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Surely, Shirley by Snuppy
Monday, 20 August 2007, 9:44am
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shirley templeSURELY you’ll forgive us for wanting to keep today’s “musical opposites/cheap laughs” post short and/or sweet. And, surely you can understand why we want to feature something so completely opposite to Friday’s silly tho’ somewhat salacious Porn-related Sex, Ed? offering as well as our dear and delightful DJ LAMPSHA’S utterly brilliant and completely entertaining Saturday Spin, you won’t be able to keep yourself from smiling — and will, no doubt, break out in a giggle or two. That said, surely you can image the struggle we went through in trying to decide whether to go with something so obvious as to make you question our level of creativity, or share a happy little clip that’s so darn adorable you won’t care about our creativity — let alone question whether we had any, to begin with.

SHIRLEY, Shirley, Shirley… can you guess where we’re going with this? Surely you’ve figured it out by now, Shirley, otherwise we’ll be sorely disappointed in you. Come on, set that thinking cap on straight… and ponder away. You can do it, you know you can do it. We know you can do it. Have you got it, yet? Surely you do. That’s right, Shirley… the following clip features America’s dancing/singing dimplomat*, and one of Hollywood’s tiniest silver screen stars, in a performance that continues to charm audiences, despite the fact this film was made in 1934.

IN our quest to come up with something “opposite” yet maintain some semblance of entertainment, we could surely think of no better way than to share the cuteness that was, and always will be… SHIRLEY TEMPLE:

HOW’S that for short ‘n sweet? 😉

*Dimplomat is a word we coined a few weeks ago whilst speedily tapping out an email to our friend, DIESEL, and which we’ve been anxious to use in a complete sentence, ever since. Shirley Temple Black, of course, was an actual diplomat in the 70’s and 80’s, making our happy little lexical “accident”, even better. Surely you’d agree if you had the same level of creativity and/or bizarre sense of humor that we possess, Shirley.


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i believe i need to give credit where credit’s due: today’s “short/sweet” post was inspired, in part, by the VERY BRILLIANT AUTHOR OF COURTING DESTINY… thanks, for pointing out how long Friday’s post was, Pia! that said, trust me, i KNOW you weren’t complaining… but i decided you gave me a darn good excuse for doing something significantly less wordy and/or lengthy than some of the posts i’ve offered up, of late! oooh, and nice props for our buddy, Diesel, too! i have NO doubt your happy endorsement will help move books WAY faster than any of us can! (oh… to have your FAN BASE, my friend…) 🙂

here’s hoping CRUMMY-BUT-SOOOO-NOT-CRUMMY-AT-ALL-JOEL comes up with something significantly more clever and/or original and/or hilarious for us to enjoy, tomorrow! 😎

Comment by One Hot Puppy

Here’s hoping, indeed. I will try and whip up something delicious tonight.

Comment by CrummyJoel

Oh my
I do like dimplomat, happy accidents of bad typing are so rare and should be appreciated when they do occur so I’m glad you found a use for it.
Though I will have to work on forgiving you for taht clip.

Comment by logo™

Dimplomat is a very good word. I will use it for all five of my fan base, giving credit where it’s due

Actually I spent the later years of my childhood scared that I would grow up to look like Shirley Temple as an adult because so many people used to say….Or it could have been my mother endlessly repeating it

Fortunately my niece refused to watch her movies so she didn’t have to hear my sister….

Comment by pia

Oh got so into complaining about Shirley Temple that I forgot to say of course it wasn’t a complaint but a compliment about your very personal distinctly recognizable style

Comment by pia

Crummy(tho’NOT)Joel: i’m not worried… not in the least little bit! worse case scenario you feature your dad’s stuff, because his work is awesome! 🙂

Logo™: aw… whatcha got against sugary-sweet cuteness, eh missy? (that said, i’m guessing you’d have to slap Things 1 and/or 2 if they ever broke out in this particular song…) 😉

Pia: yay! consider “dimplomat” my gift to you! oh, and trust me, i KNOW you weren’t being critical about my other posts! (and thank you for that, my friend, lord knows i deserve it on any given day for any given post!). not surprised to learn you compared (favorably) with Shirley — she was a little doll, and i’m betting you were, too! sigh… i used to wish i could be cute like that in my youth. sadly, instead of Shirley Temple, the “child star” i most resembled was the girl who played “Scout” in To Kill A Mockingbird. oh well, better to look like her, than, say, Alfalfa. (remember him??) 😉

Comment by snuppy

Yup, I saw where you going. I think “Oh no. Oh, heavens, please no. Not the good ship lollipop” was the internal dialogue, approximately.

