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Saturday, 4 August 2007, 10:23am
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When you don’t feel well, nothing sounds good. Everything sucks. It’s not even major not feel well – just general schva – throat a little soar, headachey, etc.

Okay boohoo for me, on with the spin. Sorry Sea Wolf for the very uninspired intro, but you’re on your own today. Actually all the information that I can find about SeaWolf is that they are a band from California whose debut ep, Get to the River Before It Runs Too Low came out this past May. Their first full album is due out in September. So that’s what I know, take a look:

and just a listen:


Sorry, Diesel no Scorpions this week (although in looking back those were some good songs). I will, however, throw in a little Deep Purple for Scissors who will be seeing them next week. Quit yer complainin’, it was shorter than Smoke on the Water:

Head on over to Humor-blogs.com where there’s a groovy party just like the one in the video every day!

Have a great weekend!



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Oy, it might have helped if I hadn’t followed Jeanne’s path to preparing my spins – perhaps I might have had one in the queueueue.

Allright, wallowing in my own pool of uninspiration, I’ll go drink some tea.

Have a good weekend all!

Comment by DJ LAMPSHA

whaddaya mean “pool of uninspiration”? i’m tellin’ ya, missy, Sea Wolf is AWESOME.

and Deep Purple rocks… nah nah nah nah… LOVING IT! (my time, my music. and, trust me, BoBo won’t be far behind in singing the “Deep Purple” praises.)

thanks for holding down the Snark yesterday, dearest Lampsha and NBFF! sorry i didn’t make it over here, sooner — that said, i know it’s a lot of stress, but i didn’t think it would make you sick! aieeeeeeeee!

can’t wait to learn/hear more about Sea Wolf, so i’m off to do just that! for a sick girl, this is one fine spin.

\,,/(^_^)\,,/ peace, love, and FEEL BETTER!

Comment by snuppy

Ooooo, I like the Sea Wolf.
Familiar feeling, but new.
I likes it a lot.
Have to keep an eye out for them.
Sorry you aren’t feeling well, virtual tissues and chicken broth sent your way.

Comment by logo™

Sea Wolf was cool but that old Purple video was awesome. My Deep Purple experience kind of started with Smoke on the Water and My Woman from Tokyo. I tend to forget how long they’ve really been around.

Great post Lampsha!

Comment by snuppy

Okay…that last post was BoBo (me) not Snuppy…credit where credit is due, damn it.

Comment by BoBo

Snuppy, it’s 3:30 and I’m toying with the thought of a TGSL as it seems I’m not really siiiick sick. Nah my only stress was trying to comment on the hour 😉 Anyway, hoped you enjoyed your little trip since you don’t get much vacation from TheSnark. You’ve actually spoiled us.

Glad you liked. Scissors is going to see Deep Purple and Vanilla Fudge with his brother this coming Tuesday so I thought I’d just throw that one in. Well, I must say happy to see you back. Hope you’re home and rested and safe and sound. XOX

Logo, I agree – something familiar yet their own sound. We’ll have to keep an ear to the ground for their new album. Thanks buddy for the tissues and soup! Maybe that will help motivate me.

Snu, oops – Bobo: Me too. I’m there with you on Smoke on the Water, although their older stuff I’ve heard from my older sibs. And I did have that little transistor radio.

Full credit to Bobo of course!

Enjoy your Saturday all!

Comment by DJ LAMPSHA

I like Sea Wolf. I like some music where people are actually playing instruments and singing, not always banging and yelling.

Comment by nessa

That old gipsy woman knows exactly s**t about wolves, obviously. I know squirrels when I see ’em.

Comment by Walela

Nessa, I think that’s what appealed to me too. Glad you liked.

Walela, ah what does she know – she’s a wino.

Yes you can usually tell squirrels by their nuts.

Comment by DJ LAMPSHA

This was pretty cool. They sound a lot like another band, I think they’re called Autolux. Kinda similar to Death Cab for Cutie too.

See, my taste isn’t completely limited to 80s hair bands.

Of course, these guys are no Poison.

Comment by Diesel

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