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Monday, 27 August 2007, 9:02am
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geeky girl?LAST year, we stumbled on a happy-yet-geeky little song that caused us to giggle, chortle, and snort in delight. Mostly, we fear, because it reminded us of our not-so-young sons, and their penchant for all things “geeky”. That is, of course, if one considers computer/video games, science fiction movies, and/or non-stop IM’ing “geeky”, and we kind of do. The fact that we, too, happen to enjoy those things, is beside the point. The point, which will garner us access to the castle, once we complete this level, is that some of us have a life outside of our geeky inclinations, and are, therefore, a whole lot more well-rounded. (Say one word about our state of “well-rounded-ness” as it relates to those extra pounds we gained a couple of years ago, and we will so smack you upside your greasy head with our TiVo remote.)

WHATEVER… we didn’t give the aforementioned song another thought until we read THIS POST by our harmonica playing friend, Jeff. Thanks to him, we were reminded (in part) of how much we laughed the 1st 7 or 8 times we heard “Make You Happy Tonight“, and we wondered if a few Snark “newbies” might not enjoy it, too. And — bonus — the fact that the following is a different, more “produced” version makes it newish to those of you who saw it here, last year. Considering the charming artist featured by the clever and even more charming DJ LAMPSHA in this week’s spin, we’re pretty sure you’ll all agree that the following number is as good a Musical Opposite for the Sake of Cheap Laughs as any we’ve forced you to watch shared.

THE name of this clever/talented group, by the way, is TRIPOD. A true geek (we suspect at least ONE or TWO of our favorite contributors fall into this category) would definitely want to check out Tripod’s website, if only to see how far a group of Australian comics with too much time on their hands — and/or interest in Dungeons and Dragons — can do with a few 1’s and 0’s. We don’t know what that means, since we have no idea how to program anything but the aforementioned TiVo, but we’ve been told 0’s & 1’s are kind of important in the world of computer programming. What can we say… it’s all “geek” to us.


Ghic chic” ~seen on t-shirt worn by a “regular” at Humor-blogs.com


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here’s hoping Crummy(yet-NOT)Joel and/or Teh Penguin won’t mind being called “geeks”, and will favor us with their own wonderful brand of humorous posts, tomorrow and Wednesday, respectively. trust me, i meant no disrespect! i think teaching math and/or mastering Pokémon are wonderful aspirations! i do… i really do!! (what the hell, i’m not qualified to do either) 😉

Comment by One Hot Puppy

laughing, because the title of this post appears as: TrÃ@s Geek on Humor-blogs.com. what’s up with that? 😕

Comment by One Hot Puppy

Oh I don’t mind being called a geek. Not only do I teach math, I play Heroclix. Yep, like D&D but with little superheroes instead.

Back with a letter tomorrow.

Comment by CrummyJoel

Crummy(oh-SO-not)Joel: you’re my hero! or you will be after tomorrow! 😉

guess YouTube is “down”, cuz that “Geek Song” video won’t load up. anyone curious to take a listen, can click the top link to see/hear the “original” version i literally stumbled over, several months ago. trust me, it’s veryvery funny! (at least we all thought so, last year!) ALSO Tripod’s website is hilarious… and yet, damn entertaining. click on “inventory” then “sounds” to hear some of their other songs (covers and original). my son and i just listened to “Lucifer is in Heaven”, and we howled (in laughter, that is)! 😎

Comment by snuppy

Big fan of Tripod and the International Geek Song…not sure what that says about us Snuppy but who really cares anyway? Great Monday post and, for the record, any pounds you may have added over the past few years must be invisible cause you look mah-va-less!.

Comment by BoBo

Thanks for the geek shout-out! I’m encouraging my son to go to a geek school and become a professional geek because… well, Bill Gates is a geek and… nuff said.

Comment by Jeff

Damn YouTube is acting up I believe (unless it’s just me it’s banning but I just cleaned my cache and no deal ’cause it won’t let me in! BWAAAAH!) so I shall, for now, be outta the loop of some things geeky… not all mind you for I be a bona fide geek FO SHO!

As a kid,and if I didn’t have kids and instead had time on my hands it would probably be the same now, I always had my head buried in books… was the OCDish-gotta-have-my-4.0-or-croak kinda girl and I once tried to convince my mom and the eye doctor that I was in SERIOUS need of glasses… I did get some but they were only some reading glasses and I got bored with them fast enough so…


Some days it is hard to tell, I try to blend in to the world more but then I make the mistake of laughing and what happens? SNORT! I kid you not!

Wait? Was this about confessions of all things geeky or did I just stick my foot in it? Oy! 😉

Faboo post amiga mia and I WILL see the video, this I vow, I WILL YOUTUBE BE DAMNED! (Or not… I figure I am gonna have to wait but oh well, at least I sounded tough! Ha, ha, haaaa!)

Well, off I go to battle the School District on the phone… ’tis the first day of school and I am still working it to get Lil’ B into the school down the street!

Besos and mucho amor!

