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A Modern-Day Sphinx! by Snuppy
Wednesday, 19 September 2007, 6:13am
Filed under: Teh Penguin

I know people don’t like to listen to others complain. A joke to lighten the mood or a cute, little anecdote about something involving somebody making an arse of himself is usually prefered. Not gonna happen today!

Geography has become my enemy. I don’t know what they did, but I am inclined to blame tectonic plates. Something brought me to this island and last spring I decided to enroll into university once again. Who made me? Society! And by society, I mean my mom!


Anyhoo…practical nursing it is gonna be and these are the main books for the next three months. Add to that a decent amount of articles, usually with numbers and charts, that some lonely professor deems an interesting inside. If you wanna get a real high grade, buy the professor’s newly-published book about “Species segmentation in areotropical melting niches!”, link that to brain surgery and you are golden!

It’s Human Anatomy that is bugging me the most. See, most of you know I am German and I can point to my heart, lungs and toes without problems. Now, at some point I learned the major body parts in English…but God strike me down if I know where the zygomatic bones are located. Well, I could look it up. True enough! Now my problem is that I have to learn the Icelandic varient of the human anatomy as well, and that isn’t funny when decent words like “lower arm” turns into “framhandleggur”. But the story doesn’t end here. Since we are in the medical profession, we sorta need to know the Latin words as well, in this case it would be “Antebrachium”. Now let’s look at what these words have in common…keep looking… that’s right…Nada!

I fully support that we have a universal dead language to be able to communicate about the “still alive” and about what part of the eponychium we should take, but in order to understand the Icelandic exam questions, I will have to learn something riveting as “Eyrnamergskitlar” as well. And it hurts my throat to pronounce this stuff, my laptop and papers are always drenched with fluids spitting forth from my mouth and my head hurts. I feel so sorry for myself, it is difficult to breathe. *dramatic sob*


Yet here I sit, my magic markers neatly arranged, my color-coded and cross-referenced folders open, inviting me to engulf into another chapter. And I gladly accept the challenge. Apart from the laughter in my head when I am hearing another noise of spitting sounds, silly pre-aspirated breaths and phoneme violations to produce the word “spleen” in Icelandic; I am having a ball. There is an Icelandic and Latin word for that too, you betcha!

So, I guess although I feel like a clog wearing, sushi eating, reggae listening confused German most days, globalization has its advantages: I get to bitch about it here for all of you to read. I feel better now, thanks for listening.

~Penguin out!

Careful, or you’ll lose yourself in laughter at Humor-blogs.com.


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How do you say aschschmerzen in latin?

Comment by Walela

I hurt here. *pointing to arm*

What’s wrong with me?

I have no idea, let me check my books. 🙂

I hope it gets easier soon for you.

Comment by Brian

Walela…trying to make a pun on “pain in the butt”? there is no Latin word I think, you came along after it died 🙂

Brian…*takes out magnifying glass* I think one of hair’s got fractured…it needs to be removed. It won’t make it…*gets tweezers*

Comment by Penguin

Penguin! lovelovelove this post! and, if YOU are the consummate “globe-trotter”, i don’t know WHO is, so i’m thinkin’ geography should be somewhat easy! 🙂

oh, and speaking of Anatomy: study up, girlfriend, tellin’ you, we might be in need of your expertise soon — BoBo’s been up all night, and a trip to the hospital may be necessary later this morning. (not kidding) d’oh! can anyone say “possible appendicitis”? 🙄

(hope ya don’t mind, i added in a Humor-blogs link so everyone else who might not normally stop by will have a chance to read this)

Comment by snuppy

snuppy, poor Bobo! That is a horrible procedure, I still have the scar to prove it. Get him quickly to a hospital…the danger is it might explode and its acid liquid might spread of the smaller and larger intestines…it is no joke. GO!

Comment by Penguin

It all sounds like Greek to me. Actually, I can relate more to “antebrachium” than to “framhandleggur”, since “antebrachium” sounds almost like “antebrazo”, which is the word for lower arm in Spanish. In any case, instead of using an archaic language like Latin, why don’t they just use the most important one, which is undoubtably, English. 😉 Of course, if they decided to go with the world’s most widely spoken language you’d be learning this stuff in Chinese, and then you’d be up the Yangtze without a paddle.

Comment by Theresa

Theresa, true…but I have a good Chinese friend here in Iceland. To get in touch with somebody speaking Latin, I’d need a medium…and let’s face it they look creepy when they roll their eyes up *shudders*

Comment by Penguin

thanks, sweet Penguin. we actually went through this several years ago in Massachusetts, with boy #2 — what an ordeal. more for us than for him, but that’s beside the point — the point, which is located on the lower right side of the abdomen, is that i actually am worried, and will be taking my darling BoBo to the doc once he gets up. unless he experiences a “miraculous” recovery, that is. oy.

by the way — i lovelovelove hearing about these classes of yours. you know i was in nursing school back in my “youth” — but didn’t quite have the stomach for it. i made it through “Learn How to Give Each Other a Shot” Day, but left before “Practice Inserting Nasopharyngeal Tubes on Each Other” Day. aieeeeee. 🙄

Comment by snuppy

Wowza! It’s hard to feel sorry for anyone with a brain that can learn all that stuff in three or more languages.

Could I please just feel sorry for myself for being so dumb?

Comment by TLP

I once copied pages of her anatomy book for my friend from Vietnam, to aid her in writing the terms down so she could push onward with her nursing degree. She had trouble verbally mastering the English language, but her grasp of the language itself was phenomenal. When I saw all the millions of names of muscles, sinues, gray matter and other various body parts which she had to label, I gave up. Smart people rule. And Penguins are first in line.

