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Alice’s Restaurant by Snuppy
Thursday, 22 November 2007, 2:04pm
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scene from alice's restaurantWHAT’S THIS? You guessed it — this, dear friends, is a Thanksgiving Bonus Post featuring a little something our NBFF tossed into the Snark last year. Okay, fine, it’s another re-run, but so what? We thought it was great nostalgic fun then, and it’s every bit as grand this time around. Thanks again for the Thanksgiving trip down memory lane, LAMPSHA. Here’s hoping your own Thanksgiving is filled with many happy memories and plenty of good food. ~snuppy

***             ***            ***             ***             ***

You know growing up in the New York City area all of my life (albeit in the armpit of New Jersey for the formative years), there is a Thanksgiving Tradition near and dear to us in the NYC radio market. So it just dawned on me at 5:08 am, that this is something worth sharing with my dear friends here. Perhaps a few who stop through may even have shared this tradition.

Every Thanksgiving as far back as I paid attention to these things, the radio station that was the classic of all classics in The Day, WNEW 102.7, played ARLO GUTHRIE’S, Alice’s Restaurant at 12 noon. And every Thanksgiving, wherever we were driving or sitting, we turned on the radio and listened. Idn’t that quaint? Anyway, the intervening years have not been kind to commercial radio and I have emmigrated to non-commercial turf where lo and behold, my station plays Alice’s Restaurant every Thanksgiving.

I suppose my appreciation for Arlo started long before I listened to him as I am (did I tell you this one already) the 7th of 10 children. I was thus influenced by my elders of the tribe, who protested Vietnam and listened to Arlo Guthrie (well that’s not all they did or listened to, but for the purpose of this discussion at 5:00 am…). So I proudly pass this tradition on to my youngfolk tribes people and share it here with you today. You may either scratch your head or laugh and sing along, but I hope you will at least listen a bit before you decide to go baste the bird for the umpteenth time.

By all means, please continue to watch the video below so that you know how to properly behave at your family’s table today. Or at least understand why people drank socially (heavily) and took a lot of pills quietly during the 50’s.


~DJ Lampsha

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doh! i truly meant to get this up by noon — but then we went out for coffee and wound up in crappy traffic, and well… you know.

HAPPY THANKSGIVING for the second time. (and yes, by ALL means watch the video below, it really is hilarious!) 🙂

Comment by one full snuppy

Happy Thanksgiving, Snarkers!

Comment by logo™

Good tradition! Happy T-Day.

Comment by BoBo

Well, I didn’t here this noon and wasn’t here at the time anyway, so I’ll listen now or after I watch tali’s dvr’d Simpsons episodes.

Just wanted to poke my head in the door and wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving. Great rerun Snup – ah, old times.

Happy Thanksgiving to all! XOX

Comment by Lampsha

that’s “hear” this noon and d’oh – no longer available! The man coming down on playing Alice’s Restaurant. What’s the world coming to?

Happy Thanksgiving just the same.

Comment by Lampsha

Happy Thanksgiving to all the snarky folks out there in blogland!

Comment by claire

BoBo: ’twas a grand tradition until the embedded video stopped working! aieeee! 😯

Lampsha: SO very happy to “see” you here, that said, SO very sorry you couldn’t hear the song. not sure when that link stopped working, but i’ve linked to a live version of Guthrie singing his classic — which you can watch by clicking on the picture. or, what the heck, just click HERE and/or HEAR! 😉 (seriously, i’m very happy to know your day went well, and that your niece is doing better. good to have a bit o’ good news before i head up to bed!) 🙂

Claire: Happy Thanksgiving to you, too! 🙂

Comment by snuppy

Happy Belated Thanksgiving everyone! I guess I got here too late, because the video no longer works, but I’m sure it was brilliant. I did get to see the one down below, and just about laughed my head off. It’s hard to imagine what it would be like if my kids didn’t tease each other at meals, but I have to admit that we do sit down together and everybody helps clean up afterward. Of course, the helping takes a bit of nagging, but I hope someday they’ll be trained to do it on their own (wishful thinking?). 🙂

Comment by Theresa

We are sorr, but this video is no longer available!…

I think I will be fine though, I displa excelletn table manners and livign in Europe, I don’t have to debase at all 🙂

Comment by Penguin

If this is a rerun, I probably said it
last year, but for some reason that
nobody understood my very pro-Viet Nam
father recorded Alice’s Restaurant and
would make people listen to it–more
than just at Thanksgiving–it’s proper

And the highpoint of one of my parents
trips to Stockbridge, for my father, not
mother was getting a real ticket from
Officer Opie

I love Alice’s Restaurant but could
recite it in my sleep

Thanksgiving at my sister’s in-laws just
isn’t the same though this year we
were allowed to do the cooking–and had
real Thanksgiving food not Jewish take
out, not that there’s anything wrong…

Comment by pia

My station plays Alice’s Restaurant each Thanksgiving at noon too – but alas I was busy in the kitchen and missed the magic moment boo hoo! There is no finer tradition on the turkey day, than to gather around and listen to our favorite hippie rebellion song 🙂

Comment by Terry

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