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Saturday, 13 October 2007, 8:09am
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I think you all might be getting the wrong impression of me.  Week after week of songwriter driven music.  Relax, it’s the weekend – let’s all sit around and drink coffee and listen.  You might think I don’t listen to anything too…well, harsh.  But not today friends.  Today we’re getting rowdy.  Put a shot of Bailey’s in that coffee and get ready to relieve some angst.

Yes, today we’re going to listen to the dulcet celtic tones of the  Dropkick Murphys.  I have Mutha over at She’s A Real Mother’s blog to thank for the reminder. She featured them in this recent post.  Then I realized where I first heard them and maybe you will too when you hear the song featured in the video below.  I won’t say here, you can mention in the comments.  Quit yer complainin’ and leave me a comment. 

Their current album, The Meanest of Times was just released in September, but you can hear a song or two over on their MySpace.

In the ethic of punk, short and er, sweet.  I’m off to violin.  Have a great weekend! 


   PS:  Head on over to Humor-blogs.com, the moshpit of humor.

WEEKEND UPDATE:  This just in!  Snuppy who submits snappy captions under the name “Crazy Aunt Bea” has just won this week’s MattressPolice.com Caption Contest, thus garnering the coveted “IN YOUR FACE!” award.  WooHoo!  I think this makes like eight, or at least four such wins.   Show some love Snarksters.

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no THAT’S the way to kick off a kick a** weekend! i ADORE all things Celtic, and the Dropkick Murphys are just the perfect blend of “soothing” and, um, a**kicking. heh. GREAT SPIN dearest of dear DJ LAMPSHAS!

seriously, i lovelovelove this video — surely it has something to do with the mention of Boston, Shirley — and this group. pretty sure BoBo will be workin’ overtime today loading up a few of their tunes to my iPod!

\,,/(^_^)\,,/ keep on rockin’, sistah/girlfriend!

Comment by snuppy

There’s just nothing for 6am Saturday morning like Celtic punk. I’m putting your URL in my window so the neighbors will know where I got the idea.

Comment by Walela

Was he screaming that ‘he lost his leg?’ I guess there’ll be no Riverdancing for you, my friend! 😦

Comment by elasticwaistbandlady

I’m originally from Brittany, so I grew up with that kind of music…

Aren’t the Dropkick Murphys in the Soundtrack of the movie The Departed ? Rings a bell…

Comment by Zhu

Snuppy, I thought we could all use a jumpstart, that’s the spirit! Somehow I knew this would appeal to your celtic side and well, we’ve all got a little punk in us. Rock on sistah \\//!!! XOX Hope you an Bobo have a great weekend.

Walela, absent napalm, you’re right. Haha! Put that sign down, I’m getting some nasty messages.

elasticwaistbandlady (that’s a mouthful!): He was indeed – a tale of an unfortunate pirate I’m afraid. Those riverdanacers seem pretty intent, I bet it wouldn’t stop them. Thanks for dropping by – your comment cracked me up.

Zhu: In that case, welcome and hope you felt at home. Ding! Ding! Ding! That is indeed where I first heard them – the soundtrack of The Departed, an excellent movie.

Enjoy your Saturday everyone and thanks for dropping by.

Comment by DJ Lampsha

The vocalist sounds like he took lessons from the dude in Linkin’ Park. I, too love all things celtic so I really enjoyed this video. Good pick, cuz everyone needs a little asskickin’ now and then (except Snuppy whose ass has already been thoroughly and completely kicked).
I hope all is going well for Snuppy and her boy. That’s tough to have to deal with. Best wishes.

Comment by claire


Comment by BoBo

Claire, how long can one blow out their vocals with this kind of singing, I wonder. But hey, all for entertainment. And I think Snuppy might have enjoyed the “release” this kind of music provides 🙂

Bobo, my work here is done.

Enjoy what’s left of the weekend. I swear mine will be productive any second now.

Comment by DJ Lampsha

Dropkick Murphys kick ass!! How can a half irish half scottish guy who lives in New England not love them? I will admit though as a Sox fan that I am getting a little tired of ‘Tessie’.

Comment by Chris C

Interesting. It’s Monday morning here, and that sure woke me up. That’s not the kind of thing I usually listen to, but I have to admit it’s great when you need to get moving. Congrats to Snuppy for that terrific caption! 😉

Comment by Theresa

Oops that was supposed to be a regular smiley. 🙂

Comment by Theresa

Monday morning for me too. Kicks ass!
You sure can’t help but feel ready for todya after this get-your-ass-up style of music.

Nice Spin, glad I checked in on Monday than say Weekend, I just needed to relax 🙂

Congrats to snuppy for being witty despite everything! You go, snark-host!

Comment by Penguin

hey — thanks for the shout out, Lampsha! i’m such a maroon — i TOTALLY forgot about my big win when i posted above. d’oh! guess i’ll have to go “brag” on myself later in the week. be a good excuse to load up that happy “in your face” banner, too, don’t ya think?

still LOVELOVELOVING the Dropkick Murphys, by the way — thinking i’d better get BoBo to load ’em up to my iPod ASAP! 🙂

Comment by snuppy

Pretty cool, Lampsha. Although I’m having a hard time hearing it over the AC/DC the workers are listening to outside. Ok, ok, I turned it on, but they are listening to it.

And congrats to Snuppy! I’m not sure how many she’s won, but she’s been in the top 10 just about every time. And I believe you won at least once as well, Lampshade Lady….

Comment by Diesel

Man, some people are SO smart…

Happy win Snuppy – you are fabulous!

Comment by tsduff

Wow, I never responded? I hate when that happens.

Chris C. – haha – I think it’s impossible actually. Not being so big in sports except on a peripheral level, is it that you just are tired of them cheering on the Sox? Or did the Sox not live up to the battlecry? I’d love to get an insider’s perspective. I just like them cause they kick ass period.

Theresa, I thought I’d go a little out of the norm. I like the bagpipes done punk style, I must admit.

Penguin, yes this isn’t exactly relaxation music so fine choice for Monday morning.

Neva, you will indeed get that banner up there. In fact, I think maybe we’ll figure out how to string mine in there too from way back. XOX

Diesel, sure the big boss man always blaming the workers 🙂 Place the Dropkick Murphys for them – they’ll get your job done.

I think Snuppy’s got at least 3 or 4 wins under her belt. And I am still quite proud of my win! I cracked myself up with that one. I’ll be claiming a banner when I do my bi-annual blog housekeeping. Perhaps add your book link in – yeah, I’m on it.

Terry, she is indeed Terry.

I know we’re all feeling a bit sad today for Snuppy and family, I just wanted to answer you all back and hope for better times for TheSnark’s own – creator extraordinairre (sp?), Snuppy!

Comment by Lampsha

just tired of hearing the damn song so much that’s all. I am also getting tired of hearing ‘Dirty Water’ and ‘Sweet Caroline’ as well. Would it kill Fenway Park to play ‘Kernkraft 4000’ by Zombie Nation once in a while?

Comment by Chris C

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