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Procrastination by Snuppy
Friday, 3 August 2007, 9:26am
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forgot something?WE meant to start writing this post several days ago, we really did. But every time we started, something came up: our [insert annoying and/or demanding person and/or persons and/or animal] kept begging for [insert whiny request that would not be ignored] and then the [insert aggravating event that forced a call to the plumber] and what were we to do? We’ll tell you what we were to do [insert stupid and/or exaggerated lie that could only be made up by a drunk monkey with something scary flying out of its butt]. We’re sure you’d do the same, were you in our position. Only we’re guessing you’d be complaining in a fashion that was a hell of a lot more eloquent-yet-less-rambling than ours.

ANYWAY, what were we saying, before we so rudely and/or strangely interrupted ourselves? Oh yeah — we meant to start this post a long, LONG time ago, in hopes of having it ready in time for something that was really really important to us. Sadly, we don’t remember what the hell it was, but we’re sure it was meaningful and that we should be more than remorseful for not having it ready in time. So now here we are, holding a bloggy bag of goodies, with no where to go but, um, home. Don’t blame us, blame our penchant for horrific procrastination — that’s who we are and/or what we do. Stupid us and/or that thing that kept us from doing all that other stuff we kept meaning to do.

THANK the lord and/or YouTube we located the following Helpful Video made in 1952 for people like us, who can do so much with so little, in order to avoid doing something more important. And thank Jeanne, who helped to inspire a whole bunch of new ways for us to avoid doing even more of the stuff we’re supposed to do. (you’ll see what we mean when you watch this silly clip)

HEY, at least Jeanne’s nails looked nice. And, we know Jim was pissed off, but holy crap. What a fucky little whiner. Had we been in Jeanne’s spot, we’d have been more than a little embarrassed by our poor planning skills. But that wouldn’t have stopped us from cramming a fistful of crepe paper down that fucker’s scrawny throat. Wah wah wah. Here Jim, you big baby, take this dime and call someone who cares about the crappy time you’ll be having at the dance. Oh, but Jim? Before you blame anyone else for a lousy evening stuck in the corner playing with yourself, take a peek in the mirror, pal. That’s right. That pimple-faced asshole is YOU, Jim. Yeesh, buy a case of Clearasil and call us in 1973. At least by then you’ll be able to grow out your hair and/or a beard, in order to hide that ugly mug you call a face.

AS FOR Jeanne? Somehow we suspect the rest of her life turned out about as well as that dance. Oh sure, she had a few laughs along the way, but, thanks to her “just do it later” attitude, Jeanne probably wound up unmarried, with 3 or 4 kids hanging off her hip. Nothing says “unwanted pregnancy” like a “good time” sans rubbers, in the backseat of some guy’s beat up Chevy. That Jeanne. (and yes, that was our clever and/or sneaky way of making some aspect of this post have to do with sex.)

OF course, had we bothered to watch this video before posting it, we’d have realized how poor the quality was, and probably tried to find something better to share. Too bad that didn’t happen. We’ve said it before, but it bears repeating: Damn us and our unrelenting penchant for horrific procrastination.


We think we’re supposed to link to Humor-blogs.com right about now, and we will, just as soon as we finish doing our nails.


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Ooh damn me and my own procrastination in getting this post up a little late. But hey, it is before noon so there’s that.

That Jeanne indeed. I’ll be back to comment when I actually see the video.


Comment by One Hot Puppy

Oh it’s lonely in TheSnark today – no Snuppy/no penguin/noMizB’s/Diesels/doggies – no nobody! Just me! Hmmmmm, let’s have some fun. Maybe I’ll screw around with the Blogroll.

First let’s get some coffee.

Comment by Lampsha

Well since nobody else will be here today, I thought I’d point out the serendipity of my commenting on the hour – 9:34…10:34.

I’ll go now.

Comment by Lampsha

Wait…I’m here!

Comment by BoBo

Bobo, finally somebody! I’m so happy to see you. Can I get you a TGSNWM?

I missed my 11:34 slot!

Comment by Lampsha

Had to sneak out for a TGSNWM earlier but always in the mood for another.

Always sad when some are left behind to work while others get to play, no? You are working today right? Or do I have to envy you as well?

Comment by BoBo

I am here too! Hola amiga mia! Although forgive my absence as today marks the beginning of the “fun” that comes with dealing with customs while trying to import our 40 foot container of stuff! Dios mio!

So muchos besos and I hope all is well with you and our absent Snuppylicious amiga!

Big neshikot and off I go!

Comment by Catty Yummy Mummy

AAAAHHH! Will this make the 1:34 slot for you?

Comment by Catty Yummy Mummy

WOOOH! It did! Now I can saunter off in peaceful bliss! πŸ™‚

Comment by Catty Yummy Mummy

Tis indeed sad Bobo, but no reason to envy me as I am in my customary desk jockey position with a TGIL to dull the ache. So nice of you to keep me company.

CatYummy! Oh how perfect of you to fill that 1:34 slot, all is well now.

And a big OY VAY and good luck dealing with customs. They don’t know who they’re dealing with so there had better not be ONE box out of place! Snuppylicious should be back with us any hour now? or day…

Big neshikot to you!

Comment by Lampsha

It sounds to me that those people have no one to blame but themselves for reelecting the stupid git.

Now what’s this about a movie?

Comment by Diesel

Diesel, did you just wake up from your party stupor pictured in your caption contest?

Comment by Lampsha

Well I think I’ve done the best I can to take care of TheSnark today Snuppy. Once they noticed you weren’t here, they fled for the hills (except my dearest of friends above).


Comment by Lampsha

Yes Jim is a true dorky dork but Jeanne seems so familiar…hmmm, where do I know her from…hmmm.

Comment by BoBo

Okay now I’ve had a good laugh at the vision of you cramming crepe paper down Jim’s throat. I mean Jim, settle down. He was just laying in wait to attack poor distractable Jeanne.

Bobo, Jeanne seems familiar huh – hmmmm anybody I know?

Night all – Snuppy come home!


Comment by LAMPSHA

I wish you had found this video for me years ago. My life is almost over and now you tell me about not waiting until the last minute to do things. How could you?

Comment by nessa

Procrastination is no excuse. I’m DEAD, ferchrissakes.

Comment by Lord Likely

heh heh. i felt so bad about not being here yesterday and/or checking in so late, today. apparently it was all for naught. THANKS LAMPSHA, for taking care of this for me (tho’ is it just for me? i think NOT, since i believe there are a FEW of us who are responsible for this poor fun excuse of a blog at any given moment of any given day!). i almost expected you’d wait to post it until today (Saturday). had i known you were gonna be sick, i would have suggested it, in the first place! unfortunately, by the time it occurred to me, it was too late. d’oh! πŸ˜‰

BoBo: “seems familiar”???? i have no idea who you could be talking about. πŸ™„

CYM: dios mio! an OCD girl like you would know NOTHING of the sorrow involved in being a serial procrastinator. and thank goodness for that, you’ve already been through enough dearest amiga! (hoping by the time you read this that container business will be history, and your happy belongings — 600+ boxes — will have been delivered.) πŸ™‚

Diesel: what’s this i hear about a caption contest winner that’s not me? πŸ™„

Nessa: today is the FIRST day of the rest of your life. (how’s that?) πŸ™‚

Lord Likely: oh, like that’s an excuse? πŸ˜‰

Comment by snuppy

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