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Happy Life Day! by crummyjoel
Tuesday, 16 October 2007, 8:00am
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Okay, Kalfu’ur admit it. Kalfu’ur have no idea what day is now according to calendar on Kashyyyk. Long deep-space travel to earth totally messed up Kalfu’ur’s inner calendar. Could be middle of mating season (would explain Kalfu’ur’s unnaturally greasy hair right now). Could be middle of harvest season (would explain why Kalfu’ur have desire to uproot every tree Kalfu’ur sees).

Kalfu’ur prefer to think of it as Life Day season, though. So Kalfu’ur would like to wish every user of Inter-net a Very Happy Life Day.

What? You never hear of Life Day? Watch and learn then. This special created by my ancestor Chewbacca, Magnificent One (May His Fur Always Be Ruffled) to explain to friends Life Day. With special guest apperance by BeaArthur, Golden One, and JeffersonStarship, Should’veStayedAirplane Ones.

(Snif)….Sorry, Kalfu’ur get emotional seeing other Wookies having such fun on Life Day. Please give Kalfu’ur a moment.

Kalfu’ur OK now.

So there Life Day in nutshell. Even if not technically Life Day right now, may all Inter-net users honor Life Day in hearts, and try to keep all year. Kalfu’ur shall live in Past, Present, and Future of Life Day. Spirits of all Three shall strive within Kalfu’ur. Kalfu’ur will not shut out lessons they teach.

Now if please excuse Kalfu’ur, Kalfu’ur must go find cute Yorkshire Terrier he found MySpace page for on Inter-net. Kalfu’ur’s hair must be greasy for reason.

Always Life Day at humor-blogs.com


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i’m… speechless.

that was brilliant. actually, that went well beyond brilliant, into a shining galaxy Kalfu’ur, fur away…

nicely played, my friend, nicely played. 😉

by the way, in that dyslexic fashion i have of misreading titles, originally i thought this was “Happy Day Life”. which makes about as much sense as producing the 2 hour special this video came from, but that’s beside the point. the point, which is sharper than the pitch of Chewbacca’s wife’s voice, is that this was hilarious post, from top to bottom. here’s hoping you secure a few Yorkies for yourself, Kalfu’ur, and that they’re so adorable-yet-NOT-tasty because, i mean, come on, they’re YORKIES, for cryin’ out loud.

Comment by Snup'py

oh yeah, who knew Art Carney was part of that whole debacle? surely not me, Shirle’ey. 🙄

Comment by Snup'py

Have a “Happy Life Day” Kalfu’ur. May your fur be soft and fluffy soon.

*looks for plastic light-sabre in closet to play with, picks chair to play part of enemy*

Comment by Penguin

Bring back the crummy letters.

And who do Wookies pray to around the dinner table? I never knew Chewbacca was so religious.

Comment by Jessy Russell

I have a couple of Crummy Letters ready to go idea-wise, but haven’t had time to write them yet. I’m thinking they should pick up again in a couple weeks.

I have a very special post planned for next week.

Non-Kalfu’ur related, don’t worry.

Comment by CrummyJoel


Comment by Kalfu'ur

It’s a safe bet that it’s Life Day season. These days retailers are already decorating for Life Day before Harvest Day is even over.

Comment by Diesel

[…] to use my blog time to rest on the couch.  If you’re looking for something funny, check this out.  I especially think Maureen will enjoy […]

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Happy Life Day Kalfu’ur! You know the best things in life are free and I got nuthin’.

Comment by claire

I think that was the worst 2 minutes of my life (I didn’t watch the whole thing) and I want it back!

Comment by Fiar

Fiar: You didn’t watch the whole thing? Trust me, it got WAY worse.

I imagine Harrison Ford’s significant other keeps a copy of this around on DVD just in case he ever gets the big head.

Comment by crummyjoel

TX Kalfur!!!! That was deep!!!! And if you meet any Meekmoks on you’re travels be sure to let me know!!! I live in the Netherworld, at the Netherworld Hotel there!!!!!

Comment by Emrald

Are you trying to actually stop me from ever watching all the Star Wars flicks?

Happy Life Day, anyway Kalfu’ur. I know you must get lonely but watching this can’t be good for you.

Nice post though.

Comment by DJ Lampsha

Happy Life Day…

Comment by IDiveAtNight

… although that video is painful to watch.

Comment by IDiveAtNight

I actually saw that on TV long ago. And I was almost cured by now.

Thanks a lot.

Comment by Brent

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