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Saturday, 18 August 2007, 9:10am
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This could be a new tradition – take off on Snuppy’s Friday post. Did somebody mention pornography?

Okay, I’ll be quick because I’m supposed to be embarking on a little weekend visit and I think I said that I left already (in my head where I am always on time and not stressed, I did leave). Not to worry, this will be quick.

Allright, simmer down – it’s not really porn – better, The New Pornographers, hereinafter referred to as TNP, a very cool band from Canada (well specifically Vancouver, British Columbia). Those Canadians. TNP are not new to the music scene – they formed in 1997 and have some great music to check out. Actually, if you hit the link above, their gallery has plenty right there. And of course, the ole reliable, MySpace. Sometime member or guest of TNP is Neko Case, who has her own wonderful catalogue of music.

The song featured in the video is Use It from their 2005 album, Twin Cinema:

I don’t know, that’s catchy. I’m late already and it takes so little time to download…

Okay, short, sweet and I’m outa here. Have a great weekend all!


PS: Head on over to Humor-blogs.com where Humor is the new pornography.


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Okay I’m leaving – keep my records dusted off. XOX

Comment by DJ Lampsha

Their new album Challengers is being released Tuesday, so good timing on that! Personally, I love “Sing Me Spanish Techno” from Twin Cinemas.

Comment by Howard

YOWIE! this is quite the awesome spin, Lampsha! lovelovelove this song (i reallyreally do) AND this video is hilarious! i especially enjoyed seeing David Cross as one of the “manipulators”, as i think he’s one of the funniest/most talented comedians around. great fun… and great play (heh) off of yesterday’s post!!

have a safe trip — hope your mom is doing MUCH BETTER, even as i type and/or you drive.

,,\/(^_^)\,,/ peace, love, “get well Mom”, and YOU Rock, Lampsha!

Comment by snuppy

You’re right, that IS a catchy tune and totally cool concept for a video. Good choice!

Comment by Jeff

Have a good trip, G.

Comment by Walela

Catchy! Thanks. And have a great trip:)

Comment by actonbell

Was that fun or what? Love the video and plan to explore their music a bit further. Great spin Lampsha!

Comment by BoBo

I had to watch the whole thing… I like the song. Nice green lamp. God speed to your Mom.

Comment by Terry

Cool song. I can’t believe I missed the pornography post though.

Comment by Diesel

Ooooh! Funkified song FO SHO! Nice groove to come home to after a teaching gig indeed!

As for your weekend dearest Lampsha, may it be fabulous, may the drive on over to see your mother be smooth and may your mother be in the best of health! Thinking of you and sending you much love and positive vibes!


Moi (or should I say Meow?) 😉

Comment by Catty Yummy Mummy

Loved the video. That was brilliant!

Not sure about teh music yet, though.
I am missing soemthing, aren’t I?

Comment by Penguin

by the way, i think the fact that this band came up with their name before finding out Jimmy Swaggart once referred to music as the “new pornography”, is a cool coincidence, not to mention hilarious. 😎

Comment by snuppy

Now that, folks, is what happens to people who spend too much time with hard core porn. So, if you don’t want to end up as a walking zombie, don’t do porn! Just kidding …That was awesome!

Comment by Theresa

Is there anybody out there? Monday morning…*taps fingers*

Comment by Penguin

Penguin, I’m here, but I don’t have a new post or anything 🙂

Howard, that’s a good song too (the video was great). I’ll have to check it out.

Snuppy, I thought that guy looked familiar. Now I know. It is a great video isn’t it?

And thanks, me Mom is doing great and recuperating nicely. It was a nice visit. XOX

Thanks Jeff – glad you enjoyed.

Walela, thanks.

Actonbell, it is a catchy tune. And I was east of you in Pezylvania this weekend.

Bobo, totally fun – right? Me too because I’m not familiar with too much of their music.

Terry, haha, leave it to you to notice the lamp. Thanks, I’ve given her everyone’s well wishes.

Diesel, now that’s ironic 😉

CYM: Ah a little something to groove to after teaching – perfect! Thanks, the journey was smooth and my mom’s doing great. Good time had by all. XOX and big Neshikot to you too.

Penguin, it’s a matter of what hits your tuning fork. Give it another listen and see. 😉

Snuppy, hahaha – I agree.

Happy Monday all, let’s slog through it together.

Comment by Lampsha

Very good choice, you’re the best lampshade headed DJ EVAH!
TNP are faboo, and you have to love it when you can work with a theme and spin such awesome tunes, score!

Comment by logo™

I just watched the video for “Sing Me Spanish Techno”. Wow! I had no idea they had made one and it’s great!
Thanks, Lampsha!

Comment by Howard

Logo, it happens so rarely, I jumped at the chance. Oh and tanks. I was thinking of you this weekend as my brother and SIL have his/her bikes and I went out for a short ride (as passenger). FUN!

Howard – well your recommendation sent me digging. So glad you enjoyed it!

Comment by Lampsha

[…] that in mind, here is your first Lazy Tuesday inspired by a recent Saturday Spin over at Central Snark about the band, The New Pornographers. No, they make music. Anyway, DJ […]

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