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I am going back to school… by Snuppy
Wednesday, 29 August 2007, 8:18am
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uoi.jpegIn exactly 9 hours and I can’t fall asleep. Nurse Practitioning, here I come. University of Iceland. I feel teleported right back into childhood before a new school year starts. My folders are marked, my pencil case’s sorted and the first chapter of every book is read, high-lighted and summarized. Yes, I was a good student, always. *dares everybody to use another term*

I loved going to school, even as a little girl. Well, except for the boys…they were weird. Little Steven used to run after me during breaks, lift up my skirt and say: “Lid up, water’s boiling!” Or that stupid Heinrich, who used to stick his pencil into my back whenever he sat behind me and when I’d turn around he’d grin like he had had too much sunshine.

Once, one of them took my nature booklet from my table and they started to throw it between them and I tried to catch it, but they were taller than me…so I kicked the nearest boy…he yelped…the teacher came and pulled me by the ear into a corner where I had to stand for the entire class, my hands balled into fists… I also went home with a note, something about aggressive behavior. My nature booklet was never subject for throwing exercises again.

I always got along well with my teachers, though. And silly little boys didn’t spoil masculinity for me, at all. When I was 14 I had my first crush on my history teacher. Boy, he sucked at teaching…didn’t learn much about Napoleon, but that teacher sure marched all over my mind. He always wore black, emptied his pockets before every class and then words left his mouth, all I ever catched was that “Did you know that something really boring happened to somebody really ugly, in the Middle Ages?!” I eventually banned him from my mind when I turned 16.

Then at university, I changed course. I developed a crush on a fantastic teacher and his subject. Linguistics. Many nights were spent feverishly scanning over his handouts of sentence negation and sub-clause movement. I got a perfect grade in each of his courses. I know what you are thinking: to get over him I got under him…nope…he was driving his car on the other side of the road. He’ll always remain the teacher that inspired me the most. I still love Linguistics and check out a book every now and then for a bit of light reading.

This time around all my teachers are female. Any development of a crush would involve a major life-style choice. In case it happens though…I’ll be able to take my pulse and know the right medication to keep my blood pressure down.

Wish me luck… with the studies, of course!

~ Penguin out

We have a crush on everyone at Humor-blogs.com.

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the first day of school?? gotta tell ya, sweet Penguin, when i remember my own “first” days, i have knots in my stomach for you! so weird, when you think about it — i mean, after all these years (for me) i can still recall that sense of excitement mixed in with panic over attending classes for the first time at the beginning of each new school year.

loveloveLOVE the stories of your crushes — and think it marvelous one great professor helped cultivate a passion for languages in you. sorry he drove on “the other side of the road”, but i’m guessing that’s for the best. only female instructors this time around? sounds a bit… sexisit for such a “forward thinking” country, but maybe that’s just the luck of the ‘teacher draw’ this semester, eh? (hope so!) 😉

fantastic post! especially considering the state of your nerves! good luck — can’t wait to hear about everything! (~snuppy) 😎

Comment by One Hot Puppy


small update: I saw at least 6 guys at the introductory meeting today. Students! All’s well 🙂

Comment by Penguin

Come on, you can write better than this. Your old posts are so much better!

Comment by Carra

I wish you all the best Penguin. I’m very happy for you and hope that any crushes will come to fruition. 🙂

Comment by Brian

yay for having guys in class! i mean, this is a grand and NOBLE field you’re going into, and most certainly should NOT be limited to the fairer sex. i’m pretty sure “boys” can grasp the complex nature of Nurse Practicianing, too given enough time… 😉

now… who the hell’s this “Carra” person? i see no link to a blog, so i’m wondering if it’s just another crummy piece o’ spam? (one managed to sneak in earlier this morning, on the post below). or is “Carra” a friend of yours, and one we should embrace, even as we laugh wildly at her attempts to poke fun at your writing?? inquiring minds controlling fingers hovering over “delete” buttons want to know… 🙄

Comment by snuppy

Good luck, penguin! Just so someone’s said it: You really can put an eye out with syringes. Vorsicht!

Somehow your history teacher made me think: Able was I, ere I saw Elba.

Comment by Walela

OK, and lame tangent: Is that Athena on the school’s crest?

Comment by Walela

Carra, I think you must have me confused with someone else 🙂 leave a link and I’ll phrase a nice comment on your page…sub-clauses and everything!

Brian, that and I hope my studies go well!

Snuppy, *raises shoulders* NO clue! Thought she might be a fan of yours and got the two of us confused 🙂

Comment by Penguin

Congrats and best wishes on the return to school.
I love school too and also had crushes on brilliant teachers, the males ones!

Comment by logo™

That is so cool! Congratulations! I’m envious, too, as I’m trying to get my finances in such a place that I can go study meteorology. Yeah, I said it.

Hope your studies go extremely well. Good luck!

Comment by Howard

I always thought is was tougher and funner to maintain just enough grade point average to not get in trouble at home but still hang out with all my flunkie friends. I was also smart enough to have my friend write all my notes from my parents. If I had a legitimate note from my parents I’d tear it up and have him write it. Never got busted that way.

Comment by VE

Good luck with your classes although I don’t think luck has much to do with it. I’m excited for you. I loved school too.

Comment by Nessa

Penguin…curious as to what “other term” you were daring to be called. Four letters beginning with N and ending in D perhaps? Not you, never. I remember the excitement/fear of the first day of school (barely) and how it seemed to quickly turn to dread and daily searches for a semi-good reason not to go…but that was just me. Great post – watch out for the mean boys.

Comment by BoBo

Logo…it goes without saying, doesn’t it?

