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Diesel? D’oh!* by Snuppy
Thursday, 16 August 2007, 9:28am
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Dear Crazy Aunt Bea, a/k/a, Snuppy,

I know I told you I’d write a clever and/or hilarious post for the Snark this week, but, what with my new “BOOK” coming out, and that house I have to “build”, and, um, my own clever and/or hilarious blog, I’m afraid I just don’t have enough time. You know how it is… all work and no beer makes Homer something something, and all that rot. Still, I hope you’re not too depressed by the fact you may actually have to write something yourself. Ha ha. Oh, I realize that whatever YOU put together won’t be nearly as hilarious and/or clever as the posts I make up while I’m pouring cement and/or stopped by the side of the road taking a piss, but give it a shot. Maybe you’ll luck out ‘n hit on something worth a chuckle or two. Probably not, but at least you’ll have tried. And isn’t that what counts? Actually, no, but that’s beside the point. The point, which I accidentally dumped into my cement mix, is that I simply have NO time to write a post for the Snark this week. Clever and/or Hilarious… and/or otherwise.

I feel real bad. Not bad enough to write something, mind you, but bad, nonetheless.

~Your Very Good, Clever and/or Hilarious Friend, DIESEL

PS: Remember, you may not always have me to pump up the “reader” volume around here, but you’ll always have Pumaman (a lá MST3K). So, you know, that and a bag of popcorn and/or peanut M&M’s might make you happy for a minute or 8.

***                     ***                     ***                     ***                     ***                     ***

NO, this isn’t a verbatim reprint of the e-mail we received. But it’s close, and could have been exactly what he wrote, had we demanded to get something outta that ungrateful young whippersnapper we took under our, um, sidebar a few months ago. That said, the following video IS one he sent last week — along with a similar e-mail — in hopes of lifting our spirits and/or getting off the posting hook. That Diesel… Kind of hard to stay annoyed with someone when they’re A) so nice, B) so funny, C) so sure to do a clever and/or hilarious post for us… any day now. Hey, we bought no fewer than 8 copies of his “book” (our sister bought a couple, too, which surely means we’re responsible for at least 10, Shirley) We’re thinkin’ he owes us… BIG TIME. At least in our heads he does. In real life? Probably not so much.

*That’s right, your eyes don’t lie… we can be (sort of) clever and/or (almost) hilarious, too. Witness our efforts to turn Diesel’s “Simpsonized” picture into an “avatar” for the purposes of “pimping” A) his clever blog, B) his “hilarious book“, and C) the fact that we’re in the running for this week’s clever and/or hilarious caption contest, and, dammit, to date we’ve managed to garner a pathetic 3% of the votes. Not that we’re bitter, mind you, but would it be asking too freaking much of our one or two Very Good Friends to throw us a couple of stinkin’ “vote bones”? So help us Jeebus, we’d do the same for them (and/or you), unless, of course, they (and/or you) were in the running, too.

~Crazy Aunt Bea (a/k/a Snuppy)

The d’oh!s always open at Humor-blogs.com.

DOUBLE D’OH!!!: It’s Snuppy and Bobo’s Anniversary today! So wish ’em all the happiness in your comments. They make marriage look like a walk in the park (without mosquito bites). LOVELOVELOVE to them both.

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okay, so technically, this isn’t the exact clip Diesel sent, but it’s a good one, nonetheless. and thanks Diesel, for making me laugh so hard i shot tea out of my nose while watching ALL the stupid clips of Puma Man (there are 10, total). good times.

what can i say? i’ve been spoiled this week, thanks to Lampsha, Crummy(but NOT)Joel, and our dear, sick little Penguin. last night it occurred to me i had to come up with something, and well, this was the best i could do. besides, it’s my 22nd Anniversary, which tells you 2 Very Important Things 1) my fragile mind is on other things and 2) i must be old, because TWENTY-TWO YEARS is a long long time to be married! lucky for me, it’s with someone i happen to lovelovelove and adore Happy Happy Joy Joy, BoBo! and thank you for being the Pumaman of my Dreams for 22 years, and counting! 🙂

Comment by One Hot Puppy

I would throw you a couple of “Vote Bones” but, well… you know how it is.

