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Monday, 22 October 2007, 10:42am
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Or, was I supposed to nail down who was posting today?  Was it me?  Oy vey, whatever you do, please don’t let Snuppy know that it took me absolutely no time at all to let  Central Snark slide right off the Humor-blogs.com map.  Oh sure, people will say, “Remember that blog?  Kind of scary yet intriguing header?  Wacky woman posting, sort of reminded you of your crazy Aunt Bea?  Pretty funny?”  Yeah, uh – don’t remember it.  And faster than Snuppy could say, “oh look – something shiny!” The Snark will have slid out of everyone’s hearts and memories. 

The demise will be traced back to this exact moment when people came a calling for a little light hearted Monday humor or Snuppy’s not-yet-copyrighted Musical Opposites Cheap Laughs (MOCL) posts and EEEK – Saturday Spin?  It’s freaking Monday!  So we won’t get into who exactly was lining up blog posts and who exactly let the ball go rolling onto an eight lane highway only to be splattered by an oncoming eighteen wheeler.  We won’t. 

Instead, we’ll just sing along with The Boomtown Rats because it was musical and it was in Snuppy’s archives which read “In case of emergency, break glass”.  So I did.  Not that the Boomtown Rats qualify as a cheap laugh, but I’m hoping someone can come up with a good joke in the comments to get me off the hook here.

Now then, I am at my office where I get paid to actually work.  More than this I couldn’t come up with on such short notice to myself.  Hey give me a break, didn’t you see my new family member whom I had to leave this morning?  This cursed working for a living existence!

Screw this, head on over to Humor-blogs.com where the highways are all traffic-free!


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Might I add that a few comments from friends or strangers couldn’t hurt “keep up appearances.” Okay, I’ll go now.

Comment by Lampsha

Where exactly is Boomtown? How can he not know why he hates Mondays? Everyone knows Mondays just suck.

Comment by Nessa

I’ll have a post tomorrow guaranteed to keep things hoppin’….

Hey! Is that something shiny?!?

Comment by CrummyJoel

Nessa, I think somewhere North of Bumf*ck, but don’t quote me.

C-Joel, I knew we could “count” on you. Something shin…wha…

Comment by Lampsha

Thanks for the video. I heard the song before, but I hadn’t actually seen the video. It’s Monday and you’re expecting us to think up a joke for the comment section? …I think that defeats the whole purpose of Mondays.

Comment by Theresa

That was asking a lot, wasn’t it? Of course, you have Snuppy not me to thank for the video. So basically I was here to just open the door this morning and late, at that.

The good thing about Monday is Tuesday so see you all tomorrow when the not-at-all-Crummy Joel will be here (or who knows, maybe Kalfu’ur).

Comment by Lampsha

Work sucks, and I am so sorry you had to leave such a cutie! Workplaces should have special admin leave for cuddling new pets.
Another Monday workday, in the can:)

Comment by actonbell

Another Monday done, but it was a particularly nasty one. Like a Monday’s Monday. Heck, if I had had the chance to browse at work today, I would have found even today’s Snark post better that what I was doing. 😛

Comment by IDiveAtNight

Hey, just doing my part to keep up the comments. I thought the song was wonderfully appropriate.

Comment by IDiveAtNight

I don’t like Monday cuz I was up all night listening to rats scurrying around the attic. I want to shoo-oo-oot them all to hell! Hubby had placed poisoned bait up there but he bought the cheap stuff. Yes that’s right, I have gourmet rats. The little mo-fo’s need the special expensive poison bait in order to die and go to hell. Wah,wah,wah…thanks for reminding me with that goofy song, Lampsha.
Someone needs to sleep on the couch tonight…

Comment by claire

Isn’t this song about parricide? Thanks for cheering me up. I’ll be back for more!

Comment by Walela

Blame Grundir, Lampsha. That’s what I do.

Comment by Diesel

say something funny? uh… two words: Bob Geldorf.

just saying

LOVELOVELOVE this post (as well as all the others i’ve been lucky enough to peruse) — SO glad you found this “gem” my dear NBFF! as for me? oy — back for a couple of days, then back to California. Andy’s home, and will be “enjoying” 3 days of physical therapy TFN. meanwhile, back in California, my beautiful bereft sister is sitting in a hotel room in Santa Monica, after being forced to evacuate from San Diego (where she and Bill were for the past year). she still has arrangements to make before going up to Central California for his memorial, but Mother Nature — along with some MoFo arsenist — seem to have other plans… yeesh.

anyway — as i listened to this song, and swallowed another throat lozenge, i realize i really don’t like Mondays. or colds. fortunately, one is gone… and with luck — and copious amounts of Zicam — the other will be soon enough.

now i’m off to check out pictures of your new “family member”! but not before i say THANK YOU one more time for taking over the “reins” of this here Snark. the fact that our “standing” on Humor-blogs.com has slipped from 42 to 37 notwithstanding. 😉

seriously, you’re the BEST and i lovelovelove you! and, of course, our dear Snarky co-Administrators and friends. thanks again to one and all for everything. xox

Comment by snuppy

Actonbell, I was saying that very same thing today. Would a week to bond be so outrageous? I think not. Pet-ternity leave. I’m signing up. Another Monday in the can indeed.

IDAN, thanks – that’s the team spirit. Something in the air no matter what country today as it was a craptastic Monday here too. Just happy to be home will Louie laying nearby. And whoa, look at the time – it’s Tuesday.

Claire, did you just sneak in another BR song lyric all the while talking about scampering rats? You win the comment of the week for that (and nerves of steel might I add).

Might I recommend a flute?

Walela, what’s your point? Come on back, the fun never ends!

Diesel, I think you just saved my marriage.

Snuppy, HAHAHAHA – she’s baaaack! Oh my gosh – as if Terri doesn’t have enough to contend with. That’s just surreal. I am so sorry that she has even more heaped on her plate. And you too. How is Andy coming along? We all miss you so much – more than this crummy post (except for your hoisted video) can convey.

Take care of yourself and get strong. So much for you to contend with too. Miss you so and I know that I don’t speak for myself alone in wishing that we could be more of a support for you right now. Don’t worry, the co-administators are on their way to lift TheSnark’s spirits and standing.

So glad to “see” you here and hope that you have whatever strength it takes to help all your beautiful family through life’s trying times. You’re amazing. Take good care and we’ll “talk” soon.


Comment by Lampsha

OK, I knew this song and never the artists and I just loved this. One reason might be that I came by on a Tuesday?

I love that dude’s voice and I love to see snuppy back for a spell!

and now I am off to check your family addition!

Comment by Penguin

Saw the completely-fits-like-a-glove new family member… what a lovely lovely! Louie’s hair is to die for :).

I’ve always enjoyed the Boomtown Rats… great choice for the day. LOL to Clair – I’ve had to deal with those scurrying midnight noises. I prefer the Boomtown Rats to those Norway variety…

As for Terri – I’m sorry she is having to deal with the Out of Home experience – but having been born in Santa Monica, I do have a fondness for that city 🙂 Hope her home fares well in her absence.

Comment by Terry

Penguin, Tuesday does help one feel better about Monday, for sure 🙂

Terry, we love him! Thank you, he’s really part of the family. I also always enjoyed the Boomtown Rats.

I join Terry in the hopes that Claire is rat-free in no time (actually by now would be good). Eek.

Comment by Lampsha

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