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Saturday, 3 November 2007, 7:37am
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If anybody happens to see an Unidentified Flying Object, it may very well be my post that seems to have disappeared.

Not to worry, links are out there to be recreated, so let’s get moving.  

I heard today’s artist, Jesca Hoop on NPR’s All Things Considered while driving home one evening.  That may be the only upside of car commuting, the radio.  Well that, and a guaranteed seat, even if it is the driver’s. 

She’s a real unique talent.  Her music has the feel of drawing on different cultures and times, but being like nothing else.  Or as Tom Waits put it just a tad more poetically:

Jesca Hoop’s music is like a four sided coin. She is an old soul, like a black pearl, a good witch or a red moon. Her music is like going swimming in a lake at night.”

He should know, she was his children’s nanny.  That is after she came down from the mountains where she was living a fairly austere survivalist lifestyle for a time.  Jesca is an LA based songwriter and her song, Seed of Wonder, kicked it all off.  She now has a debut album out, Kismet.  You can hear Seed of Wonder on one of the links, give that one a listen.  This song, Big Fish can be found on the new album as well:

Check out her own site, HERE which is rather enchanting and her MySpace.

So have a good time listening and a great weekend ~ DJ LAMPSHA

Psst:  Head on over to Humor-blogs.com where survival of the funniest is a way of life. 

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I’ve had the UFO post problem before as well. It seems to happen if you hit save before having a title on a post. It’s still there in the files, but you have to go hunt for it.

Have a great weekend. 🙂

Comment by Brian

I heard that interview. I can hear Tom Waits in the music but not in the word “nanny.”

By the way, my morning rash is healed.

Comment by Walela

Brian, that was my feeling. But it was easier in the moment to just go recapture the links. Thanks though and have a great weekend yourself.

Walela, something so incongrous about that. But hey, he’s mortal with his own little mortals needing care for apparently.

Glad to hear it – calamine?

Comment by DJ Lampsha

Like it a lot – hearing a real Gwen Stefani influence…more earlier No Doubt than present day GS.

Comment by BoBo

As usual you have “uncovered” a new and exciting artist – of whom I’ve been oblivious even though she is from a town (Sonoma) not more than an hour’s drive from my house. Her voice reminds me of KT Tunstall, but she is quite eccentric on her own. Nice music this a.m. Thanks sis.

Comment by Terry

Bobo, I heard that too, but such a unique sound of her own at the same time.

Terry, something good for a weekend. You’re welcome sister. It’s so random how I hear musicians, I’m sure that I’m missing quite a few from my own backyard.

Hope you’re all relaxing and having a nice weekend.

Comment by Lampsha

quirky…something i lovelovelove in an artist! needless to say, i think you’ve come up with a BIG winner, dearest and most clever of DJ Lampshas! seriously, i adore this music, and am charmed-yet-only-moderately-concerned by her ties to Tom Waits.

i knew you were rash, Walela, i just didn’t know it showed in such visceral ways. 😉

,,\/(O_O)\/,, aliens come in peace, and stay for the music. (and/or Mexican food?)

Comment by snuppy

Lampy, I think we can agree that if Tom Waits has kids, better he hire someone to raise them, huh?

Comment by Walela

Quirky is just the word, and I have made my mind up too…I like her. And I ahve to agree with Bobo….I got a Gwen Stefani vibe!

Walela, that’s not specific to Tom Waits, now is it?!

Comment by Penguin

Snuppy, I’m not sure where – but in one of the links I saw a video of Jesca performing with the Ditty Bops, so I knew she was for you 🙂 Nothing like Mexican food to lure them in. XOX

Walela, anyone who could sing Waltzing Matilde to his children, can’t be all that bad. Can you imagine that gravelly voice telling the kids to pick up after themselves?

Note to Snuppy and Walela, only being familiar with a passing glance of Waits’ catalogue, I can’t make a call on his parenting fitness. Is he a kook? Are his lyrics scary. I’ll google later. Where’s Pia? She’s our resident Waits expert!

Enjoy your Sunday. I’m trying to sort through a mound of hand me downs, hand me ups and giveaways in the great fall/winter clothing swap. Not pretty. All with the NYC Marathon on television. Something is slightly wrong with this picture. Can you pick it out?

Comment by Lampsha

haha, just missed Penguin and points to her on the last comment 🙂

Okay, she’s on The Penguin likes list. Case you can’t find the music in Iceland.

Stay warm!

Comment by Lampsha

No, penguin, it goes for rain dogs and others.

Comment by Walela

Cool stuff, Lampsha. I was Wayne Newton’s gardener for a while, but I sure as hell didn’t get a recording contract out of it.

Comment by Diesel

I love the Tom Waits quote–reminds me of that Gary Bussey quote: “It was like being naked and running backwards through a cornfield at night.”

Comment by Rickey Henderson

Diesel, now that’s cool. Can you actually sing? Because, you know that could have helped it along.

RickyHenderson, I understand the association.

Comment by Lampsha

Cool find.

IMHO, Sounds a little like Waits’ former gf Rikki Lee Jones.

Comment by Mark Jabo

Mark, I can see that.

But as I think of everyone’s comparisons, I just think she sounds like her own self. Very fresh.

Comment by Lampsha

Things are getting back to normal, and I am catching up on all I missed over the weekend. This was cool. That’s an unusual style she’s got, I like it.

Comment by Theresa

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