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Bad News/Good News by Snuppy
Friday, 5 October 2007, 12:50am
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it's alive!THE bad news: our boy was in a terrible car accident.

THE good news: he’ll be okay.

THE very bad news: he broke his back

THE very good news: his surgeon is one of the best in the tri-state area.

THE scary news: his vertebra was shattered, his left leg numb, and his hip, fractured.

THE reassuring news: in a few months he’ll be walking without the aid of leg braces and crutches.

THE terrifying news: that surgery lasted over 5 nerve-wracking hours.

THE comforting news: he came through with flying colors.

THE annoying news: he’ll be in the hospital for at least a week, and physical therapy for months.

THE awesome/silver-lining news: he has to quit smoking, otherwise his bones will never heal.

JUST a wee bit o’ silliness to thank you all for your thoughts, prayers, and good wishes. So sorry to be a bother, and so comforted and humbled by everyone’s kindness. We (in this case, BoBo & Snuppy) are grateful to have such caring friends, even tho’ some are, but, “virtual”. Trust us, that’s merely a detail, and doesn’t make you any less “real” in our eyes and/or hearts. The Snark will get back to some semblance of regular posting when it gets back to some semblance of regular posting. In other words, eventually. What… doesn’t that make sense? Well, not to sound too snarky and/or yippy, but not much about today has. (made sense, that is)

also, many thanks to the delicious Miz BoheMia (aka Catty Yummy Mummy) for pitch hitting so deftly and delightfully on Thursday. That said, so, amiga, this is what it takes to pull you out of Snarky retirement?? Yikes. (kidding, we kid)


Laughter is no accident on Humor-blogs.com. (which happens to be a grand place to grab a smile, especially when they’re in short order, elsewhere.)

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what are ya looking here for?

kidding. i kid. (also i’m veryVERY tired)

thankyouthankyouthankyou one and all for the wonderful comments, thoughts and prayers. i’ll keep you, uh, posted about our son, even as i attempt to keep you, um, POSTED, period (no, this week’s Sex, Ed? will NOT be about periods.)

going to bed…..

NOW. 🙄

Comment by worn out mom (aka Snuppy)

Oh dios mio my dearest Neva… I really have no words, well, especially to be written here as much that can be said can also tie in to our last conversation and some things that were shared and whatnot so those thoughts for later… but what I can say is that in spite of something so horrid and nervewracking and dangerous having happened to him, words cannot describe how happy I am that he will be well even though the road to recovery sounds like quite the tough one…

“So sorry”??? Ayayayayay… it is us who are so sorry that this had to have happened! Rest up my dearest amiga and let me know how I can be of help… oh how I wish I lived close by!

As for posting… heh… well, I read Monika’s comment in yesterday’s post and thinking something else may have come up, I just dug through my saved forwards-for-a-rainy-day email file and then the worrisome truth was revealed when Joel left us the update… but YES… if needst be, anytime, any day, just say the word and this bohemian ass is yours boss lady! 🙂

I lovelovelovelove you my dearest Neva and my thoughts and ALL the feeel good vibes I can muster are being sent your way… and please, if there is anything we can do, you know how to reach me!

All my love to you, Joel and both boys, especially younger-witty-and-now-banged-up-brave-soul that is #2…

Comment by Catty Yummy Mummy

Delurking to say I’ve had many bones shattered and repaired all over my body in my lifetime. I was once flat on my back in a body cast for 7 months. I loathe hospitals and have spent so many years in and out of them, you can’t imagine.

Your son knows you love him. I knew my parents loved me but that didn’t help when I was in pain and panicking. Being postive and upbeat and telling me I was going to come out of it unscathed did.

Good luck and my prayers are with your son. And you.

Comment by Suzy

Neva and Bobo – so glad for the update. I know the feeling of getting that dreaded phonecall…my daughter was in a car accident several years ago, fractured her pelvis, a few ribs, punctured her lung – had several surgeries and a terrible concussion… all that stuff put her back a little bit, bed ridden for over 6 months and in a wheel chair, but today she currently enjoys her job on her feet every day as a dental assistant. I’m so glad you were there for your boy – it means so much that you were there to hold his hand and support him. The pain will hopefully go away (even AFTER the morphine dries up) and he will completely heal. Thank you Lord that he is alive. So many thank you’s.