Comment by Walela

Walela: what can i say? couldn’t get much “shorter” and/or sweeter than Shirley singing about that floating sucker, right? i’d also like to point out that a different person might have injected (heh) a little innuendo about a precocious little girl waxing poetic about such a thing to a plane full of grown men. but not me, boy. (ewwww) 🙄

Comment by snuppy

Snuppy – to your last comment – what could they have been thinking of – ewwww!?

Tali was a ringer for Shirley in her tot days. I’ll have to have a lookey later.

Happy Monday and all that.


Comment by Lampsha

Dimplomat…yet another great word invention Snuppy! Nice “short & sweet” post.

Comment by BoBo

A finer word and definition will never surface, unless perhaps it is a cycling class for folks with uh, well, dimples in their legs… Dimplomat: I like saying that word.

Comment by tsduff

One should always use ‘dimplomat’ dimplomaticamally.

Comment by Lord Likely

I had seen only snippets and clips of her work when I was a kid and for some reason she used to bug me so! But now, as a woman and a mother she is just adorable and utterly cute.

And just to be tangential, because otherwise what kind of bohemian would I be *gaspetty gasp*, there used to be a little girl that was her spitting image in a British school I used to attend in Spain… her brother was this annoying Scottish moron of a boy who delighted in kicking the school cat just to get my goat and that of my childhood best friend… so we beat him up… I used to smash his head on his desk in chemistry, when the teacher walked out the room… I don’t remember why but I must have been out of my mind angry as I was more the wussy type when it came to physical confrontations (though that didn’t stop me I’m afraid! Oy!)… nope… not a diplomat here! 😉

Yeah, I thought I’d bring the tangent to a close somehow, ha, ha, haaaa!

Besos to you my dearest Neva of all Snuppylicious Nevas! A faboo post FO SHO Shirley!

Comment by Catty Yummy Mummy

Lampsha: with her looks, why am i NOT surprised? just think, had you been a more aggressive “stage mother”, you, too, could have your beautiful daughter well on her way to the fame and fortune enjoyed by the likes of Lindsay Lohan and/or Britney Spears. what were you thinking?? 🙄

BoBo: thanks, sweetie… 😉

Terry: hahaha. thinkin’ “dimplomat” might also be a good place for a “fluff and fold”, assuming you have a problem with “puckering” clothes. or not 🙂

Lord Likely: “dimplomaticamally”? heh… now i’m confused (so easy to do, yet never good). d’oh! 😉

CYM: sounds like that kid was a “dipshitlomat”… and well deserving of the, um, “mussing” you and your friends served up! as for Shirley? i have to tell ya, she was darn talented… and an amazing performer for her age. i came thisclose to sharing a lovely clip of the dance she did with Bill “Bojangles” Robinson, but, considering today’s post was to be short (as in Shirley at 5 years old) and/or sweet (as in “Good Ship Lollipop”), i had to go with this one, instead. Besos right back at ya, amiga! 😀

Comment by snuppy

ok, a dya late, but she will come!

Since I am nto familiar with Shirley Temple ( I have heard the name and know who she is, but I have never seen her in anythign that I know off!) I found this absolutely adorable and what a talent at that age!

as for dimplomat? brilliant! I think they should add that with Ginormous into the dictionary!

Comment by Penguin

Penguin: i suspected you’d enjoy this clip. Shirley really was a terrific performer… and managed to maintain her reputation as a “nice girl” all her life. which, by today’s standards, is very impressive. anyway, i mentioned one of her most famous dancing scenes, one she did with the fabulously talented Bill “Bojangles” Robinson — if you’d like, you can watch it HERE! trust me, you’ll be impressed. (i’m not a fan of “colorized” films, but in this case, i’ll make an exception) then there’s THIS CLIP, from 1938, which is completely cute/funny, too! (you’ll recognize that other guy as Bert Lahr, who played the Cowardly Lion in The Wizard of Oz) 😉

Comment by snuppy

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