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Saturday, 8 September 2007, 8:20am
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This feature is long overdue and actually I’m long overdue to be out the door. A connundrum so early in the morning. Yes, today starts another semester of violin for my daughter so I’ll have to work on being a bit more prepared.

I’ll be brief:

His name is Ben Harper. He’s got a beautiful voice. He writes good music. Any questions?

Okay then, moving right along, check him out:

Let’s see what else I have up my sleeve — his MySpace. Oh and this one says that it is Ben’s SITE OFFICIEL. He’s not French, but it says official, albeit in another language and I don’t have time for fact checking.

Of course, if you really like his music, you’ll be able to find much more to your liking all over the web. Sorry, for the slipshod post, but I hope you enjoy his music and your weekend!

Tali, get your violinnnnn!!!!

spinning out of control once again

Head on over to the SITE OFFICIEL of Humor, Humor-Blogs.COM, I think they’re serving croissants today.


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Lampsha!! i loveloveLOVE Ben Harper! his voice is dreamy and his music is divine. seriously, one could imagine listening to his music whilst hanging out on the back porch, swinging in a hammock.(or hey, while taking a nice long drive out in the country– or on the way to the beach!)

weird the info on his site is in French — i mean, did i read the wiki wrong, or wasn’t he born in California? still, it would seem he’s popular in Europe, so maybe that’s his “nod”.

this video was lovely, too. tho’ what “she wore diamonds on the inside” has to do with surfing is anyone’s guess. (sure there’s significance… but i missed it). oh yeah, he’s not hard on the eyes, either, is he? guessing his wife, Laura Dern, thinks so too! (imagine how completely gorgeous their kids must be)

WELL DONE and WELCOME BACK, NBFF!! you were missed!!!! πŸ™‚

,,\/(^_^)\/,, peace and love, girlfriend, peace and love.

Comment by snuppy

oh yeah — here’s hoping Tali’s first day of violin goes well. after hearing her play for teh Penguin last month, i know it will — ‘cuz that girl is gifted! won’t be long before you’re featuring her music in here, i tell ya… πŸ˜‰

Comment by snuppy

Pretty all around.

Comment by nessa

Very nice. He’s pretty too.

Comment by TLP

Really liked the “There Will Be Light” song and video on his My Space page. Another good find DJ!!

Comment by BoBo

Lampsha, I’ve never listened to Ben Harper before. I’ve heard a lot of hype, but now I’m glad I gave it a listen. Cool.

Comment by IDiveAtNight

Snuppy, he’s good, isn’t he? I agree on all counts. I guess he’s from the french part of California. He is easy on the eye and I looked up a picture after reading your comments and your suspicions are confirmed – beautiful kids. They should live and be well.

Anyway, this video is giving me problems, his site is in French and that’s my efforts on my return. Oy vay – vacation has totally mellowed me. It’s good to be back, I missed you all. Enjoy the rest of your weekend with Bobo! XOX And Peace Baby to you! .\oo/.

Comment by Lampsha

Snuppy, premature publish!

Times being what they are, I just may record Tali for The Snark πŸ™‚ Thank you, and I will pass on your compliment to Ms. Fiddlesticks in the morning. XOX

Nessa, I couldn’t agree more – glad you enjoyed.

TLP: It’s a nice added benefit when that happens, isn’t it?

Bobo, I’ll check that out. I’m liking his music even more so now that I’m listening to more than one song. I’m off to listen!

IDAN: I just gave you an Israeli name. Anyway, isn’t that great when somebody actually lives up to the hype? So glad you enjoyed.

Okay, enjoy the rest of your weekend friends. I’m off to see the wizard and catch some shut eye.

Comment by Lampsha

Are you game? Please play with me.

Comment by nessa

I am in love with Ben Harper. I would let him violate me if he just felt like it, you know?

Comment by abarclay12

Did you say game? Suuuuurrre, I’ll play!

abarclay12, I can see why girl. Even if he didn’t feel like it – I understand.