Comment by tsduff

snuppy, we haven’t made it to practical aspects yet…but I get those at work. I am not the biggets fan of needles, which doesn’t help when entering the nursing profession 🙂 But, this too shall pass :)Let me know how things ar eprogressing with teh bObo!

TLP; No sorry..you don’t get to run away with dumb. You have three daughters, all of them bright…somewhere it had to come from!

Terry, I haven’t reached teh muscles yet, but I looked at the pictures in my book and closed it quickly 😉 Scary stuff, could keep you awake at night!

Comment by Penguin

Ouch Penguin. Careful, I have a low pain threshold. No waxing or pulling for me. 😀

BoBo, you need to get to the hospital if you are in that much pain. Don’t wait.

Comment by Brian

Gosh, Snups and Joel. I hope all is quickly well.

Comment by Walela

Very funny, Penguin. So… you speak German and Icelandic hurts your throat? That is one harsh language. Funny how the colder the climate, the harsher the language. The Eskimos must communicate by coughing and growling at each other.

Comment by Diesel

Sorry to hear about Bobo, Snuppy. Get the man to a doctor to look at this gershleckumfeel (that’s Icelandic for appendix, for all you know). I hope you feel better soon, Bobo.

Comment by Diesel

Penguins have such big brains! I’m in awe.

Snuppy, here’s hoping Joel is on the mend soon!

Comment by kyahgirl

Brian, alright no pulling out the hair, you just come back in three months and we’ll fit you for a glass arm 🙂

Walela, so do I and she hasn’t been in again so I am slightly worried!

Diesel, I think we have to spit so much, so that the saliva doesn’t freeze to our tongue 🙂
Geschlekumfeel sound more dutch than Icelandic to me, but I trust your authority!

Kyahgirl, nothing to be in awe of. Unless I pass the final exams in December this all is just whining 🙂

Snuppy, Bobo??? You guys alright?

Comment by Penguin

yowie. so sorry i didn’t check in sooner. BoBo’s fine(ish). he stayed home (always a sign he’s not feeling well, since he RARELY stays home “sick”) and we’re keeping an “eye” on him. fortunately, he’s not getting worse. unfortunately, he’s not better, either. which is why i’m also keeping the keys close at hand, just in case. thanks to everyone for all the good wishes.

now, about this wonderful post… which made my brain hurt (funny, since i’ve been diligently “training” it ever since i got that Nintendo DS for, um, er, BoBo…) good to know someone in the motley bunch is working to further their education — as opposed to Crummy(tho’ NOT)Joel, who works diligently to further the educations of others. i still have bad(ish) memories of some of those crappy difficult chem/ anatomy/ genetics/ zoology/ physics classes. which explains why my eyes tend to cross, even now, whenever they land on multisyllabic words. aieeee! 😉

(seriously, thanks for the well wishes… i’ll let ya know if BoBo’s “condition” takes a turn for the worse.)

Comment by snuppy

Just came back to see how the snuppy family is doing. Sounds okay(ish).

Comment by tlp

Wow. I thought I was doing pretty well with my five degrees, but if I were you I’d still be stuck on framhandleggur.

Comment by weirsdo

Good for you for studying nursing! I’m impressed. I didn’t know you liked sushi and reggae… I would’ve suggested a sushi-reggae bar in Boston instead of the soul food-jazz place we went to…

Comment by AP3

Here’s a song that will help. The foot bone’s connected to the ankle bone. The ankle bone’s connected to the shin bone. The shin bone’s connected to the knee b…..


Well, I tried.

Comment by QuillDancer

I think I avoided this post due to my feeling the need for smelling salt at any hint of medical speak. Actually – crazy day, hence the late posting hour. But I wanted to say that you’re doing us proud here with your committed stuides and keep up the good work (I may need your tutoring skills down the line).


PS:!!!!! but not really PS: Bobo, hope you’re feeling well and back to yourself by the time this is read. Hugs and OOO’s to you and Snuppy.

PPS: Penguin, you’d better fly over with your nursing books. Pronto (is that Latin?).

Comment by Lampsha

Thanks for the update on our friend Bobo, Snups. Please keep us posted.

Comment by Walela

Just came by to see how BoBo is doing. I hope he’s doing more than just Fine(ish) by now.

Comment by Theresa

Geschlekumfeel is Dutch. It means, too make up funny words… for all you know. 🙂

Minka, I bet in the long run you find only the Latin makes sense… “He fell off ‘is skateboard and brachium’d ‘is arm.” Impressive to see notes in three languages!

I’m know you’ll do great in your exams, but if not you can work on practical geography (travelling a lot) in the new year.

Snup, get BoBo looked at. Bobo, get well soonest.

Comment by IDiveAtNight

Snuppy,….it’s the next day and no update, I hope in this respect no news, means good news?!

TLP, it sounds sorta alright with me too, although both their absences are strongly felt…Guys?

weirsdo…5 degrees? Oh my…I appreciate it that you don’t make us adress you with your full title(s). That is quite an accomplishment! Spurrs me on actually!

AP3, I was just trying to paint a modern day sphinx with that….although I do have clogs, have eaten sushi and like reggae. There is a bar for people like me?

Quilly, I appreciate the effort and you have a lovely voice 🙂

Lampy, pronto is Italian…but hey…that’s just anotehr latin-based language! Close enough! I think I’ll need to charter a private jet to carry my books across the ocean.

Walela, I am sure we’d hear something…

Theresa, should we call?

Morgan, Geschlekumfeel doe ssound Dutch, doesn’t it:) DOn’t tempt me, travelling around teh world … highest temptation for this Penguin!

Comment by Penguin

Hope BoBo is better this morning.

Comment by Brian

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