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Saturday, 29 September 2007, 8:01am
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Today I have a post that will practically write itself, and it will as I have to be sitting in my driver’s seat with a certain child and a violin nearby before it’s done. That’s easy because today’s spin is an artist you may have heard of, Bruce Springsteen. I’m featuring The Boss or Bruce because his new album, Magic hits stores this Tuesday. Although I don’t readily recognize it, I am a giddy fin even if I haven’t bought every album and caught every tour. In fact I’ve only seen Bruce a handful of times but they were admittedly some of the best concerts ever. Enough of my blathering, I have to be out the door. This new album looks to be a good one. How can you not relate to a man of the people, voicing our every day concerns and heartaches – no matter what your age? For those who can’t relate, I’d like to hear from you too. Now onward. Above link is to Bruce’s “official” website, the following is to Backstreets.com, which may be even more official as it’s a fan site.

Before we go to video, I’d also like to mention Patti Scialfa, Bruce’s wife and mother of his children who just released her album, Play It As It Lays – out in stores now under some nice reviews also. An NYT interview can be found HERE.

Okay, enjoy the first video which features a new song from Bruce’s album and the second featuring a song from Patti’s.

Finally, I’ll leave you with a link to Q 104.3, a NY based classic rock radio station, where you can listen to Bruce’s album in its ENTIRETY.


Gotta run! Head on over to Humor-blogs.com where although no albums are being released (yet), they’re laughing about something.


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Lampsha, my lovely Lampsha!! that was just one fabulous spin!!! guess we can’t “technically” say The Boss is back, since he never went away, but he sure looks to be in fine form with this new album. i also read that article on Patti — along with another one featured recently in People Magazine (what can i say? i read it for the “articles”). i wondered what her album would be like — based on this song, i have to think it’s going to be amazing. i mean, WOW. i reallyREALLY like this song!

i’m only surprised because i was prepared NOT to like her — not sure why. maybe because i once heard (from a limo driver in LA) that she was a big bitch (while Bruce was decidedly nice). ah well, live and learn. honestly, i like her song better than his, and i lovelovelove his!!

GREAT SPIN, Lampsha!! hope Tali’s violin lesson is a fun and/or entertaining one, and that you and the family have a fantastic weekend!

\,,/(^_^)\,,/ rock on, girlfriend, rock on!

Comment by snuppy

by the way, i am MORE than a little impressed by the fact we can listen to Springsteen’s entire album via that link. pretty damn cool. ๐Ÿ˜Ž

Comment by snuppy

Suits me right down to the ground to start Saturday with the Boss. Good to hear Clarence behind him, too.

Comment by Walela

Hey, Scialfa’s song is pretty good too. I almost gave it a miss.

Comment by Walela

Ooooh! I like them both! Having been raised in Spain at a time when the Boss was huge, well, I never listened to his music much and the age gap was probably a part of that reason too… I know some of his songs mostly ’cause I have heard them here and there just being played and, of course, they being the most popular and well known ones so this was the first time I actually sat down and listened to him of my own volition and I must say, amiga mia, that I liked what I heard FO SHO! No wonder Loverboy thinks him faboo!

And his wife is good! I liked her voice… it had wisdom and life in it, it was somewhat weathered, lived-in and that is what struck me and what drew me in…

I lost my Boss Scialfa virginity at the Snark! Oooooh! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Faboo spin DJ Gina G! May you have a rockin’ and fantastic weekend! Big neshikot to you…

Comment by Catty Yummy Mummy

Love Springsteen’s music.

Comment by tlp

Thank you for another great spin:) It’s great that Bruce keeps writing, isn’t it? I’ve never actually seen him, though. me bad.

Comment by actonbell

Outstanding spin as per usual Lampsha!!

Comment by BoBo

BRUCE! Mmm, mmm good.

