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Saturday, 11 August 2007, 9:29am
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Here’s a couple of things about me:

I’m crazy for a good pop hook and I feel like crap this past week. 

Don’t you feel you know me all the better now?  Good.   For anyone entering TheSnark actually looking for well, snark, don’t be alarmed.  Remain calm as it will return in all its snarkery on Monday.  On the weekend, I give everyone (read Snuppy a/k/a Crazy Aunt Beatrice – who is so not crazy but funny), a break and just spin a tune.  Hopefully the tune I spin is something that you a) might enjoy b) might not have heard previously or c) reminds you of something that you may need to do.

Today, spotlight is on Belle & Sebastian – not the television show, but the group who named themselves after one (a French one about a boy and his dog – awwww).  Actually, this band has been around for the past decade.  They are quite the folk/pop kings in the UK and certainly have made their way over here as well.  Every time I hear them on the radio, I think – “I have to put them on a spin.”  Then I forget. 

The group was started by Stuart Murdoch while a student in University in Scotland as a school project, and they gained a bit of popularity.  I wonder what his grade was?  Not important.  They have been likened to Donovan (I hear a bit of T-Rex myself). But they’ve definitely got the UK sound going.   Actually, the group is taking a little hiatus right about now, but with ten years of archives, there’s plenty of music to appreciate. 

Like this song, Blues are Still Blue from their 2006 album, The Life Pursuit:  

Hopefully this reminded you to separate your whites and maybe go to the laundromat because apparently there’s all sorts of fun going on there.  Children, do not try this at home.   And do you really want to clean up after somebody stuffs a tree into your washing machine at home?  Yeah, me neither.

So amigos, have a good weekend and head on over to Humor-blogs.com where they’ll wash and fold your laundry or laugh in your face when you ask them. 



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I think I never paid attention when I was at the laundromat. I missed all of that fun, but I have seen women yelling at men like that.

Comment by nessa

“You can put some money on it/You can place a little bet” — so freaking catchy. Completely agree with you, The Life Pursuit is a great album. I played it almost to death two years ago. My review (doing a little whoring. tee-hee.)

“Blues Are Still Blue” is great for all a the cowbell and the 60’s psychedelic keyboards. I would also recommend the If You’re Feeling Sinister album especially the title track. So naughty.

Comment by Howard

Nessa, funny me too. I have seen a drunk try to climb into a machine.

Howard! Yes indeed, sing along. Thanks for the great recommendations as I hopped over to your link and wow, great reviews (I love that Raconteurs song). I am the slacker of music reviewers – actually I don’t consider mine reviews but, eh just a spin. I’m going back over to your place to look around. Do you do this for a living?

Hmmmm, maybe you’d like to do a spin yourself sometime?

Comment by LAMPSHA

Well spun Lampsha, well spun! Love the music and the video. Also fighting the stuffed nose, achy, burning eyes, whatever it is I hate it stuff that seems to be making the rounds. Feel better!

Comment by BoBo

Oh Bobo, sorry to hear you’re not feeling well either. Are the boys taking care of you and my NBFF? Say the word and I’m heading up The Merrick with a pot of chicken soup (well for you) and some veggie soup for my Snuppy.

Feel better my friends. I’m worried when I don’t see Snuppy in here early on so give her a big hug for me.


Comment by LAMPSHA

Ooooh! Interesting FO SHO! I don’t think I had ever seen or heard their work before! Yet another delish find you fantabulous DJ Gina G!

What’s this I hear? Bobo has fallen ill too? EGAD! ‘Tis a blogosphere epidemic I’m afraid! May all you sick puppies feel better soon!!!

And oh crap! I have had wet clothes to put in the dryer all morning so I’d best run off to do that lest something catch my attention and I forget as immediately as I remembered, as I am SO wont to do! So with that,

BoheMia OUT!

Comment by Catty Yummy Mummy

Oy! And I meant “sick puppies” in the good way! 😉

Comment by Catty Yummy Mummy

That’s okay Miz B…I’ve been called worse ;-). That soup is sounding mighty tempting Lampsha. The Snupster has antibiotics now so we’re hoping for a turn for the better.

