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Saturday, 20 October 2007, 7:30am
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I was looking for something else on YouTube and the following song caught my ear/eye.  It’s a song of the Corrs, “When the Stars Go Blue” sung with Bono of U2.  In that moment, I remembered why even if I haven’t listened to anything by U2 in ages, they’re still a fave.

It’s been a tough week for someone quite near and dear to us and her family.   I just wasn’t feeling a new spin for today.  I’ll be back next week, once again spinning out of control, but for today we’ll rest. 

Have a great weekend.


To answer the Corrs question, “Where do you go when you’re lonely?”  – why to Humor-blogs.com, of course.

PS:  If you’d like to meet my new family member who looks suspiciously like this guy, by all means drop by SimplySaid.  And Kalfu’ur – he’s not a Yorkshire Terrier, got it?

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A wonderful weekend y’all!

I loce the Corrs, I love this song. I never was a huge Bono fan though…something about me rubs him teh wrong way. It might be the sunglasses. has anyone seen him ever wothout them. In case he has an eye-condition that explains the incessant glasses, I retract my obnoxious comment, of course 😉

Congratulations on teh new member. Happy barking!

Comment by Penguin

I menat to type, I love the Coors…I hate typing 🙂

Comment by Penguin

Good enough for a bad day. Woof to my new buddy.

Comment by Walela

Best Spin Ever! I love the Corrs. Beautiful Irish voices.

Comment by claire

Penguin, I think you can’t go wrong with this combo. Yeah, I’m not sensing medicinal purposes on the glasses. Hey, this is rock and roll – Elvis had his pantsuits right?

Thanks – he’s pretty quiet on the barking front. But I do hear in hot pursuit of Tali and Julian right now 🙂

Penguin 2, hahahaha – don’t you think we’ve deciphered your typo style by now? Of course loce = love!

Walela, good enough for a bady day indeed (that’s a perfect phrase so don’t be surprised if I appropriate it). Louie says woof back.

Claire, Ooh best spin ever!? It’s on the best of then, that’s it. I love their voices and they just blended so beautifully with Bono on this song.

Okay, everybody – it’s gorgeous here in the Northeast, I’ve got a new dog so – see ya!

Have a wonderful weekend all!

Comment by Lampsha

Ey, a group of Irish singing together is a beautiful ting. But listen to ’em talk and you won’t understand a word.

The new dog is a cutie! Still, it’s no cat. 😛

Comment by IDiveAtNight

Oooh! I love them both! The Corrs always bring back great memories as Loverboy and I once saw them perform at the famous Fillmore here in SF before they became as well known as they are today and they were magical… I have never had the pleasure of seeing U2 live though I do love them… only career move of Bono’s I totally am NOT on board with is his wanting to work with the damn Spice Girls! Ugh!

And yes, best to keep it calm this weekend… our thoughts are with you dearest-and-very-much-missed Snuppy, veryveryvery smart sister Terri and family…

Fabulous spin dearest DJ Gina G! FABOO FO SHO!

Comment by Miz BoheMia

Bono is a magical leprechaun on Earth to heal and redeem us..I’ve know it since 1984 and you’ll never convince me otherwise.

Comment by Deb

Bono has to wear sunglasses to he doesn’t hynotise us all into falling madly in love with him.

Comment by nessa

IDAN, Tis a beautiful thing lad, I agree. Funny, I think I just heard him meow.

MizB: For you to have seen anyone at the Fillmore is amazing – it holds such a place in music history. I have seen U2 and as you can imagine – amazing! Yeah, that’s a move I’d hate to see. Pish-posh.

Thank you my dear amiga and so happy to see you.

Deb, were we at the same concert? I’ll never try to convince you otherwise. Oh no. And welcome to CentralSnark.

Nessa, ah I knew I could count on you for the definitive answer!

There you have it ladies and gentlemen. Enjoy your Sunday wherever you spend it. And be sure to add a little music to your day.

Comment by Lampsha

Nice music for a Sunday, because I’m listening to this on Sunday afternoon. Now I’m going to check out your new “not a Yorkshire Terrier.” 🙂

Comment by Theresa

Nice music for a Sunday indeed. Now here it is Monday, wahhhhh.

Comment by Lampsha

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