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Cheating? by Snuppy
Thursday, 9 August 2007, 9:02am
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stunnedON US??? Say it ain’t so, DIESEL. Say it ain’t so.

SADLY, it is so. Young Diesel’s been too busy to favor us with a post for the past few weeks, yet he somehow managed to scratch out a moderately amusing paragraph OVER HERE. Bastard. Good thing we didn’t see that last week when we were A) scrambling for something to put up here, B) heading up to Boston with TEH PENGUIN, even as we worried about what we were about to put up here, and/or C) worrying while we were walking the Freedom Trail in 153 degree heat, because we wrote something really pathetic and feared no one would leave a comment, or even worse, bother to come back when we eventually had something better to offer (LAMPSHA’S Saturday Spins notwithstanding, because, let’s face it, those are always fabulous. And, of course, CRUMMYJOEL’S hilarious weekly offerings have been anything but crummy, and continue to get more hilarious with each passing week. But, as we’re wont to do when thinking about our faithful and/or talented contributors, we digress*).

ONCE we wiped the sweat from all that worry and/or heat off our furrowed brow, we managed to have a great time in Boston (until we got sick, that is), but that’s beside the point. The point, which is as obvious as the fakey smile on our face, (just above our fevered brow), is that Diesel cheated on us, and we’re beside ourselves with dismay. Fortunately, it’s now August, and “dis” May has come and gone, and we’re moving on with our lives, or, at the very least, dis post. More or less. (mostly less)

diesel's bookWHAT can we say? We’re buying his stupid shirts. We’re pimping his stupid book. Heck, we were so desperate to get him back, we even offered to babysit for free should he ever decide to take his beautiful (and, we suspect, faithful) wife on a proper trip. What the hell does a blog have to do to win back the other man in it’s life? We’ll tell you what: nothing. That’s right, we’re not gonna do anything. Let him have his flings. Let him dazzle other blogs with his wit and/or weirdness. We’ll wait. He’ll come back, eventually. They always do.


*Speaking of “talented and/or faithful” — not to mention fabulous — contributors, we should note that the delicious and/or funkified CATTY YUMMY MUMMY naturally gets a “posting pass”, thanks to her recent cross-continental move. That said, we highly suggest watching her most recent videos, because they are nothing short of brilliant. And we’re certain the precocious and/or highly acclaimed author of steamy novels, THE LITTLE BLUE PILL, will see fit to favor us with another of her clever/hilarious sex-related posts any day now, as soon as she can pry her head out of the clouds. That said, who can blame her for being up there in the first place, after receiving such a fabulous review? (well done, girlfriend, well done!)

Nothing but guilt-free good times at Humor-blogs.com.

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yeah yeah — one more “book pimping” post on behalf of our wayward pal, Diesel. what he did to deserve all this attention is beyond me, but there it is.

hopefully he’ll sell a ton of books and/or shirts, and cut some of us in on the profits. or, at the very least, honor us with another post one of these days.

SPEAKING OF HILARIOUS POSTS… did i mention BOBO has a new one up, as well? well he does, and it’s, um, hilarious. (i purchased my last Thesarus at the Department of Redundancy Department. can you tell?)

oy. 🙂

Comment by One Hot Puppy

Who the hell does he think he is-that Diesel-, a wife and family, a book out, t-shirts…humor blog and a house to build…and he calls himself busy. Well slap me silly!

Someone should do something about that!

I hope you are feeling better, less nasal and/or throaty and please tell Andy I can´t get to the bycicle. The two mean guys won´t let me through to Eterna city!!! *weeps*

Comment by Penguin

The audacity of some people…did he not sign the Central Snark Oath of Allegiance? Thanks for pimping my post, pathetic though it may be.

Comment by BoBo

See I told you we should have made that punk sign an exclusivity deal! Ah, the more exposure – the better. But he’d better come up with something for TheSnark to make up for that.

I hope you’re feeling better. I was home myself feeling a bit buggy and thought of calling…couldn’t muster the energy, but I *did* think to call.

Have a wonderful day. Why is the Penguin weeping? There, there.

Comment by Lampsha

I told you… it meant nothing. NOTHING!

Comment by Diesel

hehe you sound like the Republicans when they lose an election. “Oh they’ll be back” you snicker as you watch movies and eat pork rinds.

Glad to see you enjoyed Boston, I’m a local and it is a nice city but the humidity is as bad as Florida. This actually was a kinda cool summer too, you just trekked up during the one week we had a heat wave hehe.

How did you like the drivers? Don’t they suck ass?

Comment by Chris C

Maybe counselling is in order.

Comment by logo™

Oooh! What a faboo post to come home to (yes, come home to… I had a 6:30 am class today you see!)!!! You have me, as always, in stitches and laughing my patootie off amiga mia… which has my kids baffled as to why Mummy, who normally looks serious at the computer, is laughing away like a hysterical hyena! Oy!

As for Diesel, tsk, tsk… It meant nothing? THAT’S WHAT THEY ALL SAY!!! *sob*

And oooweeee! A faboo mention for moi? Gracias muchly my dearest Nevalicious Snuppy de mi corazón who sees me all too sweetly but who am I to complain? Bring it on I say! 😉

Well, off I go for my own yoga practice whilst I cater to the lil’ bohemians first (translation: turn the TV on as a babysitter so I can buy me some time for yoga as their dad is passed out in bed due to a bad night with the boy whom he took care of at night, as he always does, so I could awaken bright and early… poor man and bad me but oh well! Desperate times call for, um, the TV!)… and with that and endless besos,

yeah, you’d betta know the drill!