Howard, please take my dad with you. We live in iceland and weatehr fetaures largely in our lives, my dad loves weatehr the most…on Christmas I gave him a basic book about weather and everythig about it. He excused himself for teh rest of the evening and went with his new book. Someone has to study it 🙂

VE, I have a friend just like that. She is amazing, the gift of the gap 🙂

Nessa, thank you and it has little to do with luck…i agree. Although some of it never hurt 🙂

Bobo, I knew you knew that I wasn’t a nerd. You just have such a strong will to live 🙂 Despite your school fever, you seem to have managed quite well in life. And wasn’t there a class at uni you told me about, that you never attended, took teh test anyway and passed with flying colors. Well yes, I believe you did 🙂

Comment by Penguin

The child gets one day more education than I have and suddenly I don’t even rate an answer. Life isn’t just about books and native intelligence, you know, Staying in shape. That sort of thing.

Comment by Walela

cheer up, Doug, i’m sure she didn’t ignore you on purpose… she’s a penguin, but that doesn’t mean she can’t be a bit, um, flighty. *pats Walela on back*

Comment by snuppy

*thinks a moment*… I rather suppose you were an “avid” student. (takes her up on the dare to use another term) :))

Kicked the nearest boy who stole your nature book? Well, that is brilliant, instead of just standing there crying… you are a gal who gets things done!

I used to love to go back to school too; something about getting a new notebook, pencils, cool writing utensil boxes, fresh clean paper to write on… you know.

Comment by tsduff

Oh how well I know the feeling of the first day of school! I would get the worst stomach aches ever!

And there was a Steven in my life too that used to kick the school cats to get at me… so my Danish/Argentinian best friend (whom I am still in touch with… we have known each other since we were 4 and she lives in Vegas now!) and Danish/Iranian me beat up that stupid Scottish boy and all the boys made a circle around us and cheered us on. I was really worried and thought that I would be either suspended or expelled (this happened in a very strict British school we attended) but nothing happened! Years later it hit me that a boy would not want to admit that girls beat him up!

And because I was the geeky-frizzy-haired-sit-in-the-front-and-take-notes-like-crazy-and-make-sure-I-was-the-top-student girl I got a couple of bullies after me in high school and one day I had it with one moron and whacked him hard upside the head in math class and broke all his penciles and split his ruler in half. The teacher, who also happened to be Iranian (and he was married to a German woman), called me up and asked me “So has he been bothering you too?” and so he was happy that I hit him!

🙂 It feels good to have support when beating up the boys! Ha, ha, haaaa!

And as for crushes, I was 12, and mine was on my Physics teacher… he was a geeky, bumbling British guy, Mister Bell, but he was charming and I spent my lunchtimes in his lab messing around with the Vandergraph generator… I told you I was a geek!!!

In San Francisco female teachers can work to your benefit FO SHO! Some are VERY open to flirting! 🙂

I will be thinking of you my dearest Minka and wish you the very best of luck!!! We live right by a well known med school in San Francisco… methinks you need to transfer on over and be my neighbor! YES, YES I SAY!

Besos and GOOD LUCK!

Comment by Catty Yummy Mummy

PS- that long winded comment was my way of saying that I LOVED your post and I LOVED getting to know these fun tidbits about you! I just didn’t get around to actually mentioning it! D’oh!

Comment by Catty Yummy Mummy

ooohhh!! how exciting. Best wishes for your return to school miss Penguin. I can just feel the excitement all the way from here. Don’t you just love new school supplies? No? Just me then.

May your days be filled with teachers spouting interesting stuff and really fun, frisky, & fascinating men driving down the hetero highway!

Comment by kyahgirl

Got your Trapper Keeper?

I hear these days they come with a usb port.

Comment by Chris C

Pascover? now you see how it feels when you write in invisible ink, ey? I saw your comments and for the life of me…I don’t know why I didn’t respond…maybe it just keeps coming to me 🙂
I believe that is Athena…I always assumed. I will figure it out. Promise!

Snuppy…flightya dn flakey…yep, that’s me 🙂

terry, I would have loved you sittign next to me in class. Same neat freak. There is somethign about teh beginnign of a new school year…tabula rasa…the chance of soemthing worthwile being imprinted on yoru new empty papers…

Miz B: thank you so much, my sweet little cherub. That was so fun to read and I love your stories and I hope we get the chance to share some of them soon, eye-to-eye. As for my departure from Iceland to other shores…well, there is a place I’d love to go to … not that close to SF but closer than say Reykjavik :)I love you too, sweetheart and thanks for the support of this, my not so good writing 😉

kyahgirl, thank you…it was a wonderful first day of school with many surprises. An awesome day, pardon my New Yorkan 🙂

Chris c, I don’t even know where to start to explain my sincere stupirity when it comes to all things technical…need I mention the pens and paper again. Old Method, my friend 😉

To everybody trying to support this post, despite a certain comment, I thank you for your sensitivity and I love you guys!

Comment by Penguin

woah they still use pens?

Comment by Chris C

No way! Iceland! I lived there for two years in Keflavik in ’88 & ’89. I heard they closed that base down this year or last.

I was doing broadcasting for AFRTS for the Navy (I was a Seaman!) and really enjoyed it. I still have very fond memories of Iceland; just not of the military.

Comment by Howard

Good luck for ALL your days of school. I hope your first one was a blast!

“He was driving his car on the other side of the road,” cracked me up. New to me. But if he was “driving in reverse” wouldn’t that imply more rear-end collisions? LOL (Sorry, it’s late.)

Comment by IDiveAtNight

yes Chris…and by they, I mean ME!

Howard, well…yes we closed that joint down last year…the apartments are now for students to rent.

Morgan, humor can be found when one looks closely 🙂

Comment by Penguin

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