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Crummy Church Signs Release Party!! by crummyjoel
Tuesday, 23 October 2007, 7:46am
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So, CrummyJoel, let me get this straight…you started guest blogging over here (just like Diesel did), you created an alternate internet persona (just like Diesel did), and now….you wrote a book (just like Diesel did) too?!?!

Well, in short… yes. What can I say? He’s a heck of a guy to emulate.

Anyhow, today all over the World Wide Web, we are celebrating the release of the second book from Humor-Blogs.com, my very own Crummy Church Signs Volume 1 (2004-2007).

<– Click picture to purchase a copy 

Those of you who frequent my blog might remember that I recently celebrated my third bloggoversary. Over that time I have collected some 700+ rotten church signs and reviewed them with snark and snarl. Often the contributors provide the snark, but the blog always has the best (worst?) that crummy church signs around the globe have to offer.

Well, I decided that after 3 years it was time to collect my blog into a “Best Of..” (or “Worst Of…”) collection. And that collection gets unleashed upon the unsuspecting public today.

What do you get? 178 pages of unmitigated church sign tripe, complete with snarky commentary. The absolute worst offenders, the absolute funniest reviews, all categorized for your convenience. This coffee-table sized book (no, smartass, the book isn’t the size of a coffee table…it’s the size of a coffee-table book) is sure to crack up Christians and non-Christians alike with its scathing attacks on lame puns, poor theology, outdated pop culture references, and general stupidity.

Starting today, the book is only $10.99 when ordered through the humor-blogs.com store! That includes FREE SHIPPING, and I will sign your copy of the book as well! Order soon, because on November 6 (2 weeks), the price goes up to $12.99 PLUS shipping (and no signature…. 😦 ).

The best part: Since church signs have inflicted such evil on the world recently, it’s time for them to do some good. I am donating 100% of my proceeds for this book to Compassion, a charitable organization that pairs up underprivileged kids from around the world with sponsors who help pay for food, shelter, and education. That’s right, I’m not making a dime off of this. Humor-blogs.com has graciously decided to donate it’s share of the sales as well. The only entity taking a “cut” off of the sales is the printer. So not only can you laugh at the hilarity in the book, you can feel swell knowing that a large percentage of your money went to a great cause!

What are you waiting for?!? Go buy a copy today! Heck, get your Christmas shopping done early and buy one for your whole list!

As a special note to my friends here at the Snark, my book’s page on Lulu.com is desperately seeking positive reviews. Please note that you DO NOT want to purchase the book from there…it’s $12.99 PLUS shipping from them. To get the special deal, order from the humor-blogs store. But I would love to have a high review on Lulu so I could maybe get some sales from there too, from people who don’t know the wonders of Humor-Blogs.com. So please go write me a positive review over there! You need a username and password and the like, but it only takes a few seconds….please?!?

I have a nice set of topics for upcoming Crummy Letters, and there will for sure be a new Crummy Letter next Tuesday (maybe sooner, if I can take care of the other 647 things I have going on right now).

CrummyJoel out!



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What kind of crummy person could deny this pitch? Proceeds to charity? Excellent! Suddenly we’re realizing that you’re not-so-crummy-at-all, Joel. May your sales be brisk and plentiful.

I’ll take care of bidness shortly.

Comment by Lampsha

First! Ok, not the first commenter, but I was the first person to buy the book. Ha!

I’ve read a draft, and I’m sure there’s something a little wrong with me, but I thought it was absolutely hilarious. I actually had tears running down my cheeks I was laughing so hard, and if you’ve read any of my book reviews you know that I’m a tough audience. I’m telling you, this book is funnier than Eragon.

Buy it or God will put up one of these signs in your yard.

Comment by Diesel

Thanks Lampsha and D.

Comment by CrummyJoel

I don’t want God mad at me (at least not for not buying this book – there are way more better reasons for Him to be mad at me.)

Comment by Nessa

oh Lord (no crummy pun intended) i can see we’re in need of some serious “reorganization” around here, if only to help pimp promote the books and/or merchandise created by this site’s administrators.

needless to say, i am loveloveloving the idea of doing just that (yo, Diesel? how’s that coming along??) as WELL as purchasing a few copies (at the very least) of your book! you ROCK, Joel — who’s so NOT Crummy — you really do!! 😉

Comment by snuppy

I bought it!

Comment by claire

Congrats Joel on your new status as an author. As soon as I get a little money I’ll buy a copy, but for now we’re still recovering from buying the kids’ schoolbooks -ouch!

Comment by Theresa

Bet you anything , shipping does not involve Iceland 🙂
I absolutely want a copy and I’ll check into lulu and see what I can do for appraisal there. Don’t worry, I’ll check my typing before I hit publish 🙂

Most of my enthusiasm is, of course, based on your snarky posts, but I love them…so if the book reflects any of that wit, I am sure soemthing should be promoted 🙂

Comment by Penguin

Thanks, everyone…
And Penguin..I’m already shipping to India, so why not Iceland?

Comment by CrummyJoel

Joel, my bad…I just checked and noticed that Diesel changed his paying availability to Paypal and they include Iceland. *pride* so I will be able, to order my own copy. *celebrates*

Comment by Penguin

Congratulations on the birth of your new book.

How much did it weigh? Is the mother doing well?

Comment by Lord Likely

Wait, wait. What’s todays date? I want the book. In fact, I want two. I’ve fallen and I can’t get up, so I can’t get to my credit card. I’ve already pressed the button thing around my neck. Help to get to my card will be here momentarily, so wait. I’m sure I’ll be able to hobble back tomorrow:-)…..Judy

Comment by Judy D'Antonio

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