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Saturday, 6 October 2007, 11:02am
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Well that’s how my days go without a set schedule – nice and easy.  Firstly, we all, of course are bummed out and just plain worried and feeling badly for Neva and family.  Oh, Snuppy to you.  I just want to say once again (and can’t enough) how much we all send our love, good thoughts and prayers your way.   Here’s to a speedy recovery for that big strong young man of yours – may his path to recovery be smooth.  We love you lots.  

Now let’s play some music because how is anybody going to recover without some tunes?   This week’s artist is Jose Gonzalez, an Argentine Swede.  He’s a young artist who has two albums out, the most recently released titled, In Our Nature.  Both are filled with beautiful acoustic guitar playing and his smooth soft voice.  You may already be familiar with his music without perhaps knowing, in the form of his song, Heartbeats featured in THIS AD.  

 Whether or not you are familiar, here’s a link to his site, Jose-Gonzalez.com, where you can listen a little more and decide for yourself what you think.  Also of course, a link to his mySpace for an immediate listen. 

I couldn’t send you all on your way without a little video to provide some entertainment, so here’s a cool little number of his, Stay in the Shade,  that I enjoyed.

Now let me get this baby published, before it’s not even Saturday anymore.   Oh, and have yourselves a great weekend!


 PS: Head on over to Humor-blogs.com where you never have to ask “Does anybody remember laughter?”

PPS:  Heh, heh, now that I look at the outline of the video still, it kind of reminds me of Snuppy’s post (she really just wants to put us all to shame) yesterday with the artistic interpretations that started off, well – organically and ended up as quite something else.  Go take a look at “Dirty?” if you haven’t already.

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Pfew, sometimes it feels like one of those dreams where you’re not actually moving even though you’re trying so hard to do so. Okay, post done.

Snuppy and Bobo, thinking of you guys and sending love your way. XOX

Comment by Lampsha

Very nice dearest DJ Gina G! “Smooth soft voice” captures the essence of his voice just right… a definitely great way to begin the weekend FO SHO!…

As for you my dearest amiga, your musical sensibilities never cease to amaze and OH how I look forward to a day where we can hang out, let the kiddies, play and rock on in our own way! 🙂

As for our dearest Snuppy, Bobo and family, yes, I can truly say that not a moment goes by where they are not in my thoughts, especially their big-strong-destined-for-a-fabulous-speedy-amazing-recovery-facing-nothing-but-a-bright-and-delightful-future-once-this-character-strengthening-ordeal-is-over sweet manchild of theirs… be well Son #2! We are all thinking of you and KNOWING you will make it through this ordeal in nothing short of an amazing way!

Comment by Miz BoheMia

Very mellow. Good for a relaxing weekend. 🙂

More hugs for Snuppy and family, and I hope things are getting at least a little better.

Comment by Theresa

I like it. Nice.

I’m thinking of the “snuppy family.” Hope things are better today.

Comment by tlp

G – I’m in love. I must have this music right away. How do you discover all these amazing artists? As for the ad, who wouldn’t love to see those superballs of color bouncing their joyous way down the steep streets of San Francisco – having their way with the world? Great post – listening to Jose Gonzales, sipping my coffee, and immensely happy to be alive today. Thinking of Neva et al. with hugs and healing thoughts.

Comment by tsduff

Oh I love Jose’s work. Very mellow [my Sunday morning choice :)]


Miz Nix

Comment by miz nix

Can I tell my Argentine stepfather that you chose this for his birthday?

The Snuppy/Bobo clan are in all our thoughts today.

Comment by Walela

Lampsha: this was such a wonderful spin, i can’t tell you how much i enjoyed listening to the magical music of Jose Gonzalez. an Argentine Swede? talk about your fascinating international mix! i didn’t have a chance to listen and/or watch the video until late last night, but i was mesmerized. (uh… i’m thinkin’ this video was signinficantly classier than the silly one we featured on Friday, heh heh). anyway — i am completely in love with this artist, and will see if i can convince BoBo to upload some of his music to my iPod, as soon as i retrieve it from our boy. (Joel loaded up a bunch of videos & songs to his video iPod, so our son will have a much “cooler” replacement to the iPod mini i lent him)

speaking of “our boy”, he’s finally in a room, with a hilariously irascible old guy (who revels in telling his family members he’s rooming with a “white boy”). of course, our kid (i suppose it’s okay to tell you guys his name is Andy) is in so much pain, he wasn’t finding humor in much, as of last night. (every time i cracked a joke his eyes would well up with tears, because he can’t laugh. not because he doesn’t want to, but because it hurts so much). i fear we’re in for an ordeal — made potentially worse by the fact Andrew’s decided he won’t be able to make it up 2 flights of stairs to his bedroom, has no interest in being “set up” in the basement (it’s finished, and nice, and he’s got a big-screen TV down there) — so he plans to take over our family room. what the…? he’s always been one to march to the beat of a drummer from another planet, so i’m sure we’re in for a lot of “fun” once he gets home (next week, with luck).

