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Saturday, 15 September 2007, 7:51am
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So here I sit, presumably pulling a post together for the Saturday Spin which runs clear through to Monday. My husband has just pointed out this evening that I am indeed a procrastinator. What is his point? That instead of writing this post that features the band SPOON, I have checked out several design blogs, one “news” blog that talked about David Beckham having cheated on his wife with their nanny, and taken a quiz to test my latino celebrity knowledge. Come on – most latinos wouldn’t know those fakakta answers!

Also I should point out that we are in Holiday mode in my household celebrating Rosh Hashanah and welcoming in the Jewish New Year of 5768 (put that way, I suddenly feel older) and just being reflective and eating. And reflecting…as we eat so that we should have the strength to reflect some more. So Shanah Tovah to all who celebrate!

Now let’s get back on track. Whenever I hear this band on the radio, I think it’s another band. Then I think – they’re pretty cool, why not feature them on a Spin? So with several bands piling up in the queueue, what the heck? They’re an indie band from Austin Texas (I’d love to visit Austin for their music scene alone). The guitarist/vocalist and drummer formed the band in 1994 with a rotating cast of characters and have been described as an indie/punk hybrid. They have a bunch of albums/eps under their belt. This song, I Turn My Camera On is from their 2005 album, Gimme Fiction:

Over at their MySpace, you can hear songs from old albums and their current and sixth album, Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga. You could also just have fun saying the album title. Or you could check out the band’s website. as you yourself reflect.

Whatever you do, have a good weekend doing it. Enjoy!


PS: Head on over to Humor-blogs.com where you may just hear a shofar. If not, ask if you can borrow a spoon.


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Okay, Julian gives it a thumbs up but would like to hear Modest Mouse. Tali thnks it’s boring but didn’t listen to any of their music.

Now I’m out the door.

Comment by DJ LAMPSHA

catchy! you’re right, they remind me of another band, too. only for the life of me, i can’t remember the name (it’ll come to me — or BoBo!) anyway — this was a cool video, too. kind of “every guy’s” fantasy about having sexy girls roam around the house, crawl around on the front lawn, and um, out of the back of the throat? (okay, that last one was a bit… odd).

also cracking up at your “procrastination” proclivities. oy, how i can relate. just one more reason you and i are NBFF’s, eh?

fabulous spin, dearest DJ Lampsha! here’s hoping your day is wonderful, and that the New Year brings with it many good surprises, much love, and great amounts of joy! L’Shanah Tovah! (is that right?) πŸ™‚

,,\/(^_^)\/,, peace and MUCH love.

Comment by snuppy

Who do they remind me of?

The problem with Judaism is that I’m .6% the age of the earth. That’s ok, but the Earth hasn’t gained an ounce.

Comment by Walela

Happy Holiday DJ…Like Spoon and I’m with Julian on Modest Mouse…they’re cool too.

Comment by BoBo

Happy New Year. Enjoy your procrastinating, do some more quizzes, find out some more essential information on the Beckhams, and eat a bit more. Cool band, they do sound like some other band I’ve heard, or maybe it was this band…getting the kids back to school is muddling my head a bit, and I’m not too sure of anything anymore. πŸ™‚

Comment by Theresa

I’m going to be bobbing my head all night now. That hurts my neck.

Comment by nessa

“The guitarist/vocalist and drummer formed the band in 1994 with a rotating cast of characters and have been described as an indie/punk hybrid.”

an indie/punk Whitesnake!

Comment by Chris C

Snuppy, when I heard this particular song, it called to mind the White Stripes. But they’re also reminding me of someone else – bobo, anyone?

Oh yes on the procrastination, just another good reason. Thank you for your good wishes perfectly delivered.

Walela, who is it? I know – it ages well, doesn’t it?

Bobo, thank you. Modest Mouse was a big hit in the Lampsha household.

Theresa, thank you. I may have to run a contest to award the person who can come up with the band they remind us of. Yes, I’m in that same state myself – coffee anyone?

Nessa, I’m bobbing with you, like two bobblehead dolls!

Chris C, Whitesnake! Holy Hairband batman – that’s not the one, but now I’ll have to think about that.

Okay everyone, enjoy the rest of your weekend! Thanks for stopping in.

Comment by Lampsha

Snuppy, by the way – is it my imagination that our blogroll shrank considerably (including but not limited to – ME! πŸ™‚

Comment by Lampsha

A little bit of Beck?

Comment by DJ LAMPSHA

Lampsha: Beck? yeah, maybe. i kind of thought the beginning of this song is somewhat Gnarles Barkley-ish, too.

oooh, and as for the blogroll? yeah, i think we “shortened” it a tad, but YOUR name? no no no NO!! that said, i changed it from “Lampshade Lady” to Lampsha, but cross my heart and hope to die, that’s it!

okay, this is the extent of my time on the ‘puter today (seriously, i haven’t been online at all). i’ll look forward to “catching” up with everyone tomorrow, and dearest Lampsha/NBFF, hope your weekend was as nice — and quiet — as ours! (what can i say? it was lovely) 😎

Comment by snuppy

Pretty interesting video. I watched MTV from the get-go, and although I used to love it, I always found that if I watch a video I don’t “hear” the music as well. Strange. But then, that’s what I am. I’ll have to listen again to see if I really like the music and this time close my eyes.

If it’s the year 5768, I think I’m holdin’ up pretty good.

Comment by TLP

I like the gals from Robert Palmer (RIP) videos better… they were wearing skirts. I don’t think I’ve ever seen or heard this band before.

BTW – I procrastinated too long in coming over here, and missed this post over the weekend!

Comment by tsduff

Not my cuppa tea, I think…I liked the beat and moved my head, then my arms, I even got up and moved my legs…and then I sorta got bored…and slithering ladies crawling teh front lawn is not enticing me much. I wonder if my appreciation of this clip would change where it a hot funky dude slithering???

I cracked up at “or you can just repeat teh title for your own amusement” becuase at that second I was doing Gagagaga…in a Falco imitation voice. I was amused πŸ™‚

Hope you had a lovely weekend, mine was awesome! pardon my American!

Comment by Penguin

Snuppy, Gnarles-Barkley-ish – hmmmmm. Yes. Pfew on the blogroll. I thought since I hadn’t been around much that I might have to earn my way back on. Willing to work for link. XOX

TLP, I know exactly what you’re saying because I feel the same way. Although my experience vary – sometimes the video enhanced the experience and the song solo doesn’t hold up as well. But mostly, it’s the other way around, I like listening without the other distractions. I too hear better that way.

You’re holding up damn good!

Terry: Yeah, at least they were wearing skirts…and nice lipstick too! Oh and they got to play guitars!

Look at it this way – you’re early for next week πŸ™‚

Penguin: You know, I like Spoon when I hear them in the car, but I wasn’t overwhelmed with them here. Ha, you and Tali had the same experience – Boring.

See – do I know my crowd (actually I was trying that too).

Pardon your American – we love when you do that! It’s, well awesome and good for you.


Comment by Lampsha

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