Oy, how did it get to be Sunday night already? Let’s all ignore that fact and enjoy the rest of our weekend.

Comment by Lampsha

I really like Ben Harper. This is a great song. He has a great sad song called “Another Lonely Day”, which is one of the most beautiful songs ever, I think.

Comment by Diesel

Nice sound. Thanks, DJ Lampshade!

No comment on “she had diamonds on inside”

Comment by Walela

Snuppy beat me to the mention of Laura Dern being his lady love… that is really all I knew about him and though I knew him to be a singer I lost my Ben Harper virginity here I dare say… OOOWEEEE! *blushetty blush*

What a beautiful voice! So soothing and sexy all at once and mmmm, mmmm he be some FAHN eye candy DAS FO SHO!

And yep, had seen pics of their babies and they are beauties indeed!

DJ Gina G, thou hast done it again! A fabulous find in all possible ways! Hope sweet Tali had a good start to her new violin semester! Big neshikot to the whole Lampsha familia!

Comment by Catty Yummy Mummy

Diesel, that song is achingly beautiful. Thanks for the tip. I really need to pick up an entire cd of his. Right now.

Walela, please comment on “she had diamonds on inside” – please. I agree on his sound.

Comment by Lampsha

CattYummyMummsy: Oooh I just missed you! Can’t leave without tucking in all the commentors.

Ooooh, don’t tell Loverboy (Loverman πŸ™‚ about losing your virginity here! He won’t let you visit! Heeheee. FO SHO/FoSHO on all counts.

Yes Tali’s back into the swing of things/it’s Mommy that has to get motivated and up early. How do you do you manage such early rising? Do you go to bed early? I need some help! Big big neshikot back to the entire Bohemian familia (I snuck in and watched two videos last night but I was too tired to comment so I’ll be back for the last one. I do loooove what I’ve seen so far as always).


Comment by Lampsha

Ha, ha, haaa! Thou art too sweet my dearest amiga… glad you liked the vids you saw so far!

And oy! No, I should go to bed early but I do not… I go to bed too late, get up at 5:30 am because I don’t like to hurry… then I clean and tidy the kitchen and set the tea and make the kids’ lunches and wake them up and feed and dress them and walk them to school… and I say I get up to not hurry but I hurry anyway because I figure that the more I do now the more I will be able to do later and throughout the day…

It is called being mentally ill I’m afraid! I will be the death of me I tell you… the past number of nights I have had a total attack of nausea… I only get like that when badly exhausted so I am working on pacing myself… just popping in to let you know that though I manage early risings, “sanity” is something I am still working on! How do YOU do it amiga mia?

Have a nice and peaceful night and when you are up bright and early tomorrow remember this, I won’t be too far behind! πŸ˜‰

Big neshikot to you my friend!

Comment by Catty Yummy Mummy

OK, in my humble opinion, that is too cheesy a line for such a thoughtful sound. But on the whole, this is the kind of music I count on you to show me. I never listen to anything new, and I’ve found I’d missed a lot of good stuff here on Saturdays.

Comment by Walela

Quite a big piece of eye-candy that young fellow. Nice. that was sweetness all around!

Comment by Penguin

CYM: “It is called being mentally ill I’m afraid!” had me cracking up after reading your well orchestrated morning ritual. Okay, now I don’t feel quite so bad. How do I manage it? I’m still working on that. I am a terrible morning person although I yearn to be one. Scissors, on the other hand, is the catalyst for us in the am as he gets up like clockwork without an alarm. Although he feels no zen-like need to get the house straightened and just so before the kids get up (that’s where I come in).

Since it’s the Jewish New Year, I may look inside on some of these things…oh wait, I can sleep a little later. I promise to think as I rest.

Big neshikot to you!

Walela, somewhere in there is a backhanded compliment which I’ll accept :()

Penguin, indeed he is! Glad you likey!

Comment by Lampsha

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