Comment by tsduff

I’m so sorry to hear what happened, but glad that it turned out so well. But still, a week in the hospital sucks. I had a collapsed lung 3 times, and have had my share of hospital time, and all I can say is it is not fun. I hope the healing will go as quickly as possible, and that your darling son will soon be back to normal. My thoughts will be with you over here in Spain.

Comment by Theresa

I’m awfully sorry to hear about this. Best wishes to the youngun’ and his parents on a speedy recovery.

Comment by Walela

Well by sentence two one could breathe again. This is just such a horrible image to imagine. To hear news like that must be shattering.

I just glad the surgery went well, he had the best doctor available and he seems to be alrigth, under the circumstances. I also hope you and Bobo get a good night’s sleep and some wonderful DS games for teh hospital.

Now here is a demonstration of teh craziness that is my mind: while I was picturing son number two in hospital, I was wondering if he fit into a hospital bed. I mean he’s really tall!

Excuse my silliness, but soemwhere there had to be laughter and Diesel’s caption contest is not up yet!

Comment by Penguin

Thank you one and all for the kind thoughts and wishes…Penguin…those big feet sticking out of the covers were how we were able to pick him out of the “crowd” in the recovery room last night.

Comment by BoBo

(((((Hugs)))))) for everyone. I wish your son a speedy and full recovery and hope that the both of you recover from the trauma of this accident as well. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.

Comment by Brian

Bobo and Neva – Just chiming in here to wish you and your son all my bestest wishes. The one thing you can never be ready for are all the curve balls life throws at you. I hope he recovers quickly and as pain-free as possible. I will definitely be praying for all of you.

Comment by Jeff

I’m here (and have been with you all along in spirit) – I was watching the clock yesterday wondering how long the surgery would be.

I know it’s a tough road ahead for that charming son of yours, but what better parents to guide him through. I’m thinking of you guys and have put him to the front of the queueueue for prayers and good thoughts for a speedy and complete recovery.

As for posting? I know of a an ab fab bunch of possible posts just lying about somewhere – don’t you worry, the place will be ruined by the time you return ;0 XOX and much love to you NBFF.

Comment by Lampsha

Holy crap, that’s awful. Sounds like it could have been a lot worse though, so thank God he has a good chance at a full recovery eventually. Anyway, let us Snarksters take over the praying/worrying/posting, and get some rest. I’ll have Grundir take over the Snark if I need to. 😉

Comment by Diesel

Oh wow that really sucks. I feel your pain for sure. Hang in there. Know that tons and tons of positive energy is flowing your way from the ether of blogland. Good luck to your sweet spawn in his recovery!

Comment by claire

I am so sorry! But glad he is doing as well as he is.
Best wishes for full and not too lengthy recovery.
Yay on quitting smoking.

Comment by weirsdo

Neva- Know that good vibes are being sent out to you and yours from here at The Frog Bog.

Comment by the frogster

Woohoo! I’m so glad to hear your news! All those goods and bads sound to me to add up to good. (Considering what’s done is done.) The physio will be painful. Life will be better to give it the effort. And quitting smoking too? Great stuff!

Serious accidents can be life altering. Stay positive and make it a catalyst for positive change.

Comment by I Dive At Night

[…] PPS: <May force be with Snuppy’s son in continued recovery.> […]

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Yes good vibes are being sent out. I’m so sorry and so hope that he recovers quickly and totally

And accidents, horrible as they are, can be catalysts for good change

Comment by pia

I had been worried about you since the Puppytoes and Bobo blogs had been silent for a while. I have been sending out vibes for your family and am grateful to know that included in the “bads” that there are some definite “goods,” mostly the fact that you all will have more days to hold each other and say, “I love you”s. Best wishes along with the rest for health and healing.

Comment by Angela

Prayers and best wishes. I’m glad the prognosis is good.

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