning, lampshade!

I just tried a few of my hip hop poses…I LOOK SILLY 🙂

Comment by Penguin

I HAD to pop in for an hola and to say how fantabulous to hear the Saturday spins on a morning rather than late European afternoons! WOOH!

As for Lupito, faboo FO SHO! We all be kickin’ ‘n pushin’ in dis here household! Word up!

Happy weekend everyone!

Oooweee! Hola Pingüinita!

Another faboo spin dearest DJ Gina G!

Comment by Still MIA Kitty Kat but...

oooh! this song sounded terrific on your iPod, but i have to say, the imagery helps complete the picture of this artist’s music + creativity. WELL DONE! and thanks for the links, Lupe Fiasco definitely breaks out of the “rapper” mold in ways that are as impressive as they are entertaining!

\,,/(^_^)\,,/ uh, uh, uh! yo Lampsha, you rock, FO SHO! 😉

ooooh, and thank you, dear NBFF for the lovely nod to my silly caption win. *bows deeply/falls over/bumps head on sidewalk* d’oh!

Comment by snuppy

Kickin’ and coastin’, Cali style up in here.

Comment by Doug

Ah zee little Penguin is first somewhere. That does count for something.

Yes, once you get the whole picture, young Lupe’s even cooler. Now go back to the mirror, I just know you can be kickin it Brooklyn style by the time you fly home! Do we need to make a special trip?

The Missing Kitty (who we are all missing so very much): You know the party ain’t been the same without ya girl! FO SHO, fo sho!!! And hopefully you’re doing some coasting too.

Hope you’re getting settled in and you made the day by dropping in. XOX

Snuppy! Oh my gosh, you weren’t even on a skateboard!! Or were you? Yes indeed, I love the video and the song and the whole shebang. I already knew that I’d have an appreciative audience of two with you and The Penguin giving the pre-approved nod. So glad you liked the whole pic. and

\”/(^..^)\”/ Word. XOX

Yo Dawg, knew you’d be representin’. You should skip your hike and get up on a board.

Okay my homies, have a good weekend. XOX

Comment by LAMPSHA

I like the song and like his story in general. Cool find Lampsha!

Comment by BoBo

That’s a very good video, and the melody is fairly addictive. It’s very curious that skateboarders have been forced into rebell-dom. After all, it’s an inexpensive hobby, there are no drugs involved, no abuse of animals, and no destruction of property.
There’s a parking lot I pass pretty often that has been adopted by some local skateboarders, and it scares me to watch them–I do wish they’d wear something to protect their teeth, at least:)

Comment by actonbell

So true actonbell! In SF they have taken their rebelliousness in another direction and in true SF fashion at that… I recently did some yoga modeling for a hemp and bamboo clothing line that has been doing well with skateboarders for many years now, so much so that the very first shop is being opened in the city (and hence their need to take pics for advertising and a catalogue… with women they are branching out into the yoga community)… and they are the very first store of their kind and the strange part of their success is that such a clothing line appeals to skateboarders to begin with!

So yeah, in true rebel fashion they are focusing on hemp and bamboo and practicing what they preach… the flooring of the store as well as all the furniture is made of bamboo wood! There is a whole lot to the hip hop community that is not formulaic and simply does not fit neatly in the stereotype so perpetuated by gangsta rappers… which is what I found so appealing about Lupe!

Comment by Catty Yummy Mummy

, his case is exhibit A why the death penality in the US is a joke and should be abolished. Which white gets the needle for that shit without killing the girl, or anyone with any money. The only people who get the death penalty in America are blacks and poor whites, it’s askew lynching justice used by protrcusoes for political reasons.

Comment by Beatrice

PS- DJ Gina G… MAN do I miss reading you and hanging out and your sweet words put a hug smile on my face FO SHO! We are settling in fabulously and have accomplished so very much in the 3 weeks of being here! It would have taken 6 damn months, if not more, to do the same in Spain! Oy…

But that is in the past and we are in heaven being back home! I am hoping to do a proper update soon but for now, this weekend finds me painting the kids’ rooms as well as our room… so off I go but not without wishes for a very happy Sunday to you and yours my dearest amiga!

Big neshikot!

Comment by Catty Yummy Mummy

Hiphop grinders, who knew there was such a genre? Not too bad on the ears either.

Comment by claire

Actonbell, I agree. It’s probably even harder for city kids, but I do see some creative gathering places though.

Well said CattYummy! And we would love to see the pics you modeled.

So glad to get the update! I know life is busy and you are one tornado in action I am sure getting everything in place. Glad to hear it’s happening and sending big neshikot your way. XOX

Claire, count me as someone ignorant of the genre. Who knew – he got peanut butter on my chocolate sort of thing! Delicious.

Comment by Lampsha

When are you going to do a post on the Scorpions?

Comment by Diesel

When he…

tune in next week!

Comment by LAMPSHA

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