Last time I voted for ZOA, and she beat me by a vote or two. No more of that nonsense.

Comment by CrummyJoel

CrummyJoel: word. it’s all good. there are a LOT of funny captions this week (including YOURS)… and my personal favorite wasn’t nominated, so, truth be told, i never expected to win. i wouldn’t mind finishing with a respectable percentage of the votes, tho’. sigh… 😉

Comment by snuppy

I LOVE Pumaman! We introduced the Things to MST3K not too long ago and watching them fall on the floor laughing is almost exactly the kind of bonding moments they advertise in Hallmark commercials.

Comment by Logo™

Happy Anniversary Sweetie!! I still get a major rush thinking about that wonderful hot summer day when you finally said yes (only had to ask several hundred times, but who’s countin!)

Love you!!

Comment by BoBo

I heart Pumaman. Or is that pyumaymen?

Yes, I’m lame. Donald Pleasance stole my will this week and made me post about Build-a-Bear world domination.

Happy anniversary, Snuppy & BoBo!

Comment by Diesel

Can we all share Pumaman?!

D’OH: How did I not comment earlier AND not wish two of my faves Happy Anniversary! Wishing you both much happiness and hopefully it will be celebrated with Mexican takeout and a quiet evening 😉

And excellent return to fighting form with a great post. I actually thought it was Diesel channeling you. Gooood.

LOVELOVELOVE to you and Bobo!

PS: I can’t vote for my work computer.
NOTE TO DIESEL: Switch back to poll that you used last week. Please.

Comment by Lampsha

Brilliant title, hilarious post, Diesel couldn’t have done better himself, and most important Happy Anniversary! If I weren’t in the running my vote would go to you, but I’m doing rather pathetically myself, sorry. Loved the clip, by the way, it reminds me of a sci-fi flick they filmed at my old university.

Comment by Theresa

Logo™: Pumaman rocks, and that’s a fact. glad to see we’re not the only ones who believe our kids should be “exposed” to the finer funny things in life! your approach to parenting makes me feel a whole lot better about my own! 😉

BoBo: oh sure, you asked dozens of times, but WHO asked when it really counted? i think we both know the answer to that… of course, the fact that it would have been impossible (not to mention legal) one day sooner is beside the point. the point, which is stabbing me in the heart, is that i lovelovelove you! 🙂

Diesel: Pumaman/Pyumaymen, it’s all good, and more than a little hilarious (and/or clever). thanks for sending me the link and/or inspiring this week’s “pimp Diesel’s book” post. 😉

Lamspha: Pumaman? good. lazy/relaxing evening? good. Mexican take-out?? muy MUY bueno! lovelovelove to you, too, NBFF — and thanks for the happy little “add-on” to today’s post. 🙂

Theresa: *blushes* awwww, thanks! and no, i most certainly don’t expect you to vote for my pathetic little offering… not this week, at any rate. as for yours? trust me, i came thisclose to doing one almost exactly like it! (this is a tough week to be one of the finalists, i tell ya, soooo many were so damn funny!) glad you liked that clip, thanks to the MST3K guys, it’s even more hilarious than it would have been on its own! 🙂

Comment by snuppy

Don’t feel bad. Since Diesel’s wife started judging the captions I haven’t made the top ten yet. I don’t know what I ever did to her to make her hate me so. I’ve always loved her. And now I just want to be loved, is that so wrong? *sniff*

Comment by Jeff

My favourite caption wasn’t nominated as well…which was Mine. I am glad honesty is ruling here today.

That being said, I agree with lampshade, I though Diesel was trying to channel you and I wnated to give him two thumbs up for it.

You introduced me to M..3K something and I love it each time. God, that actress was just horrible!

To more important things…

all my love to you and Joel on this, your day! You make it seem possible, which is is a wonder in itself. Oh and lampy, I am here to tell you mosquitos bite them, too. Thank goodness, otherwise life just wouldn’t be fair. I love you guys and feel honored that you love me too. Granted, I am sorta cute…where was I?

Have a wonderful evening together, no smooching though…bacterias flying everywhere!

