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Gotta have more cowbell baby! by Snuppy
Monday, 13 August 2007, 8:35am
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pretty cowbellTradition! Tradition!

We have a little tradition around here whereby I spin some music on the weekend and on Monday, Neva a/k/a Snuppy a/k/a Crazy Aunt Beatrice, a/k/a Bobo’s honey — oh and always k/a my NBFF, puts together what has come to be known as a Musical Opposites/Cheap Laughs post. Do not be mislead, dear reader, as the posts are are all brilliant in their own comic genius or just plain oddness quotient. 

I just happen to have a small sampling of this fine fine tradition, which can be viewed HERE, and HERE, as well as HERE.

Now Snuppy has succumbed to a blogger flu which has been sweeping our little circle and has hit her especially hard. Did you not read above that she is my NBFF? Should I not want her to get better and live and be well so that we may enjoy a TGSNWM at our local coffee establishment together? Should I stop being selfish and just chip in and do an extra post? I heard that Diesel!

ferrell needs cowbellYes I should!  Mostly I have Chris C. of Nothing to See Here to thank for it as he left a very funny seemingly non sequitur of a comment in my Spin over the weekend. Ah Chris, Chris — you tried to stump us. Something about it rang a cowbell, but I had to google to recall the hilarity of this skit on SNL by someone who is often genius but usually always hits the oddness quotient, Christopher Walken. 

 Without further adieu, let me know what you think – more cowbell?


Oh, and don’t forget to grab your cowbell and head on over to Humor-blogs.com and play it right by Diesel’s ear. Tell him Bruce Dickenson sent you.


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howling at the moment, Lampsha, howling i tell ya, HOWLING!!

how could you have known this was exactly the “musical opposite/cheap laughs” offering i planned to post today? you couldn’t have, and yet, ’tis the “musical opposite/cheap laughs” post YOU did FOR me out of the kindness of your heart!

who could ask for a better NBFF than you, my dearest friend?? not me, and that’s FOR SHO!!!

needless to say i was shocked/surprised/thrilled and/or beyond DELIGHTED to find this post waiting for me in the queueueueueue. and i’m DAMN SURE i couldn’t have spun the “need more cowbell” nature and/or inspiration nearly as well as YOU did (take that Chris C.! heh heh).

thankyouthankyouthankyou, Lampsha!!! i lovelovelove this post AND YOU!!! (i’m overwhelmed by this act of kindness/hilarity… can you tell?) 🙂

Comment by One Hot Puppy

ps: this is the perfect day to bring a little extra attention to Chris C’s blog, since he’s featuring a few of his ORIGINAL COMICS over there, rightthisminute. (again, i say, take that Chris C.!) 😉

Comment by One Hot Puppy

One of my all-time favorite SNL sketches…Walken, Ferrell, and BOC…what could be better? Great post Lampsha.

Comment by BoBo

Ooh I am so glad that you are howling and not coughing! What can I say – Chris’ comment just set off the whole chain of events. And I am glad because I love this skit as well. It’s just pretty freakin funny from all angles.

Now simmer down, simmer down – you’re getting all heated up. Sit back and relax and wow, who knows, maybe even Diesel will come up with a post this week?


PS: Yes – good point. I am heading over to see the mind that is Chris C.

Bobo, mine too. You hit the nail on the proverbial cowbell. The vision of Ferrell with his stomach flopping about to the cowbell – well it just does the heart good.

Happy Monday and yada yada.

Comment by Lampsha

PS: Snuppy – don’t I love the perdy little cowbelle pic that you added (and of course, Will Ferrell on cowbell).

Comment by Lampsha

Lampsha: i was hoping you wouldn’t mind! seriously, i cracked up when i found that first picture (My Pretty Cowbell) and couldn’t resist adding it in. and, well, the Will Ferrell is just a classic! (as was this sketch). again, thank you SO MUCH for this fun/wonderful post! with Not-Hazel vacuuming upstairs and/or the dog groomer set to arrive anyminutenow, i wasn’t sure when i was going to have time to write one of my own! (i promise it was gonna feature the same video, which, by my medicated way of thinking, is an absolutely hilarious and not-at-all scary coinky-dink!)

you did good today, girlfriend, and i owe ya, big time! 🙂

Comment by snuppy

Ooooweeee! What does it say about the Snarksters when Chris C nonsequiturs make perfect sense, PERECT SENSE I TELL YA!

As soon as I saw the cowbell…

FABOO follow-up á la brilliant Snuppylicious humour DJ Gina G DAS FO SHO! And I truly BELEE DAT when Snupy mentions that this would have been her choice… MAN are you ladies in sync! WOOH!

LOVED the video… had the lil’ boho boy wondering why I was laughing so hard early this am and staring at my laptop… if only he knew! 🙂

Besos to all and dearest Snuppy of all Nevalicious Nevas of the Banjoey clan… may you finally heal, FAST and WELL amiga mia! Mil besos and thinking of you…

Comment by Catty Yummy Mummy

Oh no not the dredded blog flu! Hope you’re feeling better and back to your Snuppilicious self in no time, my friend.

And nicely done there, DJL, I can never have enough cowbell – you rock girlfriend…

And I must share some lovin with my sassy sistah in the comment above too – mwaaaah!

Comment by Sar

Thank you very very much for the props! Glad to see I could inspire someone as many have done the same for me. 🙂

Comment by Chris C

Snuppy, the fact is that twas so simple to cook up and I got to peek at some of my faves from your archives as a bonus so it wasn’t all selfless altruism 😉 Really, happy to throw in a surprise every blue moon.

