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The Self Portraiteers by crummyjoel
Tuesday, 31 July 2007, 7:07am
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CrummyJoel here. It’s Tuesday again, but I’m taking a break from my normal CrummyLetter for a change of pace. I think today’s offering has plenty of Snark for everyone, though.

This is a short movie that my best friends and I created. It’s a mockumentary entitled The Self Portraiteers. It’s about a couple of guys who take pictures of themselves and strongly feel that what they create is high art. Though they share a passion for the same “art” form, they differ in their philosophies.

That’s me as Rousedauer, Kevin Sample as VonDutch, and Lance Cooper edited, filmed, directed, and came up with the original story idea. All three of us wrote it.

This is the films first “official” posting anywhere, and it’s probably what would be considered “first cut” (that is, we will likely still adjust some things) so we’d be glad to hear your thoughts.

Also, if you have accounts for either of these websites, we’ve posted it to MySpace Video, and also to LiveVideo. It wouldn’t hurt our feelings if you rated it highly and added nice words to the comments. (We would put it on YouTube, but it’s about 3 minutes too long for YouTube’s tastes……..ah well.)

Anyhow, enjoy!!!

[livevideo id=967ABB9681E243F3ADBCA947046BE230]

Keep your hand on the humor-blogs.com !!!!

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tell me again what a “Self Portraiteer” is? pictures? of oneself??? *shakes head* Hand… ON… the… camera? whoa… that IS an art form, isn’t it?

had i taken ONE FREAKING NANO-SECOND to properly read
the “post” part of the post, i’d have properly realized this was the PREMIER of your wonderful video. all i can offer up is a proper “mea culpa” in lieu of the more “familiar” D’OH! and tell you i won’t let that happen again.

i almost didn’t recognize you as the Hulk.

WELL DONE, NOT-AT-ALL-CRUMMY CRUMMY JOEL and, er, other guy who’s not crummy and/or Joel, either!! *claps* πŸ™‚

ps: i was only able to watch a portion of this on one of our computers, but i PROMISE i’ll race upstairs to watch the rest, later today! i LOVELOVELOVED IT! i really did. and i think we all know you just a little bit better now. not sure that’s a good thing, but that’s beside the point. the point, which i plan to make before you — or the guy who filmed/edited this thing yells “cut”! — is that this is a terrific effort. and veryvery funny.

Comment by One Hot Puppy

also, i’m wondering if it wouldn’t be worth it to cut down the film for the purposes of posting on YouTube? as one who’s worked for years in an aspect of the “biz”, i know how difficult it is to shave anything off of a work of “art”, but i think the overall flavor of this piece will come shining through, even if it’s only 10 minutes long.

OR you guys could “break” it up into 2 separate pieces, and run them back to back. again, it’s a means for getting more “eyeballs” on your product, which would be (in my opinion) a very good thing!

OR do a very “slimmed” down version to “tease” it, then send folks over to MySpace or LiveVideo, in order to see the rest.

okay, that’s it from this part of the “suggestion” box. again, WELL DONE!! loved it!!!! πŸ™‚

Comment by One Hot Puppy

Bravo! That is very funny and very well done. And I can say I saw it here first!

Since you’re asking for suggestions, my only input would be that the in/out panning movement of the camera on the couch interview is a bit distracting. Other than that… perfection! πŸ™‚

Comment by Jeff

what the hell is this? U braindead or something?

Comment by Horshack

I love it. You guys are both great performers — good job in keeping a straight face through the whole thing — and the editing is excellent too. I think the constantly moving camera works, because it makes it seem more like one of those pretentious documentaries that focuses too much on the style.

I would agree that it’s worth it to cut it down by a couple of minutes as it’s a bit long, but overall, excellent!

Also, it’s nice to hear from another Alum of the University of Braindead.

Comment by Diesel

Thanks, guys. And don’t worry about Horshack…he’s still dizzy from rolling down the hill.

Diesel: If you think we did a good job keeping a straight face, you should see the outtakes….

Comment by CrummyJoel

There’s a buzz in TheSnark today! Sorry Joel, can’t view from work but will be sure to check it out later.

Comment by Lampsha

*claps flippers together*

I liked it, a lot. Sadly, I couldn’t view teh whole thing, it keeps quitting on me, when we see the foot with the stitches…but everything until then was good. I love how serious you seem to take this art of yours.

oh and FYI…your left side photographs better.
I kid!

Comment by Penguin

Great video! I would also agree trimming to the 10 min mark. Great editing, great capture of the documentary/mockumentary style both in look and feel.

Comment by Chris C

Yeah, what diesel and snuppy said…
Overall, nice job.

Comment by Claire

Thanks, all.

It seems the LiveVideo clip seems to quit about 2/3 of the way through (and that includes the imbedded one)…funny since it wasn’t doing this earlier today. To see the full one (as it looks like most of you have been doing) check out the MySpace video using the link in the post.

Sorry about that. LiveVideo was the ONLY imbeddable source for a video over 10 mins. Too bad it doesn’t work…..

Comment by CrummyJoel

“Redneck Vampire” is never. Not. Funny. πŸ™‚
Still love it!

Comment by Emily Bezaire

You must be a self portraiteer for some time now. Your art and that of Von Dutch brought a tear to my eye.

Loved it! Just very funny, perfect riff on art snobbery of any kind. You both were naturals.

Two thumbs up!

Comment by LAMPSHA

Me likey A LOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I really need to learn this video uploading stuff.
Ahh the fun we could have painting my husbands toes in his sleep and uploading it to YouTube! :0)
I love your self portraiteer work! I would buy some of it.I especially love the one with the Spiderman mask!

Comment by ZOA

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