Comment by Catty Yummy Mummy

Dr. Weirsdo likes to buy presents we can “share,” too, but his tend to be edible.

Comment by weirsdo

BoBo: this song is a classic, most certainly in our happy little household! (oh, how our kids can relate) 🙄

Jeff: the pleasure was all mine. and i completely agree with the direction you’re gently “nudging” your son in, i believe Bill Gates sets a fine example of the heights a nerd can acheive, when he/she sets his/her mind to it. 😉

Miz CYM: ooooooooh! amiga, i am such a loser! i missed your call the other day, have not returned it and/or sent that e-mail — ’tis a wonder you’re still talking to me, i tell ya! as for the YouTube snafu? trust me, the problem is with the site, NOT you… i’ve been having trouble with it all day. hopefully you WILL see the video, eventually — thinkin’ it’ll be good for a hearty laugh, or two! 🙂

Mrs. Weirsdo: mmm — i’ll take “edible” over “hi-tech” any day! 😉

Comment by snuppy

Aaaah, yes, I recall this one. Good stuff.
Definitely worth a revisit.
heh heh

Comment by logo™

It’s lovely and funny

I’m not good enough with 1’s and 0’s to be a geek

Comment by pia

You outed me!

Hello! My name is Monika and I am a geek.

Cheers for that you four-pawed creature! 🙂

Now, since i am at work I can’t access teh you tube video…I can’t wait to get home and explore my geekiness to a whole new level 🙂

Comment by Penguin

Oh yes…I am a geek. Guy with glasses is very cute. Tripod is an odd name for a musical band, but hey…I am sur etehy made a list and weight the pros and cons. Nice opposite, snuppy!

Comment by Penguin

What’s heroclix?

I don’t play any games, so I can’t really relate. Now if you don’t mind, I need to give my baby some sweet lovin.’ As soon as I vist 36 other blogs.

Comment by Diesel

I see three young man who ought to read the four agreements.

Comment by Walela

by the by…enjoyed the Super Mario- Nintendo reference 🙂

getting through teh level to get to teh castle and get that blond-haired princess. My firts game ever!

Comment by Penguin

Ha, ha, haaaaa! I JUST saw it and I LOVED it! I was wondering what was funny about it when it began… I was even buying into the cheesy shots of the couple in the beginning (Hey! Pre-kids the fantasies are all things kinky and now, *sigh*, if I can get 5 minutes of full-blown-non-smart-ass attention just for me I am in heaven!) what with parenthood and all depriving me of cheesiness these days 😉 and then the x-box came into play. Brilliant!

Video games have never been big with Loverboy but back in the day when we only had our PC the internet used to be his mistress… so the clever man gos us both laptops DAMN HIM and turned his wife into a blogger!

Pffft! It would have been cheaper to dote on me wouldn’t you think? 😉

I LOVED the video and thought the song style and manner of delivery and unexpected nature of it all was simply brilliant! Faboo find my dearest amiga de mi alma! But then again, it surprises me not that I loved it seeing that you picked it out!

Call me cheesy but my chessiness is sincere FO SHO!

OH! And as for the email and call and whatnot… WORRY NOT! I am here for the long haul, my cell is with me anytime and anytime you need to get me, there I am amiga mia!

Mil besos and all my love siempre!


Comment by Catty Yummy Mummy

PS- WHY OH WHY are my comments always so long??? Short comments and I obviously don’t mix so don’t hold your breaths on that one and come on people and learn to F*****G (I am being polite today…) ramble DAMMIT!!!

Comment by Catty Yummy Mummy

logo™: this hails back to the days the Village Idiot was in our midst — in fact, i “found” this song while looking for a contribution to one of his weekly music ‘memes’. sigh… i miss that orange rubber head. 🙂

Pia: i’m not good with those 1’s/0’s, either, and yet, i manage “geek” rather well. d’oh! 😉

Pokémonika: pretty sure you established that “geek” thing nicely on your last visit! 🙄

Diesel: i don’t know what one is, either, but it sounds… sexual. try using the term on Mrs. Diesel, and let us know how it works out. and now i’m laughing, because i can totally see you doing a “blogger” version of this song for that lovely wife of yours! 😉

Walela: guessing they read the agreements that came with the Game Cube, X-box, Nintendo DS, and Wii systems, instead. those geeks. 🙄

Pokémonika: i made that with you in mind, dear friend — i would SO have been disappointed if you’d a’ missed it! 🙂

Mizzy CYM: cheesy? CHEESY? usted??? ¡díos mio! ¡eso es imposible, amiga! as for those video games Loverboy didn’t play and/or the blogging you started, thinkin’ those are both damn good things. i have to say this video is pretty darn funny, but i still think the “original” (that first link) is better — but only because of the mannerisms of the 3 singers. and last, but most certainly NOT least — i, for one, adore your LONG-ASS COMMENTS, so don’t you go complainin’ about one single word, missy! they’re ALL delish, just like YOU! 🙂

Comment by snuppy

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