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Saturday, 25 August 2007, 9:36am
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Reminder: Make sure you put on at least 30 SPF sunscreen before stepping on sand, even if it is a cloudy day. Only somebody very careless (and perhaps a tad stupid) would do so and risk sunburn. Ouch. Pass the aloe vera.

Okay, never mind sunburn; let’s listen to somebody whose music would shine through on any cloudy day – Kathleen Edwards, a Canadian singer/songwriter. In reviewing her debut album, Failer released in 2003, Blender Magazine said that Failer’s songs “possessed an indefinable pull that makes you love the characters they describe no matter how f*#&ed up (my kids watch the vids) they are.” I’d have to agree.

She’s been nominated for a Juno Award and the critics love her. She’s also been hailed as one of the most distinctive upcoming songwriters. Hey, no pressure or anything Kate.

This song featured in the video is In State from her last album released, Back to Me (2005). Just a quick link to her site, where a click on the “Music” tab will lead you to more of her wonderful music. I’m a little partial to One More Song the Radio Won’t Like from her Failer album.

Here’s her MySpace, which has a song or two.

Have a great weekend. I’m heading out to our favorite beach spot tomorrow with the family for a little vacation. I of course have surf shirts, SPF 30 shirts, hats and SPF 50 because we certainly don’t want to get any more burned!


PST: Speaking of characters that pull you in, head on over to Humor-blogs.com where the sun never burns (but the humor scorches).

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That is pretty sunny music. I like it, strangely enough.

We aren’t all Irish, Lampy.

Enjoy your weekend.

Comment by Walela

Lampsha: remind me to tell you about the HOTHOT SUN in Boston, a couple of weeks ago. that cold i had may have overshadowed the farmer’s tan i wound up with — but that didn’t make my red/scorched shoulders any less unattractive and/or painful. aloe vera is the BEST remedy, glad to know you’ve got some on hand as you ready for your much needed and well deserved vacation!

as for Kathleen Edwards? Wow! love this song/video — and can’t wait to learn more about this artist! fabulous “note” to kick off another sure-to-be hot weekend, my fair friend! 😎

Comment by snuppy

Walela, that’s because the lyrics got through to you subliminally (which aren’t so sunny)!

And everybody’s got a bit of the Irish in them, doncha you know?

SNuppy, Ooh now that was a weekend to be covered from the sun (at least for us of the fair of skin). Yes, we’re slathering on the aloe vera gel liberally.

I love her sound too, glad you like!

Okay, I’m off to reign in the kids!

Comment by DJ Lampsha

Kathleen Edwards has a very nice, soothing voice. Reminds me just a little of a slightly more mellow Sheryl Crow. Have fun at the beach…stay out of the sun! Oh wait…that’s probably not possible.

Comment by BoBo

Bobo…I was just think Sheryl Crow, a bit softer.

I like her voice,too.

Kathleen Edwards…you couldn’t be named more normal, if you tried. Sound slike somebody you knew in second grade. I like that.

Comment by Penguin

Faboo find my dearest DJ Gina G! I like the slight edge to her voice, yes, somewhat Sheryl Crow-ish indeed and all aroun great. *sigh* I am forever envious of those that can sing! I can, at best, croak!

Oy on the sunburn! In spite of the fact that Loverboy and I donn’t burn easily, yeaaaars ago, pre-kids, we were in Mexico and cocky us thought we needed no sunscreen… lo and behold we got the worse burn any of us has ever had in our lives! Our shoulders and entire backs (I kid you not, ENTIRE backs) were red as could be and to even lie down was hell… so I feel for ya indeed and YES on the aloe!

Here’s to a faboo weekend to all and a burn-free one to you and yours dearest Lampsha! And hey, it’s even sunny in SF, miracle of all miracles so WOOH and all that jazz…


Comment by Catty Yummy Mummy

Bobo, I can hear that a bit. I do love her voice. On the sun – once bitten/twice shy. We’ll be covered this time round.

Penguin – yes like an old friend. Although in your case, she may have been in second grade with you as she’s about your age.

MizCYM: Yes, I like that edge too. You and me both on the voices. We’ll just content ourselves to singing along.

Ooch and ouch on the burns! Scissors doesn’t burn either but one time for him too. Luckily the kids (especially Tali) take after him on the skin sensitivity. We’re aloe vera-ing away!

Glad the sun is shining for you in SF! Enjoy the rest of the weekend all!

See you in a few days!

G’night amigos y amigas!

Comment by DJ Lampsha

Her voice is soothing. And I like the acoustic feel of the music. But that song was strange.

Comment by nessa

wait…is she the one that pointed at me and laughed while I had to sing my song in music class….that Kathleen!

Comment by Penguin

“that pull you in, head on” this belongs on the post below.

Comment by tanlucypez

I have that song, In State, in my iTunes library. I got it on some kind of sampler CD. I wasn’t that impressed the first time I heard it, but it keeps growing on me and now I absolutely love it. Just a great song.

Comment by Diesel

Nice voice, great song–thanks for the spin! And the Skin Flutes post below is topical for me, because I was just trying to recall the words to that song recently, during a game of Scrabble with TLP and Niks. I don’t remember why I wanted to sing that to my parents, though. They kept giving me beer.

Comment by actonbell

Liked the music, but the lyrics weren’t quite as sunny. Hope you had a great time at the beach. We finally got some real summer weather over here, so I’ll be breaking out the suntan lotion (of course as soon as I do, the sun will probably go away again).

Comment by Theresa

Ohhh, interesting, a little more country than I typically prefer, but not right over the top.
It does grow in you though

Comment by logo™

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