Comment by weirsdo

Holy crap why does every Bruce song sound like something from ‘Tunnel of Love’? What do we do with the younger generation who listens to say Asbury Park after this latest single? They will wonder when Bruce died and was replaced by a suckier version. What do we tell them? I say we simply answer: “1993”

Comment by Chris C

I would like to come back and say that I liked his older work. I would defend that stuff as great music, true classics. Songs like ‘Thunder Road’ and ‘Jungleland’ are legendary. My personal favorite song was ‘4th of July, Asbury Park (Sandy)’ because in the lyrics are a description of ripping his shirt on the Tilt-a-Whirl.

The man was a master of taking lines of words about simple shit and making it sound awesome with his voice and the music.

Maybe he has just changed too much musically for me to want to be a fan of his anymore, I don’t know.

Good thing these are trivial matters that are fun to debate and nothing to lose sleep over. ๐Ÿ™‚

Comment by Chris C

During my formative years, Bruce Springsteen was the ‘Born in the USA’ guy. Could never really get into him. This is a nice song though.

Comment by Diesel

Sorry folks, I was out all weekend when I wasn’t trying to pull thoughts out of a certain child and having her put them to paper for a homework assignment. I’m glad you all enjoyed, I’ve got to run once again, but just wanted to say thanks for dropping by and listening with me!

Oh and Chris, Chris Chris – I’d have to agree with “master of taking lines of words about simple shit and making it sound awesome with his voice and the music”. In fact, I’m hard pressed to find his equal in the past twenty/make that thirty years. And if Bruce died, dem bones be shaking up on the stage in concert for sure! No time to debate much for now, I’m glad you dropped by and didn’t lose sleep. And hey, we have the favorite song in common – what a great song!

Diesel, I think this album might be worth a listen for some of you non-Bruce types as well. But then again what do I know – I’m from Jersey!

Ciao all – thanks for dropping by.

Comment by Lampsha

My internet connection is finally working again, after much complaining to the company, them saying it’s our problem, and us saying it’s theirs, but anyway…Now I’m finally able to see these terrific videos. The Boss is looking good as ever, and his wife is fabulous.

Comment by Theresa

Those damn companies – don’t they know you have blogging to do?! Oh yeah, and kids’ homework – that’s why we need the Internet, right?

I agree – they’re perfect together …and solo.

Comment by Lampsha

A big reason why there is no equal is that the music industry is not the same as it was 20-30 years ago, sadly. He came about in a time when it was about album rock and listening to one from beginning to end in order.

Bruce also seemed to write songs that if you put them all together had an overall story arc about life and growing up in Jersey, then as he got more popular those stories became about the rest of the country. Then onto marriage, etc…

I think he is unique in that aspect, that his music really is autobiographical in a sense. Now he is where we all are at as we hit middle age. Dad or mom with kids, and the occasional fun is hitting karoake night once a month.

But today the music scene is much different. People have Ipods, shuffling libraries of music on their hard drive, even songs that are two or more songs mashed together. Ringtones are tracked by Billboard.

It seems people want songs and even bits and pieces of them as opposed to a collection of songs. The question is, is that a result of change in how people listen to music or a lack of quality?

Comment by Chris C

Chris, I’d have to agree with your assessment (except the Karoake part :). I don’t, however, see Bruce’s catalogue so simply as a progression from growing up-country issues-marriage THE END. He seems to continually write from a fresh relatable perspective on all of these topics sort of in the folk styling traditions of Pete Seeger (of course) and Woody Guthrie.

The music scene is totally unrecognizable with those perfect examples that you’ve given. I myself just got an iPod this year as a gift (from a most dear and generous friend who said enough was enough). I must admit I love it for some of the capabilities of loading up one song here or there that you remember from years ago or a new song today. I’ve even loaded up entire cd’s, but somehow it’s not the same. I like to buy it, open it, read the liner notes, see whose playing on it, skip around, listen to it all the way through. I’m sure you have favorite albums from growing up that if put on today, you would know it track for track. So as a parent, this is part of the important life lessons I am passing on to my children – an avid fan’s appreciation for music – of all genres.

I don’t think it’s necessarily a lack of quality of music but just a lack of quality music played and provided on commercial radio stations and whatever other venues are available. The term AOR is pretty much unknown today, for better or worse.

Anyway, thanks for weighing back in with a very insightful comment. Nice chatting.

Comment by Lampsha

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