anyway — i guess this is also a long way of saying, once again, thanks so very much to one and all for the amazing show of love and support. your good thoughts and words of kindness mean more to Joel and me than we can say. i STILL plan to leave individual comments (and “visit” everyone’s blogs) but am hopeful this extremely long (sorry about that) comment will suffice.

that said — Walela, Happy Birthday to your Argentine step-father! i’m guessing he’ll enjoy this music almost as much as we enjoyed the gorgeous flowers we received yesterday from an “anonymous” sender, wishing us all a speedy recovery! (they were truly spectacular — and a lovely surprise) 😉

as for tomorrow? hmmmmm — i’ll try to pull something out of my, um, MOCL files — altho’ knowing Grundir is standing by is not just comforting (and appreciated more than i can say) the idea of allowing him to “pinch post” tomorrow is very tempting. on the other hand, i hate to take advantage… 🙄

again, muy magnífico spin, dearest NBFF!! and thanks to everyone for everything. one way or another, we’ll keep you, um, posted on Andy’s progress. xox

Comment by snuppy

MizB: Couldn’t the Bohemians use a little calm in SF? And especially in the ad with the balls, somehow I would have loved to cast the Bohemian family in that one.

I would love that day FO SHO (which as a sidenote, Tali has appropriated into her vocab FO SHO!)! Especially since I’ve seen the moves of little Mischief at the street fair – he and Julian have some dance maneuvers. That day will come amiga. Big neshikot to you!

Theresa, I’m a giver – if I’m relaxing, I’d like you all to do so too 🙂

tlp – I’m glad – enjoy.

Terry, how glad am I WestCoastSister! There’s a couple of cool radio stations left of the dial in NYC. One that I listen to is WFUV (90.7) and you too can listen to it on the WEB at WFUV.org. Mostly I listen while driving here and there and back again and when I hear someone I like, I try to check them out a little further. I feel that there’s so much more music out there that I’d like to find out about so I’m always on a mission of sorts. The fact that any of them pan out to someone we’d like to listen to a little more is always a great payoff. Hope the rest of your weekend follows suit.

MizNix: I’m glad. He’s perfect for a nice soothing Sunday morning. Glad you dropped in. Peace.

Walela, not only can you – you should because I did choose it for his birthday unbeknownst to me at the time. Happy Birthday to him!

Snuppy, so glad to see your update this morning on Andy. The road ahead I am sure won’t be a simple walk for Andy, but he’s got a lot of good support. Poor guy. One step at a time. I’m thinking if he’s on enough pain meds, he may not realize he’s downstairs in the basement? Seriously when it hurts to laugh, I know you’re all crying with him. May his laughter be pain-free sooner than not.

As for tomorrow? GRUNDIR!!! Where art thou?

Lots of love to you all, we’re here in any small way that we can be. XOX

Comment by Lampsha

Just peekin’ in to see how the snuppy boy is doin’. Glad to see that things are under control. Sort of.

Comment by tlp

Oh dear Snuppy, the news makes me glad… mostly because you sound like you are over the shock of it all and in charge of getting Andy back in tip top shape and knowing that, I know all will be well… these are hard times for him and once he assumes the situation I am sure he will astound all with an amazing iron will and fighting spirit… please send him all our love and let him know oh so many people are rooting for him!

As for you my dearest Neva, I hope that you are doing ok and know that you are oh so constantly in my thoughts… if ever there is anything I can do… I lovelovelove you and hope that some peace arrives, in the midst of all this chaos, in all your lives…

And my dearest Lampsha… so you saw the videos! WOOH! Not many saw this latest round I’m afraid but hey woman! Where’s da love? No hellos? 😉 And I am so laughing at the sight of sweet Tali exclaiming FO SHO! Such a common thing in this household! Even Loverboy is at it! Oy…

Comment by Miz BoheMia

Great spin, DJ. The video kind aconfused me…I tried to see a deeper logic and tried to make a story but it didn’t work. The voice was smooth and lovely.

Glad to hear about young Andy and his rather strong will, which I am sure will get him through this ordeal in no time.

You are NEVER in the family room, besides it leaks…put him up there! 😉

Snuppy…you sound ok, I am glad ot hear it!

Comment by Penguin

Mellow is the word for it. Very nice.

Grundir is working feverishly on something out in the barn, so it’s either a snark post for tomorrow or I’m going to be eating a lot of hobbit soup again this week.

Best wishes to Snuppy, Andy, Bobo and the rest of the family. I’ll be praying for you.

Comment by Diesel

MizB: I’m working on seeing all of them! I’m sorry, I watched them the other night but was fighting sleep so promise to be there any second now to show the love, baby! You know you guys are my favorite show bar none. FO SHO! How’s that? XOX

Penguin, you remind me of a dear childhood friend who was always trying to find deeper meaning in all of the MTV videos. Sadly to many, there was none to be found. However, I too was cocking my head as I watched this one. “Okay the horse is steamshoveling the baby into its womb and spitting out a big chair which then quickly has a few small chair surrounding…” Then I just listened to the music again but felt oddly relaxed by the video.

Diesel, with a little luck – both perhaps.

Comment by Lampsha

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