Comment by Penguin

Very Happy Anniversary, Neva and Joel! I have read your anniversary posts, and saw that love AND courage has been taking you this far. Never run out of those! 😉

Comment by ariel

Jeff: maybe, as adjutant inspectors, we should hold our own adjutant caption contest? that way the ones WE like are SURE to make the top 10 each week. just a thought. and a DAMN good good thought, at that! 🙂

Penguin: i guess i’d have come across ever more clever had i been able to channel Diesel! alas, no such luck (and/or gift for writing). SOOOO glad you enjoy MST3K… such a funny concept, and one that was bound to find its way to your frozen shores, eventually! (thanks for the happy wishes, too. sorry you won’t be here to enjoy our Mexican take-out with us…but you’ll be with us in spirit in the form of extra sour cream!) 😉

Ariel: awww… thank you so much! i feel lucky every single day to have someone like Joel in my life — never mind being married to him — and i hope he always feels the same way, too. we’re blessed, and believe me, we know it! 🙂

Comment by snuppy

PS… Lampsha: i assumed you added in the last part of the post, but i’m laughing, because a certain Penguin became WAY too acquainted with the agony of de-mosquito bite while visiting us! pretty sure she’s NOT a fan (tho’, who is?) anyway, it just occurred to me it could have been her addition, instead of yours — tho’ with that high fever she has and/or being confined to bed rest for the next several days, i figured she didn’t have the energy and/or inclination to write more than a comment, today. that said, get well SOON, dear Penguin!

anyhoo, it’s no biggie, just, um, a silly little “mosquito-related” giggle tossed in to my own celebratory merriment. 😎

Comment by snuppy

I couldn’t get the video to play–but you Snuppy have a distinct and very very funny style that always brings a smile to my face

And happy happy anniversary to a role model couple 🙂

Comment by pia

Happy Anniversary to Snuppy and Bobo!!!

Comment by actonbell

For some reason the video isn’t playing on my end either but your post, as always, has me laughin’ and yuckin’ it up FO SHOETTY SHO SHO my dearest Nevalicious amiga de mi corazón!

And that letter from Diesel? Though very shocking, quite hilarious indeed! 😉

And HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to both you and your mistah from the faboo Banjoey clan! Dios mio I wish I had known and I would have left a better message ayer! Oy! Or should I say D’OH!

I hope you are livin’ it up in whatever manner pleases you faboo couple the most (Mexican food, PJs and a cozy couch? 😉 ) and may this year and all those to come hold nothing but the very best for you two who totally deserve that and oh so much more!

Mil besos and all my love!

Mizzy B

Comment by Catty Yummy Mummy

It is good to know Mike Nelson and Kevin Murphy still do this with Rifftrax. 🙂

Check out this one they did with Chad Vader:

Comment by Chris C

Holy crap – I don’t know how it happened but I just figgered out the whole anniversary thing. Sorry, I’m a little slow. That being said… HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!! It’s always good to see a mature pair of lovebirds such as yourselves (we’re just a few years behind you). Yay for you! I hope you have (or had) an awesome anniversary.

Comment by Jeff

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! May your children leave sometime soon so you can enjoy your dotage together and properly. It’s not happening anytime soon around here! 1 down, 2 to go…

Comment by Claire

Pia: aw… thank you for those kind words, lovely lady! ’tis high praise, indeed! (sooooo sorry you were unable to see this clip, i’m thinking you would have loved it!) 🙂

Actonbell: a very sincere Thank You, my friend! 🙂

CYM: aieeeeeeee! what’s wrong with this stupid clip??? yikes — i’m SO sorry you can’t see it, either! (it’s very funny, i guess i should try to find a different version so you and Pia can enjoy it to it’s fullest!) and THANK YOU, dear amiga, for such kind words! our day was extremely low key, but that’s just the way we like it! 😉

Chris C: Chad Vader is a classic! thanks for that great link! 🙂

Jeff: “mature lovebirds”? heh heh. yep, that about describes us! thanks for the sweet wishes, belated and/or otherwise! 😎

Claire: OH PLEASE let your wish COME TRUE in the near future!! (sorry, but i tend to get carried away by thoughts of “alone time” with my honey!) 😉

Comment by snuppy

[…] That’s right.  The postman brought me Diesel’s book.  You haven’t heard of it?  Check the left sidebar here. Or the little button here. The promo is here. It’s also mentioned here. And here.  […]

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