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Wednesday, 15 August 2007, 9:30am
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poems1.jpegbut today is my day to post and since half of the snark crew is under the weather, I can’t really bail. besides, Snuppy might devote an entire post to scolding, she has the power and she won’t be afraid to use it! Still, I reserve the right to feel crappy and when I am in such a mood I´ll do as I darn well please *moves eyes quickly from left to right*. Don’t worry I´ll feel better soon and will be more nice… there is always a silver lining somewhere.

Hence, I thought it would be kinda fun if we were to be a bit poetic about things today. Now we have done plenty of limericks on my site, so I thought today we would go with : CINQUAINS

Nope, it is not some type of Mexican food. It´s a fun little poem and there are rules. I am still 99% German, even if I am sick! 🙂

5 lines:

The first line is one word giving the title. It has 2 syllables.

The second line has 2 words that describe the title. It has 4 syllables.

The third line has 3 words that express an action. It has 6 syllables.

The fourth line has 2 words that express a feeling. It has 8 syllables.

The fifth line is 1 word. It has 2 or 3 syllables.

Ok, ok…I’ll go first:



Flightless feathers

Marching along in lines

To pounding beats of black and white



Come on you guys, books are published left, right and center by bloggers everywhere…show us some talent! Zip it…I didn’t say I was publishing a book, now did I?

~Penguin out

Mumble your way over to humor-blogs, we hear its author is a published writer!


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oh sure… sick… loaded up on “drugs”… and now i have to think??? aieeeee! that said, THIS is one brilliant post, my dear (now) flightless friend! and i THANKTHANKTHANK you for rising to the posting occasion by doing something so cool and clever. and i don’t mind ONE BIT that you get to show off your skills as a poet in the process. 😉

now… what to write. what to write. what to write???

Clever Postings
Typing Out Stuff to Read
With Hopes One Finds Them Amusing

yeah… thinking i shouldn’t give up my DAY job, just yet. (snuppy) 🙄

Comment by One Hot Puppy

fine. since no one seems willing to try their hand at this, i’ll give it another go:

Mexican Food
Filled with Beany Delight
Having Gas is Part of the Fun

how’d i do??? 😎

Comment by snuppy

Well how can I follow such brilliance? Oh well, here goes:

Sailing Along
Sing with the radio
Tires screeching as they stop

Let’s have a little coffee and see if we can’t imrove. Aren’t you just full of ideas in your feverish states, PEnguin?

Comment by Lampsha

Steamy breezes
Rain cascading deluge
Relief from clouds fear lightening

Not sure this is exactly right. 😀

Hope y’all feel better soon.

Comment by Brian

Hey, this feels like homework from my high school English class! But I liked English so I’ll give it a shot.

Pain in the butt
Needy, whiny, jobless
Dad I really need some money!

Comment by Jeff

Well, is ee some tried to rise to the occasion. I thank you!

I just read through the post again and there are at least four spelling mistakes…I figured it would be silly to correct them now.

Doctor´s appointment tomorrow at 10, I think being out and about did not really help the fever either. *ponders*

so far…I think G is in teh lead with her concuction of poetry…I could really hear the tires screech. Yes, that would be my personal opinion…and I ain’t afraid to have one!*crosses arms infront of chest, defiance radiation from her glowing cheeks*

Comment by Penguin

Home of Freedom
Walk Red-lined Trail
Heat Sucks Life Out of Tourists

okay, not what you’re looking for, and yet, is this not descriptive and/or indicative of what happened? why yes, i believe it is! 🙄

okay, eventually MY meds will be finished and my brain will return to normal(ish)cy (which is almost the same as “normalcy” only… not).

hey, at least some of us are trying here. that’s got to be good for something. 😉

Comment by snuppy

Okay then, we have one personal opinion acknowledging mine. Polls closed – everybody go home.

Leaves apple on Penguin’s desk.

Skips out HAHAHAHHAHAHAAAHA – tires screeching!

Comment by DJ LAMPSHA

Hey, seems we have the place to ourselves…we could go bananas and discuss women’s problems. No? didn’t think so 🙂

Snuppy, I think that was a fine effort actually. At the moment that is how I think of Boston, I am looking forward to the day when it won’t be so…

long midnight shift
please get me out of here
pretty please with sugar on top

Comment by penguin

the woman’s friend
already feel better
yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, mmmmmmmm

Comment by Diesel

Drunken Studies
Taking Stressful Finals
Angry Devil on the Shoulder

Comment by dashofpanache

For those about to embark on another fantasy football season…

Fantasy Teams
Number One Draft Pick Hurt
Anger Frustration Lost Season

Comment by Chris C

Diesel, that is so borderline! Bananas are actually the most fattening fruit you can eat…not made for women!;)…or have you ever seen a slim monkey?

dashofpanache, been there, done that and signed myself up again. Sometimes -with all our studies-we just don’t learn!

Chris, I like that one…any devotion to sport is bound to bring a lot of pain and heartache and we are not even on the field. Soince you are in your basement now, take a minute to clean those spider webs!

Comment by Penguin

The weatherman
Predicts icelandic snowstorms
Summertime penetrates the mind

Comment by Walela

Doug, thanks for following suit, despite wrong instructions. Nice to see you fall in line though.
The fourth line is supposed to have four words and 8 syllables…not two words 🙂

Comment by Penguin

I follow tacit directions best.

Comment by Walela


Comment by Penguin

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