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AIEEEE! by Snuppy
Tuesday, 6 November 2007, 9:42am
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mr. wizardOH woe is us!! Last night before tucking ourselves in bed, we sneaked a peek into the Snarky queueueue (que who?) and could have sworn we saw one of CRUMMY (tho SO not) JOEL’s hilarious and perfectly wonderful posts in there, but now it’s gone. Gone we tell ya, GONE! And with it, all our hopes for not having to write a post of our own.

Naturally, had we bothered to also sneak a peek at our email (253 “messages” and counting), we’d have found Crummy(ish)Joel’s crummy(er) note sitting right next to an offer for DryerBalls (which we believe we will be ordering, if only to say we have them). But, as we’re so often wont to do when thinking about Unfortunate Product names, we digress. The point, which came thisclose to being rolled over by a fluffy and oh-so-dry ball, is that our good friend did send us an email, which read a little something like this:

Hey Snuppy.

I’m sick today, my seventh graders gave me something respiratory and nasty. (those sneaky/snot-filled bastards)

I’m afraid I’m gonna be in no conscious state to write any sort of coherent (the Snark is coherent?) post for tomorrow. Unless you don’t mind me just pimping the fact that it’s the last day to preorder my book. (Joel, you clever whore)

Anyhow, if you want something funny and snarky tomorrow, I’m afraid I’m not your guy. And I even have a topic, just not a state of mind to write it. (is it about sneaky/snot filled bastards? and/or their f*cky parents who send ’em to school in hopes of infecting their math teacher in order to prevent him from writing an award winning post instead of pimping his book?)

Sorry 😦 (not as sorry as you will be we are) πŸ™„

~Feeling Crummy, Crummy Joel


BE sure to visit Humor-blogs.com, where only the humor is sick — and EVERYONE can order CrummyJoel’s Crummy Book.

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lord-a-mercy! because it’s been raining allo morning, i decided to “sleep in”. bad idea. anyway, here’s hoping our dear and Very Good Friend is feeling much better, soon! or at least by next Tuesday, because, well, that’s when we’ll expect to see his next post!

and buy his book, dammit. πŸ™‚

Comment by snuppy

Things got worse after I wrote the email, and not just health wise. If I’m still alive next week, just wait til I unload both barrells at….well, just wait and see.

Comment by CrummyJoel

And couldn’t we all use drier balls I ask? Well perhaps not you or I, but say Crummy Joel. Maybe then he wouldn’t have gotten sick. Can’t go round with damp balls and be on your game. What’s that? Ohhhh dryer balls!

Never mind.

Comment by Lampsha

Thanks for the reminder! Sorry, Joel not that it wasn’t a priority but I haven’t sceduled a past due gyencologist appointment either, just to put it into persepctive.


Comment by Lampsha

I saw those dryer balls hanging in our grocery store recently and tried take a picture with my cell phone, but it turned out all dark and blurry and then I was too embarrassed to keep trying so I quit. But I was laughing because not only are they sold in pairs, but they’re also blue. And here I thought the only place you could buy blue balls was at the strip club!

Comment by Jeff

Dryer balls, now that is fascinating! And I thought I’d seen everything. Obviously, I was wrong. Now I have to get me some, after all, what is laundry without dryer balls? You gotta have balls to do the laundry! πŸ˜‰

Comment by Theresa

Joel: i’m just sorry you’re feeling poorly. knowing something happened to make you feel even worse doesen’t help — altho’ the fact that it’ll be part of your next post is a bit… intriguing. still, the most important thing to focus on is getting better. hope that’s happening, even as i type! πŸ™‚

Lampsha: yeah, drier balls DO seem like a good idea (nothin’ a good toweling off couldn’t enhance, right?) actually, my sister uses the Dryerballs, and i have to say they work! not only that, they’re environmentally “friendly”, which is, of course, one of the reasons she uses ’em. (i was a bit late on the book orders, too. guessing Joel doesn’t mind, too much!) πŸ˜‰

Jeff: i KNOW! i cracked up at that “sold in pairs/blue prickly balls” thing, too. again, strange product, to be sure, but they did seem to fluff the towels without taking the “oomph” outta them. and the other clothes were pretty damn soft, and minus static cling, so i guess the balls work. still… the product does have an Unfortunate Name. πŸ˜‰

Theresa: hahaha. tell that to my sons. according to them, possession of ‘balls’ is the reason they CAN’T do their own laundry. d’oh! those boys… πŸ™„

Comment by snuppy

I hope crummy joel is feeling better soon! I bought his book, so he should know he’s a good bookish whore. I have one of those unsnot-crusted 7th grade bastardettes… whew, joel has a hard job dude. I’d rather be poked in the eye with a sharp stick than deal with middle schoolers all day.

Comment by claire

ther eis a reason I throw my teahcing degree against teh wall and decided to directly engage with teh sick. At least I have loads of access to all kinds of medicine. *starts to sing*

Comment by Penguin

Claire: i remember that “stage” well. you have my sympathies, girlfriend. many things beat a sharp stick in the eye, seventh graders are not among them. (hang in there, you’ve made it through puberty before, you can do it again!) πŸ˜‰

Penguin: i have NO doubt your patients are infinitely grateful to you for choosing the professional path you’re on. and i don’t care what anyone says, when you’re sick, “drugs are good, m’kay?” (if you ever watched South Park, that would so make sense!) also — you’re saying you WILL be here with a clever post of your own, tomorrow? swe-e-e-e-e-e-t!! b(^_^)d

Comment by snuppy

uh, Penguin? that picture was supposed to look like a “happy face” giving 2 thumbs up. not sure it does, but that’s what it is, nonetheless! πŸ˜‰

Comment by snuppy

post has just been saved and is ready to be publsihed in the morning πŸ™‚
better get some sleep now!

Comment by Penguin

Enjoy whatever strand of ebola virus those little plague rats bring to class. This is why Rickey will never teach. Well, that and the pending child molestation charges…

Comment by Rickey Henderson

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