It really is quite funny that you had the same thing in mind. Funny yet not surprising, NBFF.

CatttYummy, it seems that Chris C. should be very scared or happy – one or the other. But he did give us all a laugh at least. What can I say? I went with the inspriation and then just channeled Snuppylicious (which as it turns out, nobody does Snuppy quite like Snuppy). Somehow that last comment didn’t sound right, but YOU know what I meant!

I didn’t dare let Julian see this one yet as I think he would be mezmorized and I’d have to play it over and over and … you know.

I’m so happy to see you in The Snark in the same country, I can’t tell you. Does the heart good. Besos to you and yours.

Sar, see your blog disappeared not a moment too soon – otherwise, you too could come down the dreaded blog malady. So great to see you though. Somehow I just knew you’d agree – never enough cowbell, baby!

Chris C: You deserve them and it is our distinct pleasure to do so. Ah what are blogs for I ask ya?

Rock on kids.

Comment by Lampsha

Lampsha: careful my dear NBFF — you might be starting a grand NEW tradition here (one i would gladly welcome, i hasten to add!) truth be told, i wasn’t the least bit surprised to discover you and i are on the same wavelength. guessing that’s one of the reasons we hit it off right from the start!

so… you won’t play this one for young Julian, eh? how’d you fare with last week’s silly offering??? (inquiring minds want to know!) hope it didn’t inspire the lovely Tali to explore new and/or “disturbing” ways to play her violin. that said, that was one FINE and FABULOUS concert she gave us last week in the airport, and more than a little impressive. pretty sure she charmed everyone lucky enough to be within hearing distance. 😎

Comment by snuppy


there is nothing but cowbells in my hea dright now.
That was scrumptulicious. Yummy…shake that belly, baby! Christopher Walken is just one of a kind, isn’t he and I’ll be damned if that guy in teh background with teh back curly hair, a bit bigger aorund teh mid-section remind me of Hurley in LOST. Could it be?

that being said, well done lampshade, you make a phenomenal friend and a great source for laughter.

back to bed!

Comment by Penguin

Nice job DJL.

Yo snup. I put my pants on one leg at a time. The only difference is that when I’m done, I forget to put titles and tags on my guest posts for The Snark. I can’t find it to edit it again. Can you help a lame brother out?

Comment by CrummyJoel

Christopher Walken is one of those rare “serious” actors who is almost better when he’s being funny, like Robert DeNiro. (Although the last time I saw DeNiro on SNL I was cringing, because he was obviously reading the cuecards and his eyesight isn’t what it used to be.)

Comment by Diesel

Penguin: just another classic TV moment you almost missed, but didn’t have to thanks to A) YouTube, and B) DJ Lampsha. now get back to bed, young lady!! don’t you know you have to feel well enough to do a post for Wednes… er, feel better, dear friend! because we all feel very sad when you don’t. 😉

Crummy(but not really)Joel: i’m hoping i added the “correct” title for tomorrow’s SIDE-SPLITTING post (seriously, it had me in stitches… and you have NO idea how hard it is to laugh with this congestion still lingering in my chest. but i did it anyway because, dammit, that was hilarious!)

Diesel: yeah, i’m thinkin’ DeNiro “Jumped the SNL shark” after his last appearance with Pesce (a few years back, in case you don’t remember). Walken is a genius, no matter what he’s doing. oh how we loveloveloved the “Continental” character he used to play on SNL, “back in the day”. good times

Comment by snuppy

Now, now Snuppy – traditions are not to be trifled with! You must continue in your Monday spot! XOX

Oh tali was actually quite impressed by his playing, as was I. Hats off to her if she could play like that. I guess we should have opened her violin case up. Next time.

Penguin, back to bed indeed, but I’m glad you were up to catch the cowbell and of course the belly shake. Christopher Walken is indeed a unique performer. From what I recall, he does slightly resemble that Lost guy, but this was back in 2000 or therabouts and they are all regulars from SNL.

Joel, thanks dude.

Diesel, have to agree with you on both points there. Oh that DeNiro gig was painful.

Snuppy, yes indeed – genius in all his skits.

Now nighty night all.

Comment by LAMPSHA

I have to disagree on the Deniro being funny remark. It worked for him in a few movies like Meet the Parents and the one that was the comedy/film version of the Sopranos. I really don’t think he has the timing for comedy because he has shown time and time again he is limited in the role. He also cannot make fun of himself in roles because it looks too staged.

DeNiro is a great actor but he is limited. If you don’t think so, go see ‘Stardust’ where he portrays a pirate. He can only play so many roles.

Walken has a delivery that works for both serious and comedy. He also has this aura where he can say silly or ridiculous things and they sound either really cool or really funny. This isn’t DeNiro’s area of expertise.

Comment by Chris C

Oh Snuppy, I hope you are feeling better soon! I love this video and when I was listening to it, my 19 year old son skooched over and declared “Oh cool, the cowbell skit. I saw a t-shirt today that said Need More Cowbell!” A tender moment of mother-son bonding all brought about by the renderings of Central Snark. What more could a woman want?

Comment by claire

Chris C – may I call you Chris? DeNiro is DeNiro period. Toe to toe on comedy, I’d have to give it to Walken.

Claire, when we set up this site, it was just such moments we had in mind. My work here is done. and a big AWWWWWWW. XOX

PS: I saw t-shirts/bumper stickers/even onesies. Hmmmm, it’s a perfect catchphrase.

Comment by Lampsha

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