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Saturday, 27 October 2007, 8:07am
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I don’t know why I haven’t featured The Hold Steady before.  Really, it’s one of those unexplained things of the Universe.  It’s not like I haven’t been enjoying their music over this past year.  Their debut album, Boys and Girls in America was released in October 2006 and you may well have heard their music on your radios.  NPR has described them as “America’s Bar Band” – sounds good to me.  So grab a beer and pack yourself into a crowded space and check em out:

Here’s a link to their MySpace and I’m eyeing their tour dates because I wouldn’t mind checking them out when they come to NYC in November.  I think I can even get Scissors to go.  Our musical tastes don’t always mesh but he’s a sucker for live music and I’m betting they’ll deliver.  Oh and I imagine, everything you ever wanted to know about them can be found HERE.

Now I’m off to hold steady and get my kids to music school. 

Have a great weekend!


PSST:  They’re holding steady and rolling in the aisles at Humor-blogs.com


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They look like they’d be mega fun in a bar.

Comment by nessa

Are rock bands supposed to enjoy themselves?

Comment by Walela

Very cool…I like the Elvis Costello thing they’ve got going.

Comment by BoBo

Nessa, that’s what I’m thinking.

Walela, well another country is heard from and they say yes!

BoBo, yeah me too!

Good to see you Bobo and big hugs and kisses to my NBFF. Hope you’re managing as well and Andy is being a good patient.

Have a good weekend all.

Comment by Lampsha

Bruce meets David Johannson as Buster
meets many of my assorted neighbors and

I like them but couldn’t look at them
without telling myself stupid Jew goes
into bar jokes–they could be Italian
whatever but they’re sooooo NY.

Comment by pia

Bruce meets Buster, Pia? That has kind of a Jesus meets Jackie Mason feel.

Comment by Walela

Great sound! They are a perfect bar band. I will go and check them out…

Comment by actonbell

brooklyn, NY sure brings out some grand artists. I think they make a greta bar band…lots of energy…

Comment by Penguin

Pia, so funny. Yeah the lead singer is rather Nebish-y for a Catholic guy. Goes to show ya…I’m just cracking up at the hybrid that you’ve described. That’s good.

Walela, and Randy Newman’s tending bar.

Actonbell, hope you had your beer with you when you did 😉

Penguin, it sure does. Who knows? Maybe they’ll make their way to Iceland…or you’ll make your way here?

Comment by Lampsha

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