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Spinning Away… by Snuppy
Saturday, 10 November 2007, 10:06am
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music girlsIN no way are we worthy to take on a Saturday Spin, but take it on, we must. If it helps, just consider us today’s DJ Lame-o Faux Fill-In (rolls off the tongue, doesn’t it?) for that’s what we are. “Fauxers”* to the bitter end. Still, we truly want to comfort our dearest of dear Lampshas in some small way, and we’re in high hopes we can provide a few soothing melodies that will ultimately be just what the doctor ordered, even if it brings only the briefest of smiles to her lovely tear-stained face for a moment or two.

SOME of you might be too young to remember, but the first artist Lampsha featured in her World Wide Web Famous Saturday Spin (which was born a little over a year ago) was the remarkably whimsical REGINA SPEKTOR, and we can think of no better artist and/or song to feature in this coveted spot for this particular spin.

THE following clip is of the artist in concert, with a live performance we thought was stunningly beautiful. We hope you enjoy her poignant vocal stylings as much as we do. That said, a much more “polished” version of the song — that’s most certainly mesmerizing in its own right — can be viewed on Regina Spektor’s website. (once you “enter”, click on “videos”, and voilá! it’ll be the first one you see)

HERE’S hoping Life for Lampsha, as well as everyone in her family, is soon filled with peace and joy, and becomes infinitely… better. xox


PS: Were we really making an effort to fill Lampsha’s Spinning Shoes, we might have brought your attention to something “old” that’s “new” again — by featuring the unique and amazing collaboration between music legends Robert Plant & Alison Krauss. We hope you understand why we elected not to do that. That said, the music created by these two is unbelievable, and well worth checking out. Just saying…

*Fauxer (foh-ser): n, made up word, meaning someone guilty of fakery (another made up word)

Many folks feel better after reading Humor-blogs.com.

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sorry i wasn’t around to wish Lampsha a Happy Spinning Anniversary on 21 October, when the Saturday Spin first debuted, but hopefully today’s post will suffice in both honoring her and giving a little comfort in this very difficult time.

as for the Plant/Krauss collaboration? BoBo was listening to some of their music last week, and i was completely charmed. hopefully you guys will enjoy it, too. that said, it’s very… different, but wonderful, nonetheless.

here’s hoping today is happily non-eventful, aside from the Events that make up the fabric of our Everyday Lives. (that may sound pretentious, but it’s intended to convey hopes for a quietly happy weekend, which is what i DO wish for one and all!) 🙂

Comment by snuppy

My comment, Part Deux:

believe it or not, i actually added in the link to the Robert Plant/Alison Krauss site late last night, and only discovered this morning that Gina’s newest post features an amazing song by this odd-couple. apparently i’m channeling my NBFF and don’t even know it. go figure.

that said, BE SURE TO VISIT LAMPSHA TODAY, for hers is a tender tribute to her beloved mother, and i’m sure everyone will want to see it. xox

Comment by snuppy

Beautiful song…our thoughts and prayers continue to be with Lampsha and family.

Didn’t think I’d like the Plant/Krauss collaboration but it’s very cool. As you may recall, Krauss did much of the vocal work on the “Oh Brother Where Art Thou?” soundtrack.

Love the made up word Snuppy…excellent post.

Comment by BoBo

Nice choice, Snuppy.

Comment by Diesel

This is a very pretty and appropriate choice–the perfect sentiment for Gina:)

Comment by actonbell

BoBo: yeah, Alison Krauss’ music is fantastic. SO glad you were listening to the Plant/Krauss album the other day, cuz, damn, that whole thing is sublime… xox

Diesel: glad you liked this song. i’m a fan of the unplugged versions of songs like this, because they seem more “real” and tend to convey the intended emotions a bit better. xox

Actonbell: i so wanted to come up with something comforting and appropriate — i really hoped this tune would fit that bill. it means a lot to know you think it does (seriously, you have no idea how long i struggled with this post). thank you! xox

Comment by snuppy

I wish Lampsha and family all the very, very best.

Then, I wish more bestness upon them still.

– Lord Likely.

Comment by Lord Likely

Lord Likely: oops! guess we commented at the same time. thank you SO much for those sweet words, i know your good wishes mean worlds to our dear friend. xox

Comment by snuppy

appropriate…no question. Well done. We are glad ot have you back snuppy and I can’t wait for teh day when G gets back here too, it seems a comforting place these days, but isn’t that just grand that such a place exists?!

all my love to G.

Bobo, you mentioned the “Oh brother where art thou” sound track, one of my all-time favourite CD!

Comment by Penguin

I do love the Robert/Allison collaboration. It was surprisingly cool. Well played, faux-dj snuppmaster bea!

Comment by claire

OMG what happened to Robert Plant? That doesn’t even look like him! His amazing voice is still there thankfully.

On a side note there is a Led Zep sound in there. The sound, the melodies, the guitar work being multi-layered and experimental. ‘Killing the Blues’ sounds like something off of Physical Graffiti for example.

Comment by Chris C

That was beautiful. It’s the perfect choice for this weekend’s spin.

Comment by Theresa

Snuppy dear to me always, this was and is a perfect little spin. Thank you all for your sweet support – it’s a comfort for sure.

a/k/a Lampsha

Comment by Lampsha

certainly not up to your extremely high standards (with regards to “originality”), NBFF, but i sincerely hoped you’d enjoy this particular version of this particular song. and you already know of our bizarre cross-channeling, which further proves how truly “connected” you and i are (at least in my head that’s what it is!)

much love and big hugs to you! xox Neva

Comment by snuppy

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