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Sex Ed? by brawlingbelle
Friday, 19 October 2007, 8:23am
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I am pretty sure I am not the right person to do this around here, partly because I might be one of the youngest contributers and I bet you anything we Europeans have a different style to begin with. So I will leave you with this rather charming truth:



For no other reason than pure mathematics I would like to point out that the female brain picture had 33 KB and the male brain 11.

I rest my case!

~penguin out!

No need to worry about brains over at Humor-blogs.com – I think.

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I think you put the female brain backwards. The stem goes towards the mouth.

Comment by Walela

Walela, why don’t you go and enhance your ironing particle?

Comment by Penguin

So mostly true. I must show that picture of Mall Diva’s brain to her.
Snappy comeback to Walela too.

Comment by weirsdo

So male brains are more efficient? As an engineer I fail to find that a putdown.

After letting my shirt dry, my ironing particle asked if it should be, you know, like flattened some how? The rest of my brain cells responded “No!” in perfect unison and I hung the shirt up to wear.

Comment by IDiveAtNight

Weirsdo, I have a print out always ready for presentation when most needed πŸ™‚

Morgan, I always have felt that compressing things too much, leads to constipation:)I don’t wanna be around when it is time for the big bang!

Comment by Penguin

Holy crap, you have no idea how big of an issue the “listening to children cry in the middle of the night gland” thing was for us when our kids were babies.

Hey, I couldn’t hear it. Sue me.

Comment by Jeff

Penguin, that’s exactly why I try not to compress my shirts with hot, steamy of metal. It just seems, restricting, some how. Thanks for constipation reference! The jet lag is gone now. (TMI?)

Comment by IDiveAtNight

Heh, heh. The male brain has a spot for “ball sports.”

Comment by Diesel

jeff, I cna only imagine. I haven’t experienced it myself…but I have heard stories from friends. I might leav eit at that πŸ™‚

Morgan, I wish I was good with abbrevations, since i am not I assume that TMI means…Totally Must do Inventory of shoes πŸ™‚

Diesel, hahaha…yes and it is not located to far from teh crotch scratching area πŸ™‚

Comment by Penguin

This all makes perfect sense. Although I’ll point out that I do have the ability to drive a manual transmission, so there’s that. Other than that, pretty good.

Wonderful short to the point and perfect post! Sorry I didn’t stop by to see earlier but we were busy welcoming a new family member. Details at 11.

Comment by Lampsha

Oh that’s so female…preoccupied with the weight!

Comment by VE

lampsha, no need to apologize I knew a four legged addition was entering your lives:) Does it bark yet?

VE, well, personally I think 33 and 11 KB feel are just more space than weight, but after checking your blog, I leave measurements to you πŸ™‚

Comment by Penguin

The comments are hysterical.

Comment by nessa

I think the attention span area in the male brain is out of proportion, isn’t it really about three times smaller than that?

Comment by Theresa

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