Comment by BoBo

’tis a happy tune, my dear NBFF — just the “toddy” to lift my soggy spirits. yes, this cold continues to hang on. aieeeeee! BoBo finally got tired of my sniffin’ and/or coughing and took me to the doctor — turns out i have sinusitis and bronchitis. surely the heavy duty antibiotics he prescribed will have me up ‘n at ’em in no time flat, Shirley. 😉

here’s hoping i’m the only one who had to “go the distance” with this dumb bug, and that you and yours are having a happy/healthy weekend! …okay, i know you’re sick too, but i reallyreally hope you’re on the mend. as it is, i’m keeping a watchful eye on Bobo, ‘cuz i don’t know who’d take care of the both of us if HE gets any worse. our kids? HAHAHAHAHA. (don’t think so)

ENOUGH of my whining… lovelovelove this tune, this group, and, of course, this spin! well done, DJ LAMPSHA, well done!!

,,\/(^_^)\/,, (i’m wimpy, but still rockin’ out!)

Comment by snuppy


That’s funny. I’ve had nearly all my friends tell me I should start writing reviews; however, right now it’s one of several hobbies. I really need to write a few more especially for albums that I know will end up on my favorite of the year list come December: Andrew Bird, Of Montreal. Only so much time though…

I’m off to check out your site.

Comment by Howard

CattYummy: Ooh, then I’m glad I featured them. My malady was more a stomach upset and general lack of energy which seems to have passed. But poor Snuppy is not doing too well – oy vay!

Go get your clothes and enjoy the rest of the weekend and big neshikot to you.

Bobo and Snuppy, I got lost – I was looking for the Merrick instead of the Merrit!!! I hope the antibiotics have you feeling better soon – like now! It’s a good thing that you went to the doc as sinusitus and bronchitus are nothing to trifle with!

Happy the tune could lift your spirits but I really hope you’re feeling better soon. As I said above to MizCattYummy, mine has been some sort of stomach thing and general lethargy. We were at the beach this afternoon so seems I’m on the mend. You and Bobo too! XOX

Howard, well it’s a good hobby and it looks as if you’re honing your skills quite nicely. I liked your place and will drop back when I have more time to look about. I did, however, find your best of lists and see we’re both fond of Aimee Mann. Some good stuff there. Glad you dropped your link in today.

All the little sicklings and other Snarklings, have a great weekend!

Comment by LAMPSHA

you can never have enough cowbell:)

I put my pants on one leg at a time but when I do I make gold records.

Comment by Chris C

Chris, I got a fever and the only prescription is more cowbell, baby!

Comment by LAMPSHA

That was catchy! Did the guy with the fishing rod catch anything…?

I hope you feel better soon!

Comment by actonbell

Something bad happened and my last post didn’t stick. Here are some recommendations from another person who is a total sucker for a good pop hook.

The Stereo
The Click 5’s new one
Ronan Keating
Jack’s Mannequin and Something Corporate
The Clientele
Head Automatica (popaganda)
Hot Hot Heat

Comment by johnny virgil

Wow. Poppy!

Comment by Walela

Ok, I just loved the idea of how corn turned into pop-corn in teh washing machine. NICE!

And I don’t mean to add to teh general epidemic or anything, but I started coughing this evening at work and just measured my temperature, which was shockingly high.*feels very sorry for herself*

Loved the spin, knew the group already though, but not this particular song. Nice spinning.

oh, and we don’t have laundromats in Iceland…where shoudl I go for this type of fun?

Comment by Penguin

Actonbell, I think he did but it flopped behind the machine. Thanks, I’m on the mend but up too late which kind of negates the road to wellness. ah well – good night and thanks.

Johnny, from one sucker to another – welcome! And thanks for your perseverance and that list which I will have to check out.

Walela – in a word. Now you know my weakness.

Penguin, yeah I liked that little feature too. Tali also liked him eating out of the boot.

Ooh I hate to hear you’re not feeling well. See, I feel sorry for you too! Please get some rest, you’ve had a lot of travels and activity of late so that’s important.

Glad you liked and I had a suspicion they might have passed your radar. I’d recommend just bring your laundry to the local hangout and see what “unfolds”.


G’night all.

Comment by LAMPSHA

“and see what unfolds!”


you sure are one witty lady!

Comment by Penguin

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