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Well…poop by littlebluepill
Friday, 16 November 2007, 9:04am
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little blue pillTHERE are many many reasons to love and adore our daringly delicious and delightful friend (not to mention semi-frequent — tho’ we wish it was more — Snark contributor), THE LITTLE BLUE PILL. The following charming anecdotal post — which, as it turns out, is the perfect Yin to yesterday’s brown-colored Yang — is just one of ’em. ~ Snuppy

***                 ***                 ***                 ***

A month ago when babysitting my nephew, I wasn’t really paying attention. We were playing in the basement when a nice breeze told me that…yep time to change the boy’s “big boy underwear” (re: pull ups). Upstairs we go and I’m contemplating the sides. I tug. Nothing. So I carefully wiggle the pants down when…plop.

The poop rolled right out of the diaper onto the changing pad. “Don’t move!” I cried thinking this was beyond disgusting and could someone please please please potty train him? Stubborn little guy. Hah!

“Oh no,” cried Jake. “We dropped the poop.”

Chris & Jenn had come home early because nephew #2-to-be was misbehaving and Chris said: “Why didn’t you just pull the sides apart?”

I scowled at him. I had tried just not hard enough. To be honest it takes some seriously ripping on the sides. I guess to keep from three year olds from ripping them off. Duh. (Current update: I have mastered the ripping of the sides thanks to our Cuba holiday. I had to change those stupid diapers twice. In five minutes. Hello, my brother? Two words: potty training.)

“We dropped the poop, Daddy,” said my nephew. As if that wasn’t blatantly obvious to us all.

So that’s my new saying when I don’t think things through and they go in the, uh, pooper. “Oh no,” I’ll mutter as I sag back in defeat, “I dropped the poop.”

It’s so much more entertaining than “Oh shit.”

~ little blue pill who apologizes for no sexiness on Friday. Instead you get poop. I’m class all the way

They’re pooping toasters on Humor-blogs.com.


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MANY MANY Thanks to our good and oh-so-sweet Little Blue Pill for taking over the Snarkish Reins today! she initially wrote this funny post a few weeks ago, but then worried it might be offensive (in light of some of the sadnesses members of the Team have been experiencing).

Jenn, it’s doubtful ANYTHING you could write would be found offensive by anyone — certainly not by me, and most certainly not any of the folks who frequent this blog! this post is hilarious — and i agree “I dropped the poop” is infinitely more entertaining that “Oh shit!” ~ snuppy 🙂

PS: that “toaster” line is based on something we (me ‘n BoBo) heard a nurse say when Andy was in the hospital… 🙄

Comment by snuppy

Well, shit! I hate it when the poop drops.

Are you going to do a poop drop for New Years count-down?

Comment by tlp

Poop happens!

well done, LBP! I always find it not funny when things ahppen to em personally that I laugh at when seen on some comedy show. e.g…you change diapers and while all the guards are down, they let something else than poop flow!

Comment by Penguin

Aww you make me blushblushblush Neva.

TLP: Maybe we will. A new tradition!

Penguin as of now I haven’t been peed on. It’s really hard to keep a straight face when my nephew says stuff like that. In Cuba he wove through tables and looked at me, giggling away “I dwive you cwazy!” Then he stopped, looked at me. “You dwivin’ me cwazy, Auntie. Stop dwivin’ me cwazy.”

Comment by littlebluepill

It’s ok to drop the poop, but just don’t drop the brown acid.

Comment by Jeff

Kids say the darndest things. “I dropped the poop!” You’re right, so much better than “Oh, shit!” I’m sure we’ll be seeing popping up (or should I say pooping down) in a lot of posts in the future.

Comment by Theresa

I believe you may have coined a new phrase that may virally spread around the globe.

Remember, “Where’s the beef?”

Or, “That’s a spicy meataball.”

Now we have, “You dropped the poop.”

Can’t you see Congress criticizing the President? “Well, Senator, the problem with the President is he dropped the poop.”

You heard it first at Central Snark.

Comment by McCafferty Himself

That sounds like one of those family games, like Hungry Hungry Hippos or Operation. “Don’t Drop the Poop!”

Comment by Diesel

I’ll keep that in mind, Jeff.

I wish I had thought of it myself, Theresa. It’s annoying that a three year old is way more clever than I am.

Oooh…I’m up there with Arby’s, McCafferty? Well…my nephew. He’s got a future then. Phew.

Or perhaps like Hot Potato, Diesel.

Comment by littlebluepill

Great post LBP! Between kids and dogs, I’ve handled (and dropped) a lot of poop. It never gets less disgusting.

Comment by kyahgirl

“Oh no,” cried Jake. “We dropped the poop.”

All I could imagine after that line is a live grenade in a foxhole. hehe

Comment by Chris C

This was a grat post. Sorry I missed it. I bet I’ve dropped the poop 20 times since this went up.

Comment by Walela

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