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Friday, 21 September 2007, 3:08pm
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pharoah's daughterToday is Yom Kippur, the Jewish Day of Atonement. Therefore I won’t be around today, but I thought it might be nice to feature a group who had some sort of spiritual connection for those visiting. I think I have found the perfect fit.

Pharoah’s Daughter is a group led by Basya Schechter who was raised in a Chassidic Jewish home in Brooklyn’s Boro Park and left the family’s fold to follow her love of music. It lead her on a path through the Middle East and Africa which included Israel, Egypt, Central Africa, Turkey, Kurdistan and Greece. Inspired by these new cultures, she came back on a different path and with a different sound for her guitar. It’s a perfect marriage of religious Jewish spiritual music which is her upbringing and world beat. Just a note, it’s not that music doesn’t exist in Chassidic households, quite the contrary. Chassidic Judaism came about in the 1700’s as a more expressive way of prayer and spirituality through music and dance. But in the insular world of Chassidus, Basya’s departure although not unheard of, is radical nonetheless.

Their latest cd, Haran, which came out this past July, was the name of an ancient city in Western Asia that both Jews and Muslims believe to be the start of Abraham’s spiritual journey. This ties in nicely to my own spiritual journey of the day. Some of the songs on Haran, such as Ka Ribon, are taken from Shabbat (or the Sabbath) prayers.

You can hear their music in the group’s link above which also has a nice NPR interview with Basya Schechter. Here you can find an interesting review of their ablum on Blog Critics* by Richard Marcus.

I thought I’d forgo videos for today because as discussed with TLP in a recent comment section, sometimes you just want to hear the music. So go take a listen at their MySpace as well.

If you’re fasting, have an easy one. If not, think not of me as I become delirious round about hour 18 seeing a roasted chicken in place of the cantor in the synagogue. It’s actually nice how good anything you eat afterwards to break the fast tastes.

To all – have a wonderful weekend.


They’re chowing down over at Humor-blogs.com lead by the culturally sensitive, Diesel.

*Speaking of Blog Critics, I would just like to mention that the dear and fabulous Pia from Courting Destiny did a great interview there with Jancee Dunn, a reporter for Rolling Stone Magazine, which you can (and should) read HERE.

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ah, dearest Lampsha, here’s hoping your fast is an easy one, and roasted chickens are the only hallucination you experience while in synagogue.

and, oh how i am enjoying this dreamy music. absolutely perfect for a spin on this holiest of Jewish holidays. beautiful, just beautiful. i have the MySpace page up in a separate page, and find this music beyond dreamy. magical, really. thank you for sharing — and for taking time out to bring us this amazing artist before the start of Yom Kippur, so, in a lovely and quiet way, we can all appreciate (to a small extent) what this day means to you and your family.

now, i’m off to read Pia’s interview — and THEN i believe i have to see if downloading some of this artist’s music to my iPod is possible, because i thinks it’s divine, and i know i’ll want to listen to it often.

,,\/(^_^)\/,, here’s to peace, love, and easy fasting, NBFF

(also, i hope you don’t mind that i added the small pic — Basya Schechter is so lovely, i thought it might be nice to show folks what she looks like!)

Comment by snuppy

You made me hungry. Thanks.

Comment by tlp

Beautiful music Lampsha! Wishing you and your family a wonderful holiday and much good food on the back end of the fast.

Comment by BoBo

Enjoy your roasted cantor!

Comment by Walela

smoked salmon, cream cheese, bagels– break fast food

Realize I will always have to be home (New York) at the Jewish holidays unless my family comes here, or we meet in the land of our people—Miamin

Of course I have an apartment to sell first in NY so…

And thanks 🙂

My server was down today–guess it was atoning.

Comment by pia

Oh, my, I hope the fasting goes swiftly for you. Makes me lightheaded and nauseated, just thinkin’ about it…and thank you for the music.

Comment by actonbell

Snuppy, thanks so much for the finishing touches and getting this post up and running for me. I’m glad you enjoyed and thanks for your good wishes. Here’s another fast under the belt (thankfully). Now I’m off for my Sunday night shows. Thanks for everything!

TLP: Always glad to help out in any what that I can 🙂

Bobo, nothing is more tasty than the food after the fast! Thanks.

Walela – with potatoes on the side!

Pia, don’t forget the whitefish! Haha – meeting in the land of your people, always a good option. Your apartment will sell no problem. Sounds like you’re having another nice stay – that’s great. Hope you had an easy fast and best for the new year.

Oh and don’t even mention it (I was happy to read about her and I’d now like to read her book).

Actonbell, that’s about the effect on me as well. Naps are always good. You are very welcome.

Okay all, Sunday night blah, but a short week for me so there’s that.

Hope everyone’s week gets off to an easy start.

Comment by Lampsha

Quite beautiful singing.

Comment by weirsdo

Fantastic! They have a really nice-looking site and the music just made me want to paint myself with henna and dance around the room.

Comment by Theresa

Hey Lampsha! Just catching up on my blog reading. Interesting music, but it needs more mind-numbing percussion IMHO. BTW, Christians believe in Abraham too. 😉

Comment by Diesel

Weirsdo, I agree.

Theresa, I agree and it had the same effect on me. I felt the need to be barefoot and dancing!

Diesel, somehow that doesn’t surprise me coming from you. Yeah, yeah, yeah, everybody believes in Abraham, even atheists man.


The Culturally sensitive DJ Lampsha

Comment by Lampsha

Better late than never….

as to this week’s introduction? I just hope for the record store tomorrow that they have their CDs here, I absolutely loved it.

Yona is my favourite so far, but I wanna research it better and know their songs.

Just splendid!

Thank you!

Comment by Penguin

If they don’t have it, just let me know! Maybe I could get a discount 2/1 – who knows?! Glad you liked.

Comment by Lampsha

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