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Spinning Up the Backstairs by Snuppy
Saturday, 17 November 2007, 8:57am
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girls and their musicAS you may have surmised, our post title is little more than a stupid uninspired cleverish play on the name of the song we’ve decided to feature for today’s spin. That’s right, your eyes don’t deceive, we said WE. Once again we’re doing our best to fill in for the delightful (and WAY more clever) Saturday Spinstress, DJ LAMPSHA, in hopes another weekend away from blogging will make Life just a wee bit easier on our dear friend.

THE band we’re featuring is called THE FRATELLIS. 3 unrelated guys from Glasgow, who met through a “mutual love of strange fruit“, changed their last names to Fratelli (why? we dunno), pooled their musical talents to create (in their words) the “happilyest of sounds“, and hit the music scene just a couple of years ago — releasing their one and only CD in 2006. Relatively unknown, they still managed to garner the coveted “Best British Breakthrough Act” in 2007. Impressive, no?

SURELY some of you have heard of this band, Shirley. Naturally, we had not, but that’s beside the point. The point, which is being uploaded onto our iPod, even as we type, is that, thanks to BOBO* — who’s always got his ey… er, ear out for groovy new groups — not only did we finally hear about The Fratellis, we listened to a few of their tunes, and became instant(ish) fans. These guys are flat out kick-ass awesome. The end, tappity tap, no erasies.

MAYBE you kids’ll like The Fratellis, maybe you won’t. And maybe — just maybe — you’ll find yourself tappity tap tapping your toes the way we did once you listen, because their inventive music is hella fun.

BY the way, “Creeping Up the Backstairs” (the song you just heard) was the first single released off the Fratellis’ Debut “album”, Costello Music. Care to hear more? Check out THE FRATELLIS WEBSITE you won’t be disappointed. (watch the video for “Whistle for the Choir”, a more laid-back song that’s reminiscent of early Beatles) Or maybe you will be disappointed, but since we plan to be out ‘n about for most of the day, we won’t be around to hear your whining. That said, if you DO like what you hear and/or see, you can also listen to more songs (“Chelsea Dagger” and “Flathead” are both fun) — where else? That’s right, on their MYSPACE PAGE. (whatever did musicians do before The MySpace?)

*Believe it or not, BoBo has a new post up. That’s right, a new… post. Not only that, it’s music-related, and flat out funny. Especially worth noting, we believe, because he did his last post in September. That’s right… September.

~DJ Fauxer (remember, “fauxer” is like “poser” only hella more fake)

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yeah — if THIS song doesn’t wake you up, i don’t know what will. most of their tunes, while fun and lively, are more “refined”. i just thought it might be nice to shake it up around here. mostly because we DO have errands to run, and my energy level is “low”, at best.

by all means check out BoBo’s post, not only is it “music related”, it’s hilarious. (hey, he doesn’t have a MySpace page, so i’m the one who has the honor of pimping his… stuff. πŸ˜‰

Comment by DJ Fauxer

Firstish! *yawn* It’s Saturday???

Comment by IDiveAtNight

Morning Morgan! yeah, it’s Saturday, all right. you’d KNOW that if you hadn’t been jetting all over the world these past few weeks (yep, i saw your posts, just haven’t had a chance to comment). if THIS song doesn’t wake you up, not sure anything will. πŸ˜‰

Comment by DJ Fauxer

Love it! I;m going to use this as my alarm-wake-up song for a kick in the ass on Monday. Might regret it, but that’s nothing new!

Comment by Deb

Thanks for the plugola Snuppy…my posts are like the circus. They come around once or twice a year and are become less and less exciting as they do. As for the Fratellis, first heard their music on an iPod commercial…lots of fun and they clearly don’t take themselves too seriously – yet. Great subspin!

Comment by BoBo

…interesting, I used to use good grammar. What I meant to say was, …my posts are like the circus; they come around once or twice a year and become less exciting each time they do…or something like that. Hey it’s early what do you want from me?

Comment by BoBo

Wait do you need a myspace page to
pimp your stuff in? I’m so hopelessly
out of it

But i know what I liked and I liked
that song

Comment by pia

Deb: glad you liked the tune — and thanks so much for stopping by! (let us know how that “wake up” call thing works out for ya) πŸ™‚

BoBo: thinking there’s nuthin’ wrong with your grammar — it’s as impeccable as your taste in music (and, i hasten to add, women) glad to plug your own fine post, those things are so far and few between, i believe you need all the “adverts” you can get. πŸ™„

Pia: don’t ask me, i don’t have a MySpace page, either. d’oh! glad you enjoyed these guys — that means a lot to me, especially since i know you have such excellent taste in music! πŸ˜‰

Comment by snuppy

Boboo has a post up? That’s the happilyest news I’ve had since I pulled into my driveway this afternoon after a long and my neighbor of two years, whose name I know invited me to the birthday party of his wife, whose name I don’t know. There’s a downside to cul de sacs.

Your band is way better than the karaoke next door,

Comment by Walela

Fun song! They do sound a tiny bit like the Beatles, or is that just my imagination? Going over to BoBo’s to check out post. πŸ™‚

Comment by Theresa

Walela: uh… are you saying invitation to read BoBo’s (or “BoBoo”, which i like better) post is like being asked to attend party you’d prefer to miss? ouch. (i know that’s not what ya mean, but you know me and my need to give YOU sh*t) πŸ˜‰

Theresa: i think The Fratellis sound a lot like the Beatles did, back when the Fab Four first started out! glad you enjoyed ’em, i really do think they’re nicely original and fun! πŸ™‚

Comment by snuppy

Hey I like it! (But then, I’ll eat anything.)

Comment by tlp

TLP: heh — thinkin’ i have GOT to find that Happy Scrapple Daddy song! trust me, you’d lovelovelove it! that said, i’m very glad to know you liked these guys, too! πŸ™‚

Comment by snuppy

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