BoheMia OUT!

Comment by Catty Yummy Mummy

Just think once the book release has happened we can have anniversary editions! 🙂

Comment by cj

To quote our favourite Yummy Mummy you made me blushity blush!

Get me in a couple of weeks when I’m back from my vacation in Vancouver. No doubt I’ll get into tons of shit have many adventures. Me. Alone. In a city I haven’t seen in 20 years. Good times, good times. Half the things I’m doing involve heights. Have I mentioned I don’t do well with heights? Well…I don’t. So what am I doing? Crossing a bloody gorge on a wee bridge. Fool. FOOL! So yes, I’ll share that with you, Snuppy, even though you called me precocious. I’m sure you meant precious.

Comment by Jenna Howard

Penguin: i know! yeesh, you’d think he had something really important to do, what with all that whining he does in the privacy of my own imagination. 😉

oh, and i’m feeling better (but not great). thanks for asking (you didn’t get sick, did you??). also, Andy says “hang on PokéMonika”… he’ll be by in a bit to offer up a few helpful tips. not sure how “helpful” he’ll be, considering he’s stuck, himself, but that’s beside the point. the point, for he had one before launching into a screaming match with Brain Age, is that he thinks might be able to help.

BoBo: pathetic? YOU? begging your pardon, dearest husband, but that post of yours is hilarious. hey…. don’t suppose you’ve got another one up that Brooks Brothers sleeve of yours, do ya? (just sayin’ i could use a little help…) 🙄

Lampsha: *sniffs* i shoulda listened to you, NBFF! damn me and my trusting nature, anyway. SOOOOOO sorry you weren’t feeling well, either, and SOOOOOOOO hopeful it’s not because you were exposed to the unfortunate illness that recently befell me. yikes! (i told you not to hug me, missy!) 😳

Diesel: i’ll believe that when i see a new post up, HERE. 😐

Chris: YOU’RE in Boston?? who knew?? we (me ‘n BoBo) lived up there for 3 years back in the mid-90’s (ish). we LOVELOVELOVE Boston. that said, not ONCE did we have to suffer through a summer with temps as bad as the ones teh penguin and i were subjected to last week. oy. (don’t go comparing me to Republicans bub. not if you know what’s good for you. heh) 😕

logo™: why do i think “counseling” with the likes of Diesel would result in someone (who’s NOT me) gettin’ tossed into a rubber room?? 🙄

Catty Yummy BoheMian Mummy: you, my dearest amiga, are, as always, a breath of fresh air! just knowing you’re living on the same continent (and within phoning distance) is enough to make a sick girl smile. now…go do that voodoo and/or yoga that you do so well! i linked to your wonderful post because i think it’s time for folks to know you’re getting back into the “bloggy game”… one or two (or three) videos at a time. 🙂

CJ: don’t go giving that guy any ideas. bad enough we’ve been reduced to pimping his money-making efforts in order to get a little well-deserved attention, not sure i want to shell out an additional $24.95 for the “uncensored” version of his book. wait… come to think of it, that might be a pretty darn good read. 😉

LBP: “Precocious” is most definitely a compliment, young lady. and represents behavior FAR more adventurous than sitting around in a pretty dress looking “precious”. trust me. that said, you’re pretty damn “precious”, too. but in a precocious fashion that makes you, um, downright fucking adorable. (how’s that?) 😎

Comment by snuppy

Oh, how could he?? You must be so upset! It used to be such a lovefest around here…

Comment by claire

I’ve noticed his comments have been fewer and farther between lately too. As if he something better to do than comment on 150 other people’s blogs and write for 4 of his own. Geez.

Comment by Jeff

For years we have carried you Diesel, nurtured your blog, stood by you, and now in our time of need you desert us?

*Diesel enters the comment section*

Diesel: “See those footprints in the sand? Notice the times there are only one set of them?”
Me: “Are you trying to say that you carried me?”
D: “No, I am trying to say the sand was hot and I didn’t have shoes that day.”

Comment by Chris C

LOL @ Chris C….

Man, it’s all about “what have you done for me lately?” around here, isn’t it?

Comment by Diesel

…says the guy who begged off of writing his humor-blogs reviews this week and caJOELed some sucker into doing them for him.

Comment by CrummyJoel

Claire: just when you think you know someone… 🙄

Jeff: i fear i’m a bit guilty of that “low comment” thing too. but at least i have an excuse. that is, if you consider a horrible/awful/terrible/no good/very bad cold a “good excuse”, and i, for one, do. 😉

Chris: hahahahaha. 😎

Diesel: so? what have you done for us, lately? besides make us laugh, i mean? 🙄

CrummyJoel: caJOELed?? HAHAHAHAHA. good one. 🙂

Comment by snuppy

by the way: in case no one’s noticed, today’s post is brought to you by the words:





and, um, er, ah…

buy Diesel’s book.

carry on.


Comment by snuppy

For the record, I wrote that post like 3 weeks earlier, and he just happened to use it the day that I told you I had nothin’. Ironic, eh? Like rain on your wedding day. Or something.

Comment by Diesel

or a free ride when you’ve already paid. Ironic.

Comment by LAMPSHA

My first stop after a month on vacation and what do I discover – Diesel is cheating on the Snark! Diesel has a book out! I turn my back for a minute (ok, a month) and the whole thing just gets out of hand, jeez, what’s an Adjutant Inspector to do?

Comment by Theresa

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