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Imagine! by Snuppy
Wednesday, 10 October 2007, 6:59am
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Ok, so today is John’s Lennon’s birthday (yesterday for you readers today!) and it almost escaped me, if it weren’t for a little island in the Atlantic ocean. Yep, Iceland has done it again and this time with style.

For no reason conceivable to me, Yoko Ono decided a year ago that she would erect some kinda Peace Tower in John’s honor on a tiny island just outside of Reykjavik. How did this happen you might ask! I have no clue, I don’t think John Lennon ever stepped foot on this mass of lava rock, nor did he ever mention us in song or writing, unless he imagined coming here via a little yellow floating device. He had a big imagination…apparently!

(the video only starts with that song, lots of interesting Icelandic stuff in there later!)

Now, I don’t mean disrespect to the artist himself…I think that would get me in all sorts of trouble I wouldn’t care contemplating. But for me Yoko Ono will always remain the woman who split up the Beatles. I also have to admit, and I am aware I could be wrong, that she might be bathing a little too much in her husband’s fame. Granted, there always seems to be some peace-related cause she seems to be pursuing.

While I drove home from work, I took a little extra route via the shores of that island and saw the blue light in the dark sky. Quite pretty really. The tower is a 40 stories-tall beam of light that will radiate from a wishing well bearing the words “imagine peace” in 24 languages. The plan is for the tower to be lit each year between Oct.9th (John’s birthday) and it is supposed to be aglow- I can only presume with love- until the 8th of December. That, plus major Icelandic holidays. I can’t help but wonder if we will be allowed to turn on the Peace Tower to commemorate the great battle of Knjufskollsjarkli.

“This is the biggest birthday present I gave to John,” she told The Associated Press last month. “He’s very, very happy about it, I know.”
Ono said she chose Iceland, the world’s northernmost country, because it is a very eco-friendly country that relies on geothermal energy.
“It’s so beautiful,” she said. “There’s a certain strangeness to it. I would like to say it’s magical.”

Around 20 o’clock this evening the couple’s son, Sean Lennon; Beatles drummer Ringo Starr; and band-mate George Harrison’s widow, Olivia joined the ceremony. And you know what, I’ll make my peace with it, it could have been worse…her present for him this year could have been a new solo-CD!

~Penguin Out!

personal note: warm thoughts and hugs to son of Snups and Bobo and Morgan’s mom!

It is only a matter of time, until an album gets published by someone who surfs at Humor-Blogs.


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You know, I was having trouble imagining a world at peace, but if they can put a big flashlight on a small island then anything’s possible.

If that old biddy puts a tofu tower in Des Moines next, so help me….

Comment by Walela

well, yeah — this does seem kind of weird, but it’s also lovely. and she clearly thought about where she wanted to place this tower — i mean, in her mind, Iceland is located at the “top” of the world (sort of) and utilizes geothermal power (instead of oil) and, as she says, “it’s very pure. you feel pure”. i love it!

in light (heh) of our need for a little healing power around here, i can’t imagine (heh) a better post for today, lovely Penguin. sending along extra thoughts of healing and love to Morgan’s mom, in hopes she’s feeling better, too. xox

oh yeah, and i know Yoko is the one who “broke up” the Beatles, but watching her with John at the end of that video, it’s hard NOT to see the genuine love between the two of them. it was what it was. pretty sure Doug needn’t worry about a “tofu” tower in Des Moines. a tofurkey tower… perhaps. (thinkin’ she’d prefer something a bit more… imaginative.) 😉

Comment by snuppy

Doug, well I can hardly pretend I care much of what gets erected in Iowa, but I’d join you with a hammer and pick to destroy it 🙂

snuppy, I kinda can’t escape the feeling that it got erected in Iceland of all places becuase iceland was dumb enough to accept it. I don’t know exactly but i remember reading something about her applying for this project with many other countries. We are suckers for attention, becuase we are so in love with this little ice-cube. that being said, I don’t mind teh tower of light much, nor teh concept of peace and love…I just am missing teh connection between John Lennon and Iceland somehow to justify it standing here. On teh other hand, it gets ratehr dark around this time of year, a bit of extra light is fine by me 🙂

Comment by Penguin

I hear that they can make it flash Morse Code for “Help! We’re stuck in Iceland!”

Comment by Diesel

Penguin: It’s a nice idea, a tower of peace, but maybe there are other places in the world that need it more, after all Iceland seems pretty peaceful to me. So, Yoko says that you feel like you’re ten years younger when you go to Iceland, is that true? I wouldn’t mind taking ten years off. Maybe one of those thermal pools will do the trick.

Snuppy: I hope your son’s feeling at least a little bit better. Lots of virtual hugs for you all. 🙂

Comment by Theresa

Diesel, there are actually shirts for sale that say “Lost in Iceland!” on the front and ” Is anybody out there?” on the back! Want one?

Theresa, I think she meant 10 years young…and yes, my mom is constantly telling me to grow up. So, I guess he is right in that respect!

Comment by Penguin

When my Bjarni Bear and I ferried over to Videy Island, it was deserted, and a lovely hike around provided us with some great shorebird sightings. I think the bluish light is cool – but blatently commercial rather than artsy, and disturbs the natural ambience of the little island. That ship that capsized years ago, drowning all those people could have actually used that light then. Amazing how a little wealth and notoriety can grease the wheels for a personal quest. Thanks for posting about it… I was curious to see what it ended up looking like.

Comment by tsduff

I am of course laughing at you and Doug and Diesel’s reaction but am a bit more in line with my NBFF on this. There is something soothing about it and Iceland is admittedly a lot more pure than many places on earth. I don’t necessarily see it as commercial as it sort of reminds me of the two blue beams of light from Ground Zero which shine forth as a tribute on that date. Just a reminder. We humans are so forgetful, even with visual reminders, we forget not to kill our neighbors.

Anyway, great post from all perspectives. And, I’m with you on the solo cd – Yoko’s not getting a spin here any time soon.

Healing thoughts to Andy and Morgan’s mom.

Comment by Lampsha

Ten years younger! Can you find us a place for a family of four?

Comment by Lampsha

terry, it came out pretty well I think. It looks nice when the energy gathers up and then explodes into teh light, kinda like a geysir.

Lampsha, it is still so pure, since Iceland has so few inhabitants to contaminate it successfully. You should see Icelanders in cinema…pigs live cleaner!
As I said, I don’t mind symbols of peace and friendship and all those other words denoting happiness at all…I love lights…it’s what and who surrounds certain images that gives me goosebumps some times. 🙂

Comment by Penguin

I love this song and lets have as much light as we can get, it´s so dark here in Winter (starting each autumn buying new lamps in IKEA.) Iceland, the country of peace- a title we really like and could stick to better. But: here the end of the cold war started when Reagan and Gorbatschoff (did I gte it right?) met in Reykjavík. When was it, 87 something? So, dear little Pinguin, maybe there is a reason. And OF COURSE Yoko ono is in love with our island, has come many times to visit. As Jóhn Lennon probably peaked over her shoulder he has been here too. (As a beam of light?) Mom

Comment by sabine Marth

HI Mom….I am aware that we are a rather peaceful nation. The non-existence of an army was my first clue:) Reagan and that Russian dude, end of cold war thingy…don’t you think that Iceland sometimes thinks it plays too big a part in the grand schemes of international politics?
Granted we are peaceful, but I always attributed that to a lack in physical bodies, especially since the fairies, elves and trolls are reluctant to partake in human nonsense. 🙂

Anyhoo…I like the tower, I searched for its light again this evening…it’s all good.

Comment by Penguin

A peace tower for John! Thanks for telling us about this, I had no idea. What a perfect gift, especially since you like it:)

Comment by actonbell

Love this post and all the comments. I can see all points of view. “Iceland was dumb enough to accept it” -now that slays me!! Maybe Iceland stays pure because not too many people wanna live there. People and their ‘stuff’ always mess things up. And I must say, for as much as I love the melody to ‘Imagine’, Yoko just seems a little too pretentious sitting there with her sunglasses halfway down her nose. OTOH, peace is Always a Good Idea.
Snuppy, may as much peace as possible be with you and yours…

Comment by claire

actonbell, it didn’t even malke teh news over there? Such a dissapointment for our tourism bureau 🙂

Claire, high five, lady! And thanks for reading!

Comment by Penguin

Penguin, after the past week I thought I was 100% emotionally drained… and you went and brought up John Lennon. I try to reserve shedding tears for John to Dec. 8th.

Oh well. What’s joy and happiness without sadness and loss? Thank you!

And Snuppy, thank you also. J.D. will be (should be) home tomorrow. I hope Andy is home quickly too!

Comment by I Dive At Night

Our family, my husband at least, was closely involved – as you are with everything happening in Iceland as it is such a tiny country, but this involvement went a step further. It happened that he owned the house next to the meeting place with his office windows looking right at the entrance. So, a few days before the meeting the phone started to ring with the big news agencies on the line who wanted to rent his place as a good spot for the cameras and commentators. He waited a night and let it to the best bidding. They came to his office with one of this famous black briefcases as used in Hollywood films with the money neatly stacked and gave him his bundle. In the end the office wnt off limit for yhe fear of snipers, so we missed becoming world famous. For the onlooker the meeting was a day staring at the golden doorknob and listening to the commentators wondering what went on inside in real time tv broadcast. Thus history was made. And, imagine (to come back to the starting point) we live in life history everuday. Ever thought about That?
Penguin´s mom.

Comment by sabine Marth

Morgan, well, i would like my part in twirling your head…what can I say?!

MOM, ye sdad used to tell me that a looooot of times 🙂 he was fiercely proud! Did we get to keep the money? is tehre some of it left…can I have ice-cream???

Comment by Penguin

Thanks, that was fun. I’m a huge Beatles fan. I guess for me, the Beatles were about to break up whether or not John met Yoko. And I feel like, though I don’t quite see the attraction, he really loved her. So… what the heck? John and Yoko forever. As for the “present”, I don’t know. I hadn’t heard about this! Pretty interesting. And interesting that Paul was a no-show.

Comment by AP3

AP3….see, if you don’t find Yoko attractive…well, I am just gonna take your word for it 🙂 yeah, Paul didn’t show…maybe there was some knighting ceremony in Buckingham palace we don’t know about 🙂

Comment by Penguin

No sweety, no money left for ice cream, you know how much we spend on food when you are at home? All those tomatoes!

Comment by sabine Marth

oH, there I lost the beginning of one of my comments: and a whole comment too? But that big briefcase money, that wasn´t for Jon Lennon,no that was this Reagan Gorbatschoff thing – just to get it right.

Comment by sabine Marth

MOm…I understand I am basically eating all the tomatoe harvest from our national two bushes!

Comment by Penguin

Oh my God. When I think she cannot surprise me anymore, she does. The giant spirit of Lennon is now… uhm, making love with the sky? Don’t get me wrong, I love him as a singer. But funny is funny. 🙂

Comment by ariel

ariel, i hear you. I was just as surprised, mostly becuase of a lack of connection!

Comment by Penguin

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