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Cocktails for Two by Snuppy
Wednesday, 1 August 2007, 8:36am
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rabbit rabbitRABBIT, RABBIT.

TODAY is the first day of August, and we’re featuring the song “Cocktails For Two”* even as we say “rabbit rabbit”. Is that funny, or what? HAHAHAHA. What’s that? Not funny? Oh well, phooey on you AND your crummy lack of juvenile humor. Or ours, for that matter, since we seem to suffer from an abundance of it, these days. Don’t mind our silliness, it’s who we are and/or what we do at any given moment of any given blog post. Never more so than when we’re in a hurry to rush out the door in order to get our A) coffee, B) hair done, C) kid over to the mall, so he can fill out a few MORE job applications, and/or D) laughs. And don’t think for one second we don’t know this all sounds stupid, because we do. Here’s the thing: we don’t care.

TRUTH be told, we were sorely tempted to leave Not-in-The-Least-Bit-Crummy CrummyJoel’s post up for one more day, just in case some of you missed it. But then we looked at the “stats” and realized that a bunch of you did stop by yesterday, in order to see his post and/or video. bunny strawsApparently you kids are happy to check in when something especially good is being featured over here. Who knew? Well dammit, we want some of that attention, too. Not that we think we deserve it and/or expect to get our fair share, but that’s beside the point. The point, for we have one we’re using as a coaster underneath a glass of carrot juice we’re sipping through bunny straws, is that it’s time for a new post, even if we don’t feel like writing one and/or you may or may not see.

POPULAR with you young whippersnappers, or not, you must trust us, because as far as we’re concerned, the following vintage clip featuring Spike Jones and the City Slickers, while amusing-yet-bizarre, is, above all else, hilarious.

IF you watched the entire video, you now know why we think it’s so funny. Unless you don’t (think it’s funny/get why we do). Lord a mercy do we hope that’s not the case, because such a thing would indicate an extreme lack of “funny bone” in the case of you and/or an extreme lack of “judgement” in case of us.

*The reason we’re featuring Spike Jones today is because we adore his music. We’re particularly fond of his unique rendition of “Ya Wanna Buy a Bunny?” — a ditty we used to enjoy listening to with our sister, the veryverysmart Dr. Terri, as it’s both of our all-time favorite cocktails for twoStupid Songs in the History of Stupid Songs. Needless to say, THAT would have been the perfect choice for a “rabbit, rabbit” post, but, sadly, we couldn’t find a version of it featuring Spike on camera (which makes it so much more fun). We elected to share the video you just saw, instead, because A) we like it a lot, and B) we’re quite sure our sister will, too.


The funny posts are multiplying like rabid rabbits on Humor-blogs.com.


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not sure a post gets more random than this one. ah well, i really DO lovelovelove Spike Jones (not to be confused with Spike Jonez, i hasten to add) and have been wanting to find a reason to share one of his songs for a while, now. not that i need an excuse to be random and/or silly, mind you, but when i DO have an actual reason, it gives the illusion of a “method” to my “madness”. or not.

as far as i’m concerned, Cocktails for Two, as performed by Jones & co. is a real comedy gem. i might not have even remembered how great a song it is, had i not been sitting in Starbucks with teh Penguin and Bobo the other day, when i heard it. imagine my surprise and/or delight… since we usually hear “real” music when we’re in there. heh. teh Penguin and/or BoBo might have been less “impressed”, but i, for one, was highly amused. hence my need to find a version of it on YouTube and/or post it, here for your enjoyment and/or dismay. 😉

Comment by One Hot Puppy

Rabbit Rabbit. 🙂

Hope all is well with you… err, y’all.



Comment by Rose-Dewy Knickers

Rabbit Rabbit!

Ooh I think I have a whole other avenue to explore for iPod downloading! Genius you are! Not that I can listen now, but I will, oh yes I will. Wonderful random post. Now go get some coffee! XOX

Comment by Lampsha

Spike Jones is brilliant. I have a funny bone, yeah….this had me laughing out loud, you could hear it three floors up.

*goes and looks for her I-pod and bobo’s i-tunes*

what was his login again…Ilovegolfhole16…something or other!

Comment by Penguin

Rabbit, rabbit. I have more of a funny ligament.

Comment by Doug

Very funny…I had no idea.

Quick Snuppy…go hide the iTunes password…the Penguin has gone iMad.

Comment by BoBo

Oh…Rabbit, rabbit. I forgot, forgot.

Comment by BoBo

Rabbit rabbit! Who started all this?

Comment by Jean-Luc Picard

Rabbit, rabbit! I think Aral started it…

Comment by actonbell

Could not watch the video, cuz that would have disturbed WP and hubby watching Shrek for the 125th time. Don’t they have that darn thing memorized by now?? We are in San Jose for the next four days. I’ll trust in your fabu sense of humor that it was Very Funny.

Comment by claire

Rose: and happy happy first first to you, two! 😉

Lampsha: heh heh… all i can say is: download at your own risk. Spike Jones ain’t for sissies. or anyone lacking that aforementioned funny bone (which is why i know you’ll lovelovelove his music as much as i do!) 🙂

Penguin: my first clue that you were enjoying this clip is when i heard you laughing all the way up in my bedroom! i’m glad we watched his other videos together, too… funny stuff. loveloveLOVE that you posted the “bunny” video on YOUR OWN SITE, as well. it’s a song worth sharing, if only to help weed out the folks who only pretend to “know” comedy! 🙂

Doug: so that’s what we’re calling that trick knee these days, eh? 🙄

Bobo: iKnow! if she starts searching for Dr. Demento, all is lost. 😉

Jean-Luc: the truth is out there… but it’s doubtful it’s gonna make any sense. or maybe it will. check out AP3’s ARCHIVES, i’m guessing the answer is there. we’ve been trying to figure it out, ourselves, SINCE LAST YEAR. 😉

Actonbell: that’s kind of what i figured, i mean, i KNEW it was either you or one of your sisters. WHOEVER’S behind it, it’s great! 🙂

Claire: pretty sure your hubby & kids will enjoy this clip, too. my son yipped like a wounded dog when i dragged him over to the computer, but he was in hysterics by the time it was over, and NOT because of the choke hold, either. 😉

